A Call On Minorities To Protest The Coming of Salva Kiir To Washington – Dina Maruach!

By Ruach wal Yat,

Spokesperson in Greater Upper Nile,


Ruach Wal Yat ...
Ruach Wal Yat …

August 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I’m hereby calling upon all South Sudanese minorities groups, who were targeted and segregated by President of South Sudan (Salva Kiir) in Capital Juba, to come out to Washington to tell the truth and shame the devil in front of African leaders at White House, Washing, DC. Our message is concentrating mostly on the massacres in Juba that led to death of 10,000 people, and displaced nearly 2 million innocent people to neighbors countries.

Our tribal President, who massacre innocent Nuer tribe in Juba last year is now dinning with Obama at White House. Without your voice Salva Kiir will wash off the blood of our children and mothers on American soild and deny the killing of innocent Nuer people. If this goes unashamed in front of Obama, the killer will be let loose to travel the world as he wishes while killing our people through guns, starvation and diseases. I encourage all the families, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and youths to take long trip and drive to Washington to represent the voice of more than 30,000 deceases that were killed in Juba massacre just because they are Nuer nation.

The world is fighting one tribe by placing the big guns in the hands of a terrorist, a mad man who displaced our people from their homes and now dying in UNMISS camps and swamps across the country. We must tell Obama to stop China, Uganda and Russia from supplying a mad man with guns because he kills our infants event in UNMISS camp. Salva Kiir is a terrorist and should never be allowed to come to America.

Be informed that an advanced delegations from SPLM Party has arrived in Washington DC on behalf of democratic federal SPLM to encounter the genocidal committee that massacre our people across the country. The people’s committee arrived before the  criminal leader (Salva Kiir) arrived in Washington. Thanks to Dr. Machar for the wise plan but our South Sudanese minorities group must turn out in big numbers to show the world that Salva Kiir has lost legitimacy and should step down to face criminal charges at ICC.

Our goal is to give all U.S Government Departments energy to prevent the criminal dictators from meeting president Obama. A murderer of innocent people should not meet with Barack Obama as it is spelt in the protocols of the United Nations drafted on December 9, 1948 after the World War II and the Holocaust. Salva Kiir is not any different from Germany’s Hitler. They are both serial killers and must be condemned by supper powers.

According to the  1948 United Nation principles on genocide,  “the contracting parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is crimes undertake to prevent and to punish.” Therefore, the world must not stand by and just watch another mass killing by another dictator who wants to rule only his tribe mate. Salva Kiir is not our president any more after killing our people who fought and voted for the independent of this country. He must go now and leave our children in peace. He is a killer.

As the president of Youths, I represents peace, justice and equality to all civil societies from South Sudanese communities, and therefore, I’m calling on the Government of the United Departments to block the President of south Sudan from meeting Obama and from leaving the United State to war zones.The massacres President Kiir committed in south Sudan constituted genocides, and crime against humanities as Ban Ki Moon said in April after the massacre of innocent people in Bor town. Kiir must be taken to ICC directly from White House. The U.S can’t allow a terorist to go back to South Sudan to kill more innocent people. We want peace.

As a president, I’m asking, why did the world just standby and watch the criminal acts of Salva Kiir? Is it because they are done in other part of the world? Why should a leader cowardly kill one single tribe and be invited to U.S.A? Why the Nuer nation be neglected by superpowers and left to be erase by killer Salva Kiir? If Obama and other superpowers do not hear our suffering then we are asking the superpowers to empower the Nuer to defend themselves from Salva Kiir and his terorrists.

Diaspora, the Greater Nuer Community condemns criminal acts of Salva Kiir Mayardit (who) attempted to eliminate one out of 64 tribes. Therefore, we are depending on you to voice and call the White House for Obama to turn down meetings with Salva Kiir and to make quick decisions to hold Salva Kiir to account for atrocities. We will appreciate if your voice manipulate Barack Obama to avoid meeting with Salva Kiir Mayardit, the member of Al Qaeda groups from Sudan. Obama as the president of the most powerful country in the world has a mandate to protect civilians in any part of the world whenever selfish presidents turns against their own people. For this reason, the South Sudanese people count on your decision to whether stand with the civilians or with the killers and terrorists.

As a president of South Sudanese Youth,s who represents and reports in the interest of civil societies, I’m hereby calling upon the South Sudanese people and Barack Obama with his cabinet to change the killing in South Sudan by removing the criminals from power. Tomorrow we will expected between 5000 to 10,000 South Sudanese on the streets of Washington to make this historic demonstration that will establish peace and transform the country to a democratic federal Republic that will compete in the region and the world at large. For reasons we are asking every to be part of this historic event or else our flag that was raised in Washington by Dr. Riek Machar in 2011 will be useless without peace in the country.

If you love peace and South Sudan, then join us at 10Am, at FREEDOM Plaza, White House, Washington, US.

It is your freedom, come get it.


Ruach Wal Yat

Head Chief Gen and President of Youths.

Spokesperson in Greater Upper Nile.

Email: dinamaruach_yat@yahoo.com

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