From Where Did the South Sudan copy the its system of government?

By Mok Dei Gual,


President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)
President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)

October 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Politicians are placed in office of responsibilities and these people claims to have rights to commands the citizens to acts in various way.They have political rights in society to influence the citizens to respect the rule of laws.On other hand, its wonderful to have the leader who does not suffer inferiority complex, when someone asks question , you are secure enough to reply without suspicion.But when you asks the leader who has inferiority complex a question ,he thinks you are trying to bring him down.

A leader who has inferiority complex creates groupings in the team which breed internal wars.You should not spend your time listening to gossip about who said what after meeting.

Don’t you know that you are chairman of committee?Does it matter whether they are talking about you?What do you want them to talks about?If you call yourself  politician,expect to be the subject for gossip, so that the meaning of domestic politics is to governing the men in the country.If you do not want the citizens to talks about you,do not become politician.If you are president believes that citizens will talks about you based on how you performance your duties.You can not prevent the birds to flying over your head but you have rights not to allow birds to make nest on your head, the same in politics..Politicians believe that government is the unity of society, but we have rights to asking them what form of government the leaders are ruling Africa today?

There are three form of governments in the world.

1…There is authoritative system…Authoritative is the political system offer greater control of political process than do democracies, and in some ways their citizens may find themselves more secure.Those government leaders in this political system often drawn military power,religion institution, the traditional of ruling family or a combination of the foregoing to generates supports. Is the Kiir s government reflect this form of government?Those government are Africans and South America but common sense satisfied everyone that this authoritative system is what operate in Africa today.

There is Totalitarian system….Totalitarian system is the system that make the greatest claims on individuals,and exercised the most pervasive to control the political behaviour .Such  governments might be seen as the most extremes response to the threats of political break down as term totalitarian implies, these government attempts to subordinate all form of belief and behaviour for needs of control everyone.Is the Kiir’s government reflect this form of government?Example of these government are Soviet Union ,China and Cuba.

There is Democratic system….Democracy is defined as the government  in which supreme power is retained by the people and exercised either directly absolutely or pure democracy indirectly , representatives democracy  through system of representatives. Other would indicate that ,while a democracy may be republic.Republic is not necessary democracy.Republic is defined as the state in which sovereign of people resides in a certain bodies of the people electorates.Is the Kiir ‘s government reflect this form of government?
Representatives democracy is the kind like business but it is owned by the people to work for the people and there is the book of rule that tell the government, how it is  supposed to do its work, it is called country constitution.

The constitution says  that the government has three jobs.

First job for the government is to make rule for the country and these are called laws.
The second job for the government is to run the country ,this means doing the things that constitution and laws of the country say that the government should do.

The government should make sure that the people of the country obey the laws too, running the country mean commanding the navy, and air force .And it means working with other countries and meeting with their leaders.Its also doing the jobs that people want the government to do , such as deciding what kind of money anyone will use, taking care of land that the government owns.Helping to keep the water safe ..Providing education for children, so that child is the future citizen of society…

3 Third job for the government has several parts .

Settling the arguments when people disagree, deciding what laws means and deciding whether people who are blamed for  not obeying the law must be punished.So the constitution divided the government into three parties called branches and each branch has a different jobs to do.
The first branch of the government is the legislative branch which make the laws this branch is parliament.

The second branch of the government is executive branch. The leader of this branch is the president of the country.The president makes sure that the government performance its jobs according the law that parliament makes.

The third branch of the government is judicial branch.It contain the courts,the court decided how to punished the people who never obey the law.The court also settle arguments that people can not settle by themselves.Here is the one confusion about the government is that, the whole country has the government  but each state has its own government.Each state has own its laws. Some times the state laws are very similar to the laws of the country.But the country government is for all the people of all states. And the laws that country makes applying to everyone in the all states.The laws that each state make only applying to people who are in that state.

The function of the parliament is to make law in the country, the law tell the people what they can do and what they can not do. Some law protect the people from crimes.for example by saying is against the law.The country parliament has two groups…Senators and the house of representatives.

The people of the country who are 18 years or older choose the well educated men and women to be in the parliament,This is call voting or electing.The system of the government in which people elect other people to make law is call democracy.
The house of representatives do their jobs for two years and the senators do their jobs for six years, then they have rights to be elected again ,if they want to continuous in their jobs. Every two years the government holds an election for parliament.At that time all the members of the house of representatives  and one third members of the senators are elected

This is how the democratic can get rooted in the new society like South Sudan but trust is what we do not want to hear in the country…

The Author is South Sudan Student in Cavendish University in Kampala,Uganda..He can be reach by gualkuinyy@hotmail.com  

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