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UN agencies, NGOs given 72 hours to vacate Torit

Torit, South Sudan

June 30, 2021 – Controversial youths from the Monyomiji community in Eastern Equatoria have given humanitarian organizations an ultimatum of 72 hours to vacate their area or face the consequence.

BREAKING: UN agencies, NGOs given 72 hours to vacate Torit
A group of protesting youths block UN vehicle in Torit on Wednesday (photo credit: Facebook)

On Wednesday, the youths took to the streets of Torit town demanding that all non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies operating in Ikwoto of Torit and Lopa counties exit within 72 hours.

The group has copied a supportive petition to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan Head of Field Office.

In a statement seen by Nyamilepedia, the 72-hour ultimatum comes less than a  day after a government delegation led by Rebecca Nyadeng Garang, Vice President for Youth and Gender Cluster, visited the region and advised the Monyomiji youths on Tuesday to direct all their concerns to the country’s leadership instead of threatening NGOs which are just operating upon government’s approval.

The Monyomaji group has been accused several times by NGOs of targeting their workers and looting office facilities.

Due to rampant insecurities being allegedly fostered by the Monyomiji group, the governor of Eastern Equatoria Louis Lobong had temporarily suspended NGO operations in the state but later lifted the ban after he had formed a committee to investigate the matter.

The youths in the area have accused NGOs and UN agencies of creating an economically disenfranchising environment for the local community through unfair employment and remuneration policies.

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