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The Original Manifesto of the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A)





Nov 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — As a country, South Sudan is blessed by God with abundance of resources. We have vast oil reserves under our soil, unexploited mineral potential, vast tracts of arable land fertile for agricultural produce, free flowing rivers amongst them are the Nile and fresh water lakes that harbour aquatic life and key of all, a hardworking and resilient population ready to do the hard labour of nation building.

Former Chief of Staff and leader of SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong and his group launching a new manifesto in Nairobi, Kenya, on Oct 27, 2020(Photo credit: courtesy image/SSUF/A sources)
Former Chief of Staff and leader of SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong and his group launching a new manifesto in Nairobi, Kenya, on Oct 27, 2020(Photo credit: courtesy image/SSUF/A sources)

After  a  long  and  protracted war of liberation that started August 18th, 1955 and 16th    May 1983 that brought Independence on July 9th, 2011, the rest of the world joined South Sudan’s celebration for being a free and independent nation. And for the first time since decades of bitter war visited us, we the people of South Sudan breathed a sigh of relief and finally the destiny of our new born nation was firmly placed in the hands of our brothers and sisters, or so we thought.

The SPLM- led government under President Salva Kiir Mayardit did  not only run the country as a military unit with little regard to justice, constitutional rule, the rule of law, service delivery and development  but fostered kleptocratic minority regime system of patronage that fueled rampant corruption, which undermined the state ideals of the country’s liberators-. These, coupled with glaring nepotism,  high  octane laziness and unprofessionalism seen within the public service and a penchant for picking the gun to solve any differences that arise, are what South Sudan has been known for.

We promise to immediately institute: federal system of governance, permanent constitution, nationhood,  economic  revitalisation,  youth and women empowerment, health and education, security sector reforms and inclusivity to strengthen national unity.

It is equally important to note that this Manifesto is grounded on Social Democracy as its ideology. We picked this form of socialism because of the important reasons: First and foremost, because it adopts democracy, which SSUF Movement wants to bring to the society in order to transform the nation from the current dictatorship and one man show of SPLM to a country where politicians are brought to power by means of popular public vote through the ballot box and made accountable to a broader range of people and institutions of rule. Secondly, our South Sudanese way of life calls for social democracy, which engrains social justice. This form of socialism is what our Pan-African Movement calls “African Socialism”. SSUF/A adopted it because it agrees with our South Sudanese situation as it is capable of addressing our economic reality. It can address our organizational pattern as well as our state structure.

Former Chief of Staff and leader of SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong and his group launching a new manifesto in Nairobi, Kenya, on Oct 27, 2020(Photo credit: courtesy image/SSUF/A sources)
Former Chief of Staff and leader of SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong and his group launching a new manifesto in Nairobi, Kenya, on Oct 27, 2020(Photo credit: courtesy image/SSUF/A sources)

This manifesto is for all intents and purposes to break from this bad picture and a redirection of the country towards stability, good governance, development and prosperity for all, ideals and principles we fought for. It is an invitation for all South Sudanese to understand and embrace the ideals and principles with which the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) is built on. Moreover, it is a contract between our Movement and our great people of South Sudan on which our leadership will be evaluated against. It is the foundation on which we aspire to build South Sudan.

By choosing Social Democracy as an ideology with which to reconstruct and remould our society to prosperity, we mean to take its social justice, its collectivist and its democratic values to enhance equity, equality, justice, public accountability, transparency, the importance of the rule of law, prosperity, progress, values and principles, which are currently not within the vocabulary of the ruling clique, if any, they are there on paper and as political rhetoric.

Our Manifesto is both ideological and bold, it is for change and has a vision, a national agenda and Mission for South Sudan. At the same time we acknowledge the many limitations and challenges, which we face as a people. Our Manifesto offers a roadmap in which all of us can believe in and have hope for brighter future. A United Prosperous nation at peace with itself, one people, and one nation with one destiny is what we envisage.


