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A False Claim of Dislodging 1,370 SPLA-IO Guards From Juba.

Salva Kiir and Paul Malong assassination attempt and later naked proud and arrogant call on FVP. H.E. Dr. Machar; a false claim of dislodging 1,370 SPLA-IO Guards from Juba.

By Kwajien Lual Weituor,

Chief of staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, meets rival - First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny at State House(Photo: file)
Chief of staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, meets rival – First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny at State House(Photo: file)

July 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– July 8th-12th Assassination attempt on FVP H.E. Dr. Machar’s life is a well-planned move by Kiir, Malong and the Dinka Council of Elders (JCE) working behind the door of self-imposed president Kiir. There is no question of how it’s a planned coordinated assassination attempt like was coordinated state policy.

Does Dr. Machar, as a commander-in-Chief of SPLA-IO and Chairman of SPLM-IO, has no forces so that Salva Kiir would be proud to assure him a protection? This is an insult to SPLA-IO forces, peace and people of South Sudan at large. No commander-in-chief would seek protection from other commander-in-chief.

Salva Kiir must learnt to know how to understand his words of insults, the two phrases he used, “wants to avert more bloodshed and assured protection to First Vice President Riek Machar.” Salva Kiir arrogantly said, he “has called for direct talks with first vice-president, Riek Machar, saying he detests further bloodshed in the young nation,” that he wants to “avert more bloodshed,” Sudantribune.com.

This civil war (15th December 2013) is solely manufacturing of Salva Kiir’s state policy of Nuer Ethnicity cleansing in South Sudan and attempt to eliminated his political rivals, Dr. Machar a Nuer. Despite FVP H.E. Dr. Machar’s love to South Sudan nations, the 8th -12nd July 2016 assassination attempt on his life and elimination attempt of 1,370 Guards and SPLM/A-IO leadership is an intentional well-planned suicidal move by Salva Kiir himself and his tribal army chief Paul Malong, cannot be ignore rather deal therewith.

The duo thought that the only 30 SPLA-IO guards those accompanying FVP and Commander-in-Chief Dr. Machar on 8th July would had feared for their lives to surrender Dr. Machar as a sacred Lamb for peace or to spare their lives. Unfortunately, the JCE army were proved wrong facing unaverred defense causing SPLA-in-JCE hundreds deaths equating with only twenties deaths at the side of SPLA-IO, leaving Dr. Machar few guards in the control of J1 before UN negotiators intervened, despite the small number SPLA-IO Guards were on 8th July’s J1 clashes.

Salva Kiir state, “Nobody is hunting for him (Dr. Machar) and his forces. If he comes, I will protect him. He will stay with me if feels he is not safe staying alone,” Sudantribune.com. This criminal utterance corresponded with Paul Malong’s arrogance proud during address of his Dinka militia the imposing SPLA-in-JCE, a bunch of terrorists killing civilians, even Nuer who were JCE supporters, at will without mercy in a process of enforcing Dinka domination in South Sudan. Malong Awan stated that, “I am proud of Mathiang Anyor (SPLA-in-Dinka) for dislodging SPLA-IO forces out from their base in Jabel,” read SSBC.

This need little explanations to Salva Kiir, Malong and Museveni who also claimed that he could send 3rd party protection for Dr. Machar if he does not trust SPLA, meaning SPLA-in-Dinka he supported much, it should be made clear that SPLA-IO has only 1,370 guards in Juba with limited AK47 compare to over 40,000 Dinka militia (SPLA-in-IG (Dinka) plus over 5000 Darfur rebels equipped and accompanied by attack Gunship Helicopters, Drone, heavy Artillery and tanks. SPLA-IO 1,370 soldiers armed only with AK47 fought such cowardice hug armies & machines for four good 5 days defending First Vice President against ground & air forces assassination execution raid. The people are proud of these heroes and heroines.

SPLA-IO has huge number and present in South Sudan. If it wasn’t a peace interest in Dr. Machar and SPLM/A-IO leadership, we wouldn’t have been involved in such situation. Again, had it not been international community deception luring into Juba SPLM/A-IO in form of peace, we would have not encountered such Juba negligence mission. SPLM/A-IO fought mercenaries and Kiir-Malong militia for nearly 3 years, we continue gaining while JCE-Kiir losing much though armed with chemical & missiles.

