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Two masses graves found by the Human rights group to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)
Two mass graves found by the Human rights groups to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)

July 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “These people (Nuer in UNMISS) were even lucky” – Salva Kiir Mayardit, the president of the republic of south Sudan during his latest interviews with BBC Hard Talks host by Stephen Sacker told the world without thinking twice.

Salva Kiir Mayardit is not a leader but an army general fit to organized military tactics for the defense of our country from the peripheral coercion. He don’t know how to leads but how to mislead. He is responsible for south Sudan catastrophe. Indeed this crisis is called Salvacrisis.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me,” by Martin Niemoller (1892-1984).

Never before in history of the entire Sudan were men forced to suck their fellow men’s bilbuls or risk a bullet if they failed to do so. Never before children were grind-ed in hundred because of their identities. Never before women were collected in bundles and poured gas and burnt alive leaving only few to go to UNMISS and tell the stories. Never before a group of people were drunk with the human blood or forces to eat a roasted fellows being. They were grouped in tenth and told to lay down each of them naked or face shooting. Children would come and put a stick on their private parts nonetheless painful there is only one option left, to die with dignity. The brave among them would augment up and snubbed the enemies and immediately poured bullets on their heads. That marked the end of his or her life.

Never before in their thousands Nuer stayed in a concentrated camps. Never before men could be nailed on a tree as a sign of washing away their nyagatism or teaching them a lesson they will never forget. Never before a certain old lady could be forced to lay down in a dusty sunny day naked and forced into circumcision. You see, your hands and legs are cut off and people watch you dying. You see they came in number and tied every single part of you and drive you on rough thorny roads. Whether you are crying or not it fallen into an atrocious deaf ears.

I know you have a heard of rape cases. Yes, young girls of 10 years their innocently were taken away. Students along the roads from schools with their schools identities on their necks were identified and drain into unknown scene up to date and their where about is not known. One could only guess they are dead. Brilliants universities students, government officials, social workers, and hundreds of others disappeared in less than five days from Dec 16 to Dec 20 2013. What a shocking massacred? This was a true genocidal act of the 21st century and yet the world keeps hush not even condemning but almost dismissing such an act of viciousness in our very eyes.

This was what unerringly has happened in Rwanda, the barely dissimilar is, this throng killing of guiltless Nuer civilians is being cart out by trained army men making it vaguely diverse because civilians were not seen with pagans cutting people.

Indeed the testimonies of those in UNMISS is true evidences of this pandemonium. Eighty percent of those living in UN sites across the country are Nuer women and children. Their husbands killed, their fathers butchered or the other things happened to them.

Nothing last perpetually and no surreptitious can be kept for ages because one thing is convinced, time let drop all. And it’s this time before century descend that, the man in plan uttered the severing words of revelation in history of media or else one could only says what the heck? Did president himself dispute the fact that, “these people (Nuer) in UNMISS were even lucky?” not really. He did consent with this truth and confessed that, it is their God luck they could be killed all and none of them could dare voyage. His personal guards trained for the period of six months before the whole plan came into effective. To do the job of ethnic cleansing, unfortunately, thousands ran to UNMISS for their dear live.

That is the story of my people.

Like any other day on earth. The sun in Juba flees across the mangoes tree along the bank of rivers Nile shrinking the beauty of such a natural man planted shrubs. The widows knowing their hope is only here went to their usual duties collecting the almost ripened yellow mangoes with dirties plates and carried them home for a lunch. There is no preference, their husbands died during the long period of our olden days struggles and because government failed to have down pat them. They resorted into natural fruits, their only hope for survival for the last eight years or so. River Nile became a safe haven for these vulnerable south Sudanese which  their government officials are busy taking money away from south Sudan to foreign banks accounts and educate their children abroad at least to come back one day taking the colored job with no interviews. The exploitation continues and the circle never goes off. This is the work of this government, the presumed kingdom built on shoddier castle in the midst of the hot sun of central Equatoria. The excellent thing is it’s coming to an end.

16 December 2013

It was 10:03 pm on Dec 15 last year I was busy on bed struggle with malaria. The military barrack just came into wreckage and the entire city mount into curiosity. It was weekend and people somewhere got busy preparing for Christmas or any other way to spend the weekend. That night nothing big has happened. The situation was pretty confusing. Even president Kiir was believed to have spent the night outside the city. He went to Luri. The problem started early in the morning around 6:00 am. When in the broad day light, military tanks advanced into the civilians houses demolition them and whoever is found inside, a baby, elder or any sick person is make sure is dead once and for all. The situation deteriorated when guns men began what we called house to house searching.