This is the first review version of the manifesto of South Sudan United Front (SSUF) 2018 – 2020. It explains the reasons for the formation of SSUF/A as a revolutionary armed Movement aimed at changing the current failed regime in the country and what it is to do to the country once it takes the reign of power in the country. As is known by the whole world, the new nation got mismanaged to the point of going into civil war after 2 years of its independence! The civil war began with tribal dimension but it quickly spread as to engulf the entire country. The country’s Political leadership failed to stop it, rather the regime deepened itself by a combination of Military and Political machinations that led to unprecedented destruction, massive loss of human lives, national agony and emergence of a multiple armed insurgencies regionally and tribally-based.

South Sudan United Front seeks to encompass all the people of South Sudan irrespective of their tribes, religious beliefs, region, state, gender and so forth. As a unionist national Politico-Military Movement with a clear cut national agenda for change and transformation for the better, we promise to respect those fundamental freedoms, and democratic values for our people. We promise to eradicate corruption, tribalism, divisive regional sentimentalism and  the  spirit of violence. We promise to preach selflessness and patriotism. We call upon the youths of the country to avail their energy to enable SSUF/A to bring about that needed change. We believe in the strength and right of the youth sector of our nation as the rightful sector for which this change we endeavour is being done. We are Social Democratic-Movement fighting to salvage the nation as a development-oriented revolutionary Movement that will allow our people to choose their leaders in a free, fair and democratic atmosphere. We call upon all our academicians, professionals, our students, patriotic business community members, SPLA Liberation veterans who are still patriotic, faith-based organisations and the entire population to support us in advocating for absolute change.

2.0 The Problem in Its Historical Context

SSUF/A Movement is formed from the ideals of our African ideology grounded in our Pan-African Movement, believing in the creation of God fearing society bent at preserving and promoting the best traditional values which don’t impinge on the rights of others.

The primary objective of SSUF/A shall be to commit the nation to work very hard to create a harmonious good society which is ‘moral,’ ‘fair’, ‘just’, ‘honest’ and ‘hardworking’. We promise to later use all means to ensure modern infrastructure is laid down along with industrialisation through diversification of the country’s economy. SSUF/A will ardently work for a nation which is law abiding.

On behalf of the people of South Sudan, South Sudan United Front hereby registers its word of thanks, appreciation and  acknowledgement to all those leaders and nations which graciously stood with South Sudan during her dark days of the struggle, during  our dark hours of need. We thank all the friends of South Sudan and  all the peoples of the world for accepting the decision of the people of South Sudan who, in their historic referendum vote decided to be a  free and sovereign state of their own in 2011.

We acknowledge and appreciate the support and solidarity accorded  to our liberation struggle by the region, by Africa and by the World body (UN). SSUF/A, as a movement, promise to pursue good neighbourly relations, making South Sudan a good member of the African Union as well as a good UN member state.


Briefly touched in the manifesto’s Preface, South Sudan is in an anarchic situation of a failed state that is partly a continuation of the lawless conditions then created by the 21years war of liberation, and partly due to a bad start in governance and absence of good  leadership in the country.

For the rampant availability of fire arms in the hands of almost every man in the civil population, it is admissible that it was those conditions of the liberation struggle that permitted the possession of the fire arms by almost every man in the rural countryside. Guns, instead of the traditional war implements previously used by rural menfolk, were allowed by the SPLM/SPLA and by pro-enemy Movements to be purchased and possessed, by the civil communities for self-defence against armed lawlessness created by the regime in Khartoum. That split caused a situation of militarised society prone to destructive intra and inter-communal violence.

That situation of intra and inter- communal insecurity across the country escalated after the CPA due to the system’s failure to impose the rule of law and order. It failed to prioritise vigorous and total removal of the guns from the civil society.

Instead, the government went in to emphasise its military nature than political, public, academic and technical competency requisite for development and service delivery to the people. Right at the six-year interim period, the government failed to address three difficult internal challenges which demanded strong statesmanship.

There was a challenge of the Transition from war to Peace,  Transition from being a colonalised and underdeveloped region by Northern Sudan to that of an independent and free sovereign nation, and apart from the two; was the then expected hostility from Northern Sudan, coupled with the fact that the beginning system allowed itself to be engrossed in an uncalled-for mismanagement, inefficiency and colossal corruption.

