UN global ambassador breaks into tears as she visit survivors of sexual assault in Juba camp

UN Population Fund Global Ambassador Judd as she meets South Sudan women in Juba UNMISS camp (File photo)
June 29th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A United Nations Ambassador and actress working for the world body’s population fund breaks into tears as she tours UN manned POC camps in the nation’s capital Juba on Friday.
Speaking to the survivors of Sexual Assaults today, the global ambassador for the UN Population Fund, Actress Judd wipes tears from her eyes after visiting the world’s youngest nation, the UN prominent Ambassador’s visit comes amid widespread Human Rights abuses in the country.
“I see you, I love you and I’m here for you,” Judd.  We’re all women and we’re all the same,” she was quoted by The Associated Press.
She added that her efforts against sexual violence against women shaped her work in the humanitarian arena.
“The healing I’ve done has very powerfully shaped my work. It’s made me unafraid, it’s made me incredibly driven,” she said.
Sexual violence and harassment have been at an alarming rate in South Sudan  since the outbreak of civil war, leaving women extremely vulnerable. Judd is one of the global ambassadors who are on the front line in the fight against Sexual-related issues.
She has been speaking out about sexual abuses and encouraging helpless victims to join the #MeToo_movement, which is an international platform developed as a means to help women around the world and combat sexual abuse and hold their perpetrators to account.

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Stephen Dak June 30, 2018 at 6:30 am

Dear Ms. Judd, yes, paying attention to the suffering one is the most touchable work one would have. See Ms. Judd, you might have a quite life and somehow peaceful to be disturbed however, you risk yourself to travel to most dangerous part of the world just to see first hand to what happen to the less fortunate. To be a meaningful leader is not how you were born rather how God sees, regardless of the knowledge you might or might not have about Him in his loving kindness toward you. Yes, you are all women that fundamental truth, but not only that you are also the fabric of human being and all their successes come from you whoever denying this is a fool in his/her nature. There will be a time later when your position as women is very much valued by him when he gain his position on the world stage which is awaiting. Now encourage one another May The Lord give you a full courage to do that and be blessed.


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