The few who thought it isn’t wise to run, they are collected and threw into military Toyotas and from there they disappeared. The shooting could be done while the entire family is inside the house. Firing every corner they don’t care who is going to be a victim. The killing continues until noon when the President dressed in military attire and declared the failed coup crack and instantly asserts the state of emergency. Due to this hundreds in hundreds within twelve hours died straight away. In military barrack just a half and a quarter kilometers way from our home. The tale of RPG sounds only harangue to deaf ears.  They went into each other more than eleven times and the government troops kept retreating back until the Nuer in Barrack ammunition went rancid. The very next day at around 10:20am they evacuated the Barrack and went to the bush from there to Jonglie. Then the crackdown begun anybody found speaking Nuer, having Nuer traditional six marks is lost immediately.

There subsist only 500 Nuer soldiers in the presidential sentry Unit who refused their guns disarmed. The entire population was busy in their houses, it was weekend. One would be forced to ask, what was in the mind of presidential commander ordered their fellow to put down their guns while they are fully equipped? There is among the hundreds answers to such an inquiry, the motive of killing this steadfast soldiers, the plan to execute ethnic cleansing.

At home in Lologo, a certain neighbor with a two weeks old baby was crushed to death by a tank. She went to river and by the time she heard the shooting she rushed back home only to find everybody running in confusion. Though she tried her best to save her daughter nothing of kind could helps either. She went into the house gaudily by the time she was to escapes the house, the house fallen on her back and the kid fell at a distance. I saw someone else picking the baby while crying. That was the end. The mother died like that. Why an equipped soldier driving the mighty military tank would overran such a vulnerable woman? Not only a woman but with a child. A baby spending only two weeks in this weak world were men with might ransacked her parents with no mercy? This sense of inhuman is what drives the rebellion.my cousin was burnt inside the house. there was no way to bury him. many are still in their house born waxed.

Brutality continues the very afternoon. All roads were lock-down as the illustrious Dutku Beny guards or Gelweng rumored the town searching anything they were told to do away with. It was bad thinking. The culture of eliminating, the ego that will tear and continues to bringing the nation into her knee is this detach fact. It’s pretty unfortunate.

During the Nazi ruled. Jews who for centuries has been living in Europe for over 2, 000 years were targeted on their race and belief resulting into death of over more than Ten millions of them for half of decade leave alone the famous Holocaust that killed at a go more than six million Jews. Children, elderly, women and young men were kept in closed concentrated tanks with small windows for about weeks and later told to go into chamber and baths. Systematically, a shower prepared with gas would be poured on them and collectively burnt to death. The story end until six million Jews died harshly under this dictatorship within a period of three years.  Yet in the midst of all these inhumane, Jewish nation prevailed against this odd and today there lived in America more than eleven millions Jewish people alone. They have the best scientists the world has ever produced. Their military strength is well known across the continents. They are in the middle of their enemies and far-flung as we know, they are the best to be deference.

The tribe of Benjamin and Judah as Bible long ago blessed lead the people of God into still a brighter future. They are the richest, controlling banking system in our present world, Hotels, Planes industries and beauty production. Nothing even death can take away their identity. So is useless thinking by the virtues of eliminating one can do away an already existed race or ethnic group created by God.

It was one of the worse callous vindictiveness acts in due itinerary of the history of mankind like that of Nero executed in early third century during Christian era. Christianity remained the prevalent faith group in history of human kind. He hopes to do away with it but he failed desperately.

Same of such a nature has happened to south Sudanese whose for the last 189 years has been fighting against invasion. Their pliability against brutality has endured eulogize and trumpet victoriously adjacent to their enemies. In Juba last year December women along the roads were discriminately collected taken into close door far away around Gudele, 107 and burnt alive. First, the killers poured them diesel, forced them to sing, tied back their hands or even release two individuals to go back to UNMISS and tell the story of what they have seen with their own eyes. And before they could go away, before the already scared identified survivors, the victims are set into blazed and burns in agony. They called it the art of teaching them a lesson. These women slaughtered have husbands, children, brothers and cousins and so upon hearing this, they took guns and formed rebellion. Or you expect them to mourn just like that?

This is a test of human dignity. A force within us that justify people to rise against dictatorship was because of such an act and so rebellion was already imposed upon south Sudanese. People took guns and so the war existed until the master planner on ethnic cleansing go away.

The absconder who managed to flight their homes across the city were at different peak collected along the streets and somewhere in broad day luminosity would be told to contour up and categorically gunned down. These are not soldiers but an ordinary people, students, government officials, engineers, Boda Boda riders, men and women of God at various places in town were severely lapsed. Dignitaries’ men and women in their hotels room would be forced to Jebel, the seating house of national security and they are butchered upon date nobody knows their whereabouts.