Question is, do we have still a working TGoNU? The answer is not. No more TGoNU because the contents of peace changed and interrupted by July 8th 2016 attempted assassination, followed by intimidation and torturing of SPLM/A-IO ministers and leaders trapped in Juba, e.g. Dr. Dhiew Mathok torturous.

However, Dr. Machar does not have to depend on Salva Kiir’s Dinka militia protection. He, as a commander-in-Chief of hundreds of thousands SPLA-IO forces, including soldiers from Warrap, home of Salva Kiir & Malong’s Awiel, he has his own rights to protect himself. Thus, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong’s unreasonable jokes should be disregarded and confronted without hesitation. Peace comes alone!!!

Now, who does Salva Kiir and Paul Malong think to fools again? How many times Dr. Machar would continue donating his life and whole SPLM/A-IO lives to nonsenses peace under Salva Kiir & Jieng council of elders? I don’t think so this time, unless one of the following solution below holds.

If peace matter now after Juba and international community conspiracy of forcing SPLM/A-IO to Juba without security arrangement guarantees though Salva Kiir and Malong were re-militarizing Juba witnessed by the whole world, and re-forcing out of SPLM/A-IO 1,370 Guards from Juba Jabel bases, there shall be only one of the two possible choices for peace and return of Dr. Machar from his hideout around Juba:

  1. SPLM/A-IO must equally call into Juba over 30,000 SPLA-IO through all means possible immediately to peacefully implement peace & effective operation of TGoNU, whether confronted by Paul Malong’s Jieng council of elders’ army on their ways to Juba; or
  2. there should be an immediate intervention force, a third party force, that should be deployed in Juba and Juba must be demilitarized free from JCE negative forces. Note, for peace to prevail, this 3rd party forces must be free of Ugandan army. The people of South Sudan have no trust in UPDF that poisoned their airs and killed the citizens of South Sudan using UN banned cluster bombs. This Kiir state policy war is Museveni made-advised policy. That is a reason always Uganda has to rush its UPDF to South Sudan than do other countries. South Sudanese never fears invading forces, UPDF must return home, no middling.

I would like to inform the world and share with the chronological facts of Juba’s new war plans by Kiir:

  1. In April this year, Dr. Riek Machar came to Juba with only 1,370 guards, mostly from Nuer nation, armed with limited AK-47 and light machineguns;
  2. Juba was not demilitarized, and re-militarized by thousands Dinka militia from Warrap and Awiel;
  3. Salva Kiir has thus in Juba as more as over 40,000 troops, plus over 5000 Darfur rebels, equipped and accompanied by many attack Gunship Helicopters, Drone, heavy Artillery and over 100 tanks with enough 5 years’ war ammunition;
  4. From July 1st to 6th 2016 peace violation activities started in Juba with killing of two SPLM/A-IO officers Lt.Col. George & Domach) by Salva Kiir soldiers. In those days, Kiir forces shots & seized SPLA-IO cars;
  5. On July 7, 2016 Salva Kiir soldiers sat-up road blocks all over Juba. In the same day, over hundreds SPLA-in-Kiir stopped Machar’s 5 soldiers and ordered arrest thereof. But Dr. Machar guards resisted. Then to enforce arrest order, Kiir soldiers fired guns first on Machar guards and injured two of them. The remaining 8 Machar guards responded in self-defense and killed 5 from SPLA-in-Kiir, wounded 8 of them;
  6. On July 8, 2016, President Kiir called a meeting with FVP Dr. Machar and VP. Wani in Presidential Palace in Juba. Dr. Machar went accompanied by only platoon of 30 protection guards. Meanwhile, Salva Kiir, as unusual as 100, had over 250 bodyguards. Within less than 20 minutes in the meeting, huge forces appeared with two trucks and more, joined up with Kiir bodyguards and started fired guns at SPLA-IO Machar bodyguards. They fighting lasted about 1-2 hours. Kiir lost hundreds, Machar lost tens of soldiers;
  7. At the time fighting taking place in J1, SPLA-in-Kiir attacked SPLA-IO at their Jabel base backed by air and tanks, but SPLA-IO guards defeated Kiir militia and overran their nearby two camps late noon;
  8. On 9th – 12th July the SPLA-in-Kiir forces continued attacking SPLA-IO in both sites. They indiscriminately bombed Dr. Machar bases with gunship helicopters throughout 4 days but little SPLA-IO forces repulsed them, until cease fire ordered. Kiir forces continue hunting our chairman till this day.

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