The new nation was shamelessly plunged into a senseless power struggle war (2013 to date) that brought a renewed suffering, destruction, and death! The ruling clique diverted the country’s resources to individual self-enrichment. They wasted the country valuable time and finally divided into three groups: The SPLM ruling clique remained in the country to continue to devour the country’s wealth in the name of war and peace also making high- handed violence done in the most indiscriminate manner. These are the Kiir’s regime.

After the group led the founding of the nation with the help of all of us in this country including the regional and international community, the ruling clique failed to provide the necessary conditions for stability, peace and good governance. It allowed widespread: moral decay, insecurity and lawlessness in the society. Except for Juba, our historical towns now stand in ruins. As the war of power struggle continue, a group of patriotic nationalists decided to come together in the form of this revolutionary movement which we have called South Sudan United Front/Army(SSUF/A). With the aim of changing this situation and replace it with a government that is going to unite the peoples of South Sudan to restore the nation’s hope for progress. The objectives of this movement are explained in our vision, mission, goals and principles.

Alongside this continued death of hundreds of thousands of the innocent people in this political war; is the unprecedented rise in the level of ethnic and inter and intra-tribal animosity that replaced former national patriotic consciousness which enabled South Sudan to liberate itself to freedom and independence. By equal measure, the war resulted into the worst displacement of the country’s civil population who had to flee by millions into the neighboring countries of Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Central Africa Republic and the DR Congo where they now live squalid life as refugees and give undue pressure to the host populations. Besides those refugees in millions, are the internally displaced (IDPs) staying either in the UNMISS Camps (POCS) or are under trees and always on the run from the ruthless government forces.

Besides all these, another million or more citizens who went overseas to become Diaspora South Sudanese, could not return to their homeland after their country’s independence turned out to be dangerous. The ruling clique did not make their new born country to  be attractive even during the six-years of the CPA interim period when there was relative peace and stability. Those Diaspora citizens could have brought with them the skills, education and scientific knowledge and experience which they acquired in those overseas and neighboring countries they went to.

The country’s internal conditions were also worsened by the  disastrous foreign policy and failed diplomacy. Combining all these, the world regretted its earlier support to our independence. The nation became a laughing stock in the region and in the world arena!

3.0 Establishment of SSUF/A –The South Sudan we all want SSUF/A MANIFESTO SUMMARY

South Sudan United Front (SSUF) was established to contribute to the prosperity of our nation, where we the people of South Sudan play equitable roles in Nation Building.

Achievement of National unity and Nation Building is the cornerstone of SSUF.

National Unity and National Building will be achieved through. Promoting democracy that upholds our constitution, promoting the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights, Fighting the culture of nepotism and tribalism; Professionalizing the civil service  and armed forces and creating enabling environment for robust markets, which will contribute to improved livelihood for our people and growth of the South Sudan economy.

SSUF has prioritized (7) areas where we will work together with the people of South Sudan to build our Nation:

  1. Nationhood: one people, one Nation
  2. Leadership and governance
  3. Economic revitalization
  4. Agriculture and rural Development
  5. Health and education
  6. Security sector Reform and Inclusion
  7. Youth and Women Inclusion in leadership positions

Embracing our past to build a constructive future

We believe that for us to found a constructive future, we must first revitalize our nationhood. We must all remember why we are first South Sudanese. We must all remember what makes us all proud of whom we are. We must found a national identity that would truly make us One People, One Nation .

For a long time, we have let our tribal affiliations determine our decisions making and in turn reduced us into a country of tribal enclaves and not the nation that we are. As South Sudanese, the 64 different tribes have so much to offer. From the Sudanic people, the Madi, the Luo, Shilluk, Acholi, Dinka, Zande, Moru, Nuer, Murle, Didinga, Toposa, just to mention but a few. We can all peacefully co-exist, appreciate and value each other’s cultural background. We should take advantage of our diverse cultural backgrounds to build a more cohesive, united and indivisible nation since culture plays a critical role in national development as it impacts on political, economic and social development.

