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2nd Commemoration of Juba’s Nuer Massacre For December 15, The Darkest And Saddest Day in South Sudan History

By Daniel Buom Met,


Dec 15, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- December 15, 2013 is the darkest and saddest day in South Sudan history since the government of South Sudan under President Salva Kiir massacred thousands of innocent Nuer civilians mostly children, women and elderly in capital Juba . The killings were incited and motivated by the government elites. These killings of Nuer civilians were miserable and misfortune as human tragedy. Many concerning citizens of South Sudan are feeling sorrow for December 15 as the darkest and saddest day in our history. To remember this horrible day of December 15 , is extremely shockable and unacceptable day when people ruminate the love ones who lost their lives in Juba massacre .This day is the day all south Sudanese should stand and join hands together to commemorate and remember helpless victims who were massacred in Juba without causes.

This killings of Nuer civilians across the country was being incited by Juba government who supervised the killings and death toll were inexpressible since the well-planned killings got explosion and death toll had risen to thousands and thousands of innocent civilians mostly children, women and elderly. The people are remembering and mourning our companions’ brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and relatives who lost their lives in December 15.

We will always reassure that you were not died in vain and justice will pursue to investigate those culprits, who carried out these atrocities against you, and they should be held accountable for what they have done, possibly they will be brought to book of law. You were not supposed to die at these times while we have incurred our independence and your deaths are heartbreaking to the extent of human catastrophic .I personally feel shock when Nuer people were burned and dismembered, the survivors were forced to eat the flesh body of the dead relatives which had never been happened in our history and also these killings brought massive social dislocations and misery which is absolutely despondent and massive destruction in our society on a scale of social fabric.

Likewise, the targeting killing of Nuer in our capital Juba and ransacked of them around the city will take some years for the people to restore trust and peace among the communities, and also the president of republic of south Sudan president Salva Kiir has shown a lack of compassion with other diverse communities as the president is narrowly compassionate and empathetic within only his own tribe as a Dinka not interest of all citizens of the south Sudan. If the president Salva Kiir has sympathized about the love ones who lost their lives in December 15, he should come out and condemned the massacres by sympathized and empathised the death of innocent civilians; however, he had never expressed any pitied words about the death of the people in Juba.

He just keeps saying that people who ran to UNMISS are lack and blessed as they are survived from the massacres. I concluded that south Sudan has a long way to go under this Juba regime. It is unbelievable the president should not articulate fortunate for the people who ran and sought the refuge in the various UNMISS compounds across the country as the killings become rampage in the capital Juba and elsewhere. I completely lost trust of south Sudan president who pronounced above harshly statement and his followers who carried out these atrocities of killing of Nuer who were not even connected to any political affiliations .although there are some Nuer who are side with government for their personal gain are still continued to repudiate the genocide, but thank goes to many nationalists and patriots of south Sudan community members who witnessed an atrocities and spoke out the truth loudly about what were happened in Juba , they have exhibited their nationalism and patriotism in our country .

The numerous of the communities’ members included some Dinka community who have sense of nationalistic and compassionated about south Sudan stood up and spoke out the truth about evil acts which carried out by Juba government. I did salute those courageous individuals from various communities who spoke out very loudly when the country is under crises. They have promptly responded on behalf of the Nuer victims and they condemned the government. However, these massive devastations that occurred in December 15, 2013 in our young nation have brought an enormous destruction which the government was unaware of before the inception of the genocide and ordered of rampant killings of innocent Nuer people with purpose of extinguished of Nuer as a dream of Salva Kiir and his followers. The voice of the helpless civilians who were killed as they are being Nuer could have an effect to culminate Nuer. This man-made tragedy turns this beautiful country into turmoil which is difficult to avert the crisis, so innocents’ civilians were killed daily in south Sudan and their children are remained behind wailing and crying as they lost their guardians and nobody are taking care and nurturing them. People of south Sudan will sympathize to commemorate the love ones who died guiltless.

Therefore, the maltreatment of Nuer people by forcing them to eat the flesh of the dead body has reached the climaxes which will take a time to heal as December 15 has nothings similar like since we fought with the north Sudan, but it occurred in south Sudan government as we are one nation who shares the same cultural background as black people who have the same cultural heritage, social and political entity are interconnected with each other’s. I am extremely shockable whenever we approach to December 15, the second commemoration of Juba Massacre as it is a saddest and pitiable ,as the government turned and killed their own people instead to delivers services, but the government designs loathe among the communities in south Sudan as Juba government massacred Nuer shamelessly, but I articulate the Nuer armies and white armies stood firmly to rescue the remained victims by responding so instantly.

December 15 is loomed and closed to remember Juba’s massacres victims who were slaughtered by Salva Kiir’s regime. The Nuer and entire people of south Sudan will remember the victims and People will never forget you although you died in hand of the reckless government. South Sudan is closed to incur a peace by giving a peace chance to embrace peace among the communities, but Juba massacres are seriously tragedies that will not be forgotten in our history, therefore; the people would still need peace. Let we appreciate and recognize the hard work of the chairman of SPLM/SPLA -IO commander in chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny for accepting peace as a solution to end this human suffering in our country. The war is not option as we fought with north Sudan at end we compromised and sat at the table and brought peace to the nation. I personally salute Dr. Machar for embracing peace and brings change to our nation even though the Juba are still dragging and putting many obstacles to derail the peace, but SPLM/SPLA –IO are persuaded peace in the region to end this absurd war that was instigated by president Salva Kiir and his followers to eliminate his opponents which was the genesis of this conflict.

The 2nd commemoration, people of south Sudan would mark December 15, 2013 to honour victims of Juba massacre as the day of misfortune and calamity that brought this suffering of our people. As a people, we should always have honoured and commemorated them. They were our love ones who massacred in Juba. People will light candles and wear the black T-shirts to symbolise and remember the darkest and saddest day in our country history. As many lives lost and properties in this conflict between brothers and sisters, but the accountability will go to president of republic of south Sudan Salva Kiir who instigated this conflict in the young nation, nevertheless; the justice will prevail to bring the culprits to book of law. Brothers and sisters who died in Juba massacre rest in peace. The survivors and the nation will remember you on this day of December 15 as memorials days ever and ever in our history.

Daniel Buom Met is a South Sudanese concerned citizen living in Canada and he can be reached at danielbuommetkujock@yahoo.com

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