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Turkey donates supplies in support of South Sudan women empowerment

Dec 14, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Turkey’s state-run aid agency on Saturday donated supplies used to make soaps to South Sudan to help empower women.

TIKA aid agency donates materials to be used in soap making to support women economically(Photo credit: TIKA)
TIKA aid agency donates materials to be used in soap making to support women economically(Photo credit: TIKA)

According to TIKA, the supplies will help women to sustain their families.

“To help women dabbling in handcrafts in Southern Sudan sustain their families, TIKA also donated equipment for making soap to female entrepreneurs. The supplies included 80 liters (21 gallons) of Lulu oil, buckets, gloves and measuring cylinders,” read a statement shared by the organization.

During the donation drive, Turkey’s Ambassador to Juba Tuğrul Biltekin said that the development of the project was meant to help the women establish a better life.

“Turkish people are here. The Turkish Embassy is here. TIKA is here to help you establish a better life by supporting you in this development project,” Turkey’s Ambassador to Juba Tuğrul Biltekin said during the donation drive.

He said they support the soap-making project and plan to introduce another project for sandal-making to provide further financial support for struggling families.

The women in South Sudan appreciated the support.

Natasha Malek, a representative of Lulu Care, a national nongovernmental organization (NGO) led by women, said that they are training women on how to make bar and liquid soap so they can sell their products in the market to sustain their families and generate income.

Regina Lullo, director-general of gender and children welfare at the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, said the government prioritizes women’s empowerment for gender equality.

“We have to mobilize women to empower them, and we use civil societies and women’s groups to empower them economically and politically in the ministry at the national level.” She said.

“I am happy that TIKA supports our women for generating income,” she added.

Turgut Gazigil, deputy coordinator for TIKA in Juba, was also present for the official delivery of the aid.

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