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Nomination Candidates For Federal Ministerial Positions And Three Commissions For Warrap and LOL States Members of SPLM IO.

The office of Advisor of SPLM/A- IO

Juba -South Sudan.

10th February 2016

By Aguer Rual,

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)
Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

12 Feb, 20(Nyamilepedia) — It is sincerity of fortitude and utmost regard that we thank you and we wish you to accept the above-mentioned subject.

We humble believe that the choice of Hon. Aguer Rual for the position of Federal minister of federal affairs or interior minister and humanitarian for SPLM IO Lady representing Bhar El Ghazal Region from Warrap is well founded and their appointment deserved based on their highest profiles, personalities and unlimited contributions they have made during the resistance time.

We also appreciate and deserved the nominations and the appointment of not yet named members to the positions of Commission for Humanitarian affairs, commission for human rights and anti-corruption commission. The nomination and their appointment are seen as popular and are of the majority support in greater Warrap and the entire South Sudan community and the world at large.

We urge the leadership of the IO to extremely take into consideration the work done by the great leaders from Dinka /Jieng during the resistance period.

Also the IO should have considered the times they discarded particularly in the areas of diplomatic relations, political mobilisations and their interactive with many politics and the western government representatives, UN and other African leaders during the peace negotiation time in Addis Ababa, Khartoum and Australia.

We in greater Warrap observe nomination and appointment as positive development for all SPLM/A IO and the people of greater Warrap in particular. The people of greater Warrap protest the nomination of two members out of five to federal parliament. Regarding their nomination and take away of our three members without consultation, has alarmed the general public and supporters from Warrap state.

The giving or taking away three members to Unity state (Nuer) were not encouraging as many critics in the views that there were no any support reasons for such solely and unilateral decision to be made, this a clear violation SPLM/A norms and constitution. Thus by undermining leaders who are representing SPLM IO in the state this indicate that there is no respect of other’s people rights.

The undermining and marginalising of the leaders within the rank of IO has strapped many views toward the decision maker in the IO. This unilateral decision would affect IO future policy, if such a system and policy were not revises. This dividing and rule policy is also damaging, it damaging because there was unclear and proper principles of nomination had been made and adopt so far. This is lack of rightly practicing democratic principle that is respected and honoured by all.

For that purposes and because of such remiss, the matter in question were seen as the core causes of the current senseless war in the new nation.

We wish the chairman should take a positive role by considering the nomination and appointment of the said SPLM/A IO leaders to the above-nominated respective positions.

Best regards


Aguer Rual

Advisor in the office of the chairman and commander in chief SPLM/A –IO.

Member of National Liberal Council (NLC)

Juba South Sudan

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