Apart from leveraging on the power of culture to build a cohesive South Sudan, SSUF will seek to mainstream culture across the different sectors to improve service delivery and build a strong South Sudanese identity.

In order for us to achieve this, SSUF will support the building of cultural centres where our different cultures may be showcased. Furthermore, these centres may as well support cultural, creative and performing arts industry and open up career opportunities for the youth who are multi-talented in these areas.

SSUF will equally advocate for the establishment of modern boarding secondary schools. The essence of this initiative is to foster cohesiveness amongst the different tribes and cultures since students from different backgrounds would be made to co-exist within these school set up.

Furthermore, as a matter of urgency, we must embark on social development. This therefore means a prioritization of equity building. We will roll out programs that ensure women, the youths, the elderly, the war veterans and persons living with disabilities have  been  catered for and can afford a decent livelihood. At the constitutional conference, we will ensure that the vulnerable members of society’s rights and interests are protected under the Constitution while at the same time sponsor legislation through both the National and State Legislative Assembly to ensure affirmative action is a reality. We will ensure that in our laws, proportional representation is a key pillar. 40% of any governing bodies; whether in the legislature, the executive arm, the judiciary both at the National and State levels are reserved for women.


A lot that has gone wrong in our country has been as a result of a leadership that is weak at the core. Leadership with no vision will not lead us towards a nation we can all be proud of. As is often said, a fish rots from the head and so has the country. Its leadership has been incompetent and this is the starting point if ever we need to right the wrongs. As we fought in the bush to defeat the Arabs, our movement, the SPLM had a well-founded for our independent state. However, the vision bearers upon independence forgot the basics of this vision and instead embark on wanton destruction of the already feeble nation we were trying to knit together. Corruption, nepotism, tribalism and high-handedness became the order of the day.

As SSUF, we acknowledge that there has been a wide disconnect between the leadership and its people. We must bridge this gap. We must as leadership be able to listen to and relate to the plight and suffering of our people. We must embark on empowering our people so that they can afford to put food on their tables and afford to fend for their families. These we must do by first and foremost getting a leadership that is concerned about its people’s needs. We commit to be that leadership that offers hope, is caring and proactive. We offer a vision on which to build the strong nation we all desire.

In order to achieve these, we have split our blueprint for this thematic area into 7 as follows:


At the outset, it is our strong belief that as a matter of urgency, we must have a constitutional conference where as a people we will discuss and agree on what rules will govern us. At this conference, we will agree on the structure of our nation and this must be anchored in our supreme law, the Constitution. We must be able to provide the necessary checks and balances so as to ensure no arm of government has unregulated authority. We must ensure that our values, principles and expectations are anchored in the Constitution. We must ensure that the Constitution is progressive movement in nature and is people centred.

Secondly, we will ensure that we amend all retrogressive laws that infringe on the rights of citizens and give enormous powers to different government agencies giving them license to act as the law unto themselves. No one is above the law. We must all be respecters of the rule of law.


As Dr. John Garang fondly used to state that we must take the towns to the villages. This can truly and only be done if we embrace federalism as a fundamental principle and enact it in our Constitution based on the 10 States as at the signing of the 2015 Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan. Devolution of power and resources is the antidote to domination by the centre. Considering the fact that most of South Sudan is underdeveloped, equipping every state and proving every state and providing resources for every state to take charge of their own development is the springboard on which to ensure there is equitable development across the country.

Under the Federal System, we will have a clear delineation of responsibility between the National and the State government. At the proposed Constitutional conference, we can agree on the sharing of responsibility. However, our view is that the foundational principles should be founded on developing both executive authority and resources to the states.

We must equally agree on equitable sharing of proceeds from our natural resources such as oil and other minerals. 10% of the revenue may go to the State that has the natural resource, while a formula is formulated on how to distribute the other 90% between the national government and the other states.