The latest example was Honorable Reath Thoan, the blood cousin to former Chief of General Staff of Sudan people liberation army. He was popper from his hotel room despite insulting Dr. Machar in front of the conference a day before the incident, he was not spared either. He calls his brother; James Hoth Mai to be saved but nothing of such either help the Gelweng ordered the bullet on his head. He was later in the evening brought at the gate of the former chief and hurled down there only the bodyguards found him hour later when they were exodus to buy food stuffs. Such a shaming incidence ever occurred in the history of south Sudan. James Hoth refused to calls back this clown to save his brother from these brutal Gelweng.

He did nothing not even notified a friends to lend a hand out to his cousins. Thousands of people along side Honorable Reath were on the side of the government of south Sudan. Due to the claque nature of the plan, whether you side with the government or not, provides that you are a Nuer, which is your very end.

At New site, the four roads to UNMISS Tongpiny were excessively blocked. Nobody is allowed to move around Muniki Block 10. Thousands in large numbers convey together in one room and the room is set a blazed. No matter how much and long they cries inside that hell, children and women burnt in agony with no even a single drop of water. This is something we have learned according to the testimonies of thousands who managed to getaway into UNMISS camps. This is something real. Not imagination. Gelweng burnt people alive. Children, elderly or in whatever form you may be, if it pleases them to kills you this way, that be it. You are deposit in fire.

You see, women, young girls age 14 and 13 rapped at a broadband. One thing is clear, ten or fifteen men at a go. After the big men get done they fire squared them instantly. What will you do to an already dying person and taking her to hospital is another big question of century. A woman is forced to spread her legs and a big stick thrust through her private part slowly dying in pain. No mercy. For the first time such a thing could happen among the people thought to be one people in a one nation.

Dr. Ben Pout Yuot was maltreated in wide-ranging day light. It was on 19th Dec early in the morning he was leave-taking the house he charter. The owner of that house a Nuer from Jonglie was previously killed the night before. At Muniki Blocked 10 roundabout, he was instantly stopped by guns me who compelled him to verbalize their language. The terroristic war language use for looting properties and rapping women by the presidential guards roared. “Stop, stop. Who are you? Are you a Dinka or Nuer? Dr. Ben who is now sweating in his small car going to visit a friend and relatives in town believed to be carnage snoop on a brake shockingly. “I am a Nuer” a voice appeared purring through a lowered car porthole. The famous question, “are you a Dinka” duplicate over his ears until they met the desire taste.

Dr. Ben through God grace survived that incident. He would have been killed like thousands of others stopped the same way along Juba roads and highways. People were either set on fire or fire squad. A month old baby is grips on his or her legs and threw away in a river.

All these people inhumanely killed have relatives either outside the country or in the villages and so they formed one of the strongest rebellions in the history, the rebellion on self defense from the government they vote in now in dare risky of being eliminates. And here I heard people talks of senseless war. This war is a war against government whose passion is of ethnic cleansing and this mentality can by no means go away easily if the very same people still are running the very system executing this brutality. I doubt if the world is closely behind the curtain supporting these clowns or is just confused of the too much mass killing of thousands of innocents targeted based on their ethnicity of being Nuer.

The 300 men and women, children and elderly burnt alive in Muniki is a sight of hatred and an attempt to do away with the last kind of Nuer ethnic. Thousands kept in unknown prisons across the city killed in coldblooded. In fact thousands who lost their lives are those collected from their hotels, homes, streets and put in the prison never again seen. This is how I lost many of my relatives.

From January to this day the killing continues. You are found in a dark place that is all. This presumed kingdom must be destroy and give a total overhaul system change that is when the country will be back to normality. The kingdom which says, “Nyagatism” has nothing to do with unity. The kingdom which talks of “Traitor” is no interested in south Sudanese togetherness. Even those loyal to his royal palace at some point scared for their dare lives and runs into the hiding. What a coincidental system appeared in the midst of this thirst for total freedom. This government of south Sudan is no longer for south Sudanese but for the selective sect who believes they can do away with people and not even a bird can raise an eyebrow merely since they think they are the majority quot.

The saying we “liberate you” is great offensive. Throwing children in the toilet is not the type of leadership south Sudanese want to see. The government which eliminate those desire their right recognized is not for south Sudanese.

“Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me,” by Martin Niemoller (1892-1984)  At the end i picked the stick and fight for myself. This is why there exist rebellion in the new nation.

Truth hurt but liberating.

Elbow Chuol you can reach him @ elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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