Arabs’ Theory Over South Sudanese During Referendum Cannot Manage Themselves

By David Lony Majak:


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, his wife, Rosalynn, and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan conclude a visit to a polling center the southern capital of Juba Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, his wife, Rosalynn, and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan conclude a visit to a polling center the southern capital of Juba Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)

 August 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In a mere perceptions of people of northerner Sudan during those days of referendum, northerner Sudan Arabs in Khartoum said; even if south Sudanese are given opportunity to achieve their independence, they will not manage themselves as a Country. At the moment, mostly south Sudan is only slightly more than expected a geographical expression and terrify since we achieved our identity, as a result of independence in 2011, July 9.it therefore; South Sudan contains more than sixty cultural diversity which are non political heritage and linguistics groups, each of which have a stronger sense of citizenship in their tribes than Nation. This has changed the minds set of cultural believers to ignore the political wrangling in South Sudan today, this built a sense of disappointment which is more related to the perceived behaviors of the top political class than to the national issues pertaining. Some pervious lectures has raised the questions of concerned during the independence time whether south Sudan is ready for and whether capable for nationhood and what it will take for the statehood process happened smoothly. Arabs were right but wrong somewhere; this current misses in South Sudan shall come to an end although it takes time for peace to dose return to the country.

Now; South Sudan is already a recognized independence state of its own status based on its geographical locations and territories. It has been included amongst the 192 countries worldwide as 193rd countries around the world. The current discourse of orders found in south Sudan government’s politics is exactly inclusive and broad-based but at least as a matter of necessity, policy, there has been a collective responsibility and agreement to begin constructing the nation identity after the ongoing war in south Sudan. At the same time, however; some government officials before this ongoing crisis have tended to engaged in exclusionary practices of cultural, traditional ways of politics to lobby for positions but the public perceives that they do and these have in the past been based on ethnic differences which have resulted to political wrangling, political grouping and misunderstanding among the top politicians in the country.

When we compared south Sudan as Nation of its own to cultural diverse countries; also confront their internal challenges of finding symbols for their people to rally around that transcend their ethnic, linguistic and political differences. Another major obstacle to realizing the dream of nationhood is ethnic conflict, which has some of its roots in the above mentioned feelings of exclusion or domination of the state by some ethnic groups.

At the time of CPA- comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA 2015-2011), the people of south Sudan have lived with internal conflict for some good time until these ongoing wars which erupted last year 2013 December, but before south Sudan’s impendence; some other countries like Sudan were having a negative believed over southerners that southerner Sudan can never be a nation of its own, which was wrong perception over southerner Sudan by then. This policy was merely created to blackmailed south Sudanese, it was also meant to preempt and offset any claims that a country as diverse as south Sudan would have no foundation upon which to build a sense of nationhood and unity among themselves as one citizens of one Nation. We need to prove this wrong perception over south Sudanese to the world that, we can handle our internal challenges and conflicts as well but now things seems to be much disordered by politicians of south Sudan that indicated Arabs theories were somehow true.

We also need a peaceful solution to south Sudan’s ongoing conflict because history of struggle against oppression is one that every learned south Sudanese today understands as being shared by all after achievement of independence which gave us three symbols on our national flag that; Justice, freedom and prosperity for all, indeed we were fighting Arabs due to bad leadership, annexation of southerner parts to Khartoum, misuse of public resources and marginalization of south Sudanese. ‘’It is echoed in the words of many nationalists, patriots, well known veteran politicians from south Sudan, who said that’’ we suffered together from Arabs Mistreatments because our enemies saw our various identities as one and the same in creation, and so we should in invest in our unity in order to turn that shared painful past into a positive outcome in term of nation building, this was correctly put right.

The most historians said that; unity among south Sudanese historically has been based on how different they are from northerners Sudanese and other non-south Sudanese in nature than on the commonalities among them. Analytically; these differences have been termed as cultural, religious, linguistic, ethnic and racial etc. our political thresholds can never be in heritage politically and this should permanently sparked in some politicians’ minds that politics is a game to play but history matters in time to come.

I t is very clear to all south Sudanese that; most politicians are mentally disordered based on some reasons best known to them. This has shown that they think closure near their noses forgetting long-term political strategies to maintain the political integrity as politicians. I know after this current ongoing crisis in south Sudan; some politicians will completely die off and to lost popularity in their own constituencies, they shall never be re-elect for next term to come because they are indeed Goddam and stupid politicians who believed in today’s benefits rather calculating future challenges. We all voted for south Sudan’s independence just to be free from Arabs colonization and mistreatment.

The author can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com

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