South Sudan United Front Movement/Army envisions a nation with bright future, a South Sudan which is Stable, United Federal nation that is prosperous,

Just, democratic and at peace with itself.

II.   Mission
  • We promise to embark on a vigorous and unified disarmament of the civil population, eradicating the phenomenon of unknown gunmen in the capital city and in the country in general, all with the objective of moving the society from today’s moral decay and making the citizens to live a decent life of dignity in a secure atmosphere.
    Once the mission of regime change in the country is accomplished, the Movement, after becoming the government of the day, will immediately embark on the establishment of a Federal System of governance in the country, embarking on radical economic recovery programs that will transform for the better, the lives of citizens and garner the society into achieving sustainable development.
  1. After effecting change of the regime from Juba and clearing the nation of the current cancerous corruption, we promise to commit the nation to work for food sufficiency and economic progress through diversification of the economy, Agro-manufacturing, industrialisation accompanied by an Educational and Health Revolution together with the laying down of transport and service infrastructure.
III.  Core Values

SSUF/A Movement promise to inculcate Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Transparency, Equity, Equality, Moral aptitude, Trustworthiness, Patriotism, Self-reliance and Meritocracy to be among its core values.

IV.  Slogans

SSUF/A slogans are: ‘’One People’’, ‘’One  Nation’’,  ‘’One Destiny’’. We say these slogans in the context of ‘’Peace’’, ‘’Development’’, ‘’Social Democracy’’ and ‘’nationhood’’.

V.   Logo

The  Fish  Eagle  (white-head  Eagle)  is the symbol or emblem  of  the Movement. It was chosen because it is an important bird of our Nile Valley region and it is associated with qualities befitting our South Sudanese aspirations. SSUF/A  Movement choses this type of Eagles because people across history had associated this bird with very important six leadership traits for millenniums. The Fish Eagle fascinates and inspires mankind with its power, ability and brilliant leadership characteristics among all the birds of the universe. When the Fish Eagle comes to mind, people commonly imagine some enormous thing soaring above in the wide-open space as it appears on its outsized wings. Mankind had long venerated the Fish Eagle for its transcendence. In some regions around the world, high soaring Fish Eagles is taken as a symbol of beauty, bravery, fearlessness, honour, determination and grace. What made this bird so important to mankind are those characteristics.

With its powerful observatory eyes, Fish Eagle bird can see its prey at a distant of fifty (50) miles. It is a very attentive bird that tilts its head side to side in order to observe what is happening below, around and above. The Fish Eagle has keen vision, focus and clarity. The three traits are among those characteristics which made some leaders to be special and unforgettable.

In our choice of the Fish Eagles, SSUF/A Movement is aspiring to have such qualities of the eagle bird in their Leaders and in their people of South Sudan who are already known to be brave, powerful, strong, intelligent, tenacious and having the needed vitality and nurturing spirit (Dr. John Garang de Mabior, for example et al). Like our country’s flag, this emblem, symbol or logo is the supreme embodiment of our national values.

The penta-colour of black, red, green and blue, fimbriated with two white stripes: represent our black African skin, the blood that was shed by the Liberation struggle martyrs and which will continue to  be shed during our Revolutionary struggle for change. The green colour represents our land’s virginity, its natural vegetation, fauna and flora. The blue colour encircling the eagle bird symbolises our historic waters of the Nile River, a source of life for the country.

The white stripes represent our belief in the value of peace.

The stars represent the unity of our people. In the blue circle are  our Movement’s slogans of nationhood, peace, Democracy and development crowned by our Movement call for South Sudanese to be ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, WITH ONE DESTINY.

VI. Objectives, aims and goals

As an armed Revolutionary Movement, SSUF/A aims at:

  1. Uniting all the opposition forces and Movements for a one united Revolutionary action that is to change the failed dictatorial minority clique regime in Juba and to take the reign of power for

lasting peace, transformation and good governance in the country.

  1. We declare to develop our country based on the concepts and philosophy of Democratic African Socialism, putting social justice, political equality, democratic pluralism, human dignity, fundamental human rights, freedoms and equal opportunities to all citizens as the cornerstone for our nation
  2. We are committed to putting into a working order the system that will enhance respect for the rule of law, the country’s constitutional order and all other set of rules, regulations or mechanisms that will advance the country as quickly as possible, meeting at the same time the immediate and pressing needs or priorities of the nation and its
  3. Improve health status through concerted policy action in all sectors and expand preventive, promotive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative services provided through the public health sector with focus on
  4. The Social Democratic System we have chosen must be South Sudanese in content and effect. It must be African, Politically and economically positive and people’s driven. It must be compatible with our South Sudanese African identity. It must not appear to be a blueprint ideology imported from any foreign country; it has to be capable of incorporating those useful and compatible techniques and ideals from whatever source. The principal conditions this ideology must satisfy are:
  • It must draw and agree with the best of our South Sudanese ways and traditions;
  1. It should adapt to new and rapidly changing circumstances and;
  • It must be capable of mobilising our people to work and allow Social justice and Democratic principles in the
    1. SSUF/A’s governance and development agenda for transformation and for triggering South Sudan’s leap forward shall be built around the following Action plan: –
      • The primary objective of SSUF/A is to implement federal System of governance in such a way that guarantees the unity of the country.
  • SSUF/A promises to immediately embark on mobilising and organising the nation for the transformation agenda; to quickly bring fundamental changes aimed at putting the country back on the right path to progress and prosper through good governance and elimination of fiscal, administrative and social corruption in all its
  • SSUF/A aims at overhauling the institutional system in the country for a government based on Federal system premised on delivery of public goods and services, a public service system grounded on meritocracy, in-service training or capacity building for the nation’s workforce that must put into account the employment of the primary and secondary school leavers, colleges, Institutes and University graduates.
  • Invest in people and expanding opportunities for every South Sudanese, by creating jobs in both private and public sectors through financial, business, banking system and working for the introduction of small and large scale Agro-Industrial growth in the country and that must be able to employ about 50% of the country’s workforce.
  • SSUF/A-led government shall strive to diversify, privatise and industrialise the economy and to build people-centred and resilient economy.
  • Our objective and principles in the public service sector will be to strongly preach for meritocratic public service that is efficient, well-motivated, confident, values, honesty, integrity, excellence and the spirit of national service. All these have to be the core values for a good Public Service free from corruption and inefficiency. Our organised regular forces and the army will be made to produce their own units’ food and to run a critical audited Cooperative Societies.
  • SSUF/A commits to promise that it’s led government shall ensure strict application of the Rule of Law and order as the foundation for legitimate governance, legitimate business, investment and economic justice, all to be complemented by time-bound ‘’Action plans’’ to remove obstacles and stimulate the growth of (micro-macro, small, medium and large) scale entrepreneurships.
  • One of SSUF/A cardinal objectives is to ensure adherence to constitutionalise and observance to the doctrine of the separation of powers among the three pillars of the state; commitment to the promotion of the fundamental freedoms such as of assembly, of speech, of association, of socio-political space, of the media which is constructive and moral, the right to peaceful protests and above all, commitment to the principle of the democratic governance.
  • In the event of successful change of the current failed regime, SSUF/A promise to inculcate the principle of co-existence among communities working day and night to ensure national peace, tranquillity and stability, factors which are pre-registers for development and foreign investment.
  • We promise to ensure that all forms of marginalisation and discrimination against women are Forthwith and immediately solving land and borders disputes among-between communities.
  • SSUF/A believes in the idea of demographically targeting the youths, women, students, workforce, Diasporas, vigorously implementing Affirmative Action for women, considering Maputo Protocol and harmful traditional practises against female gender in the society. Full national enlightenment campaign  against gender-based violence, early marriage and other forms of negative traditional practices against women, all these shall be systematically orchestrated together with campaign against negative ethnicity in the
  • SSUF/A envisages a ‘Health and Educational Revolution’ by first working to laydown Health and Educational infrastructure, followed by provisions of schools and health service equipment and materials. A crusade for a compulsory quantitative universal primary education (UPE) for the entire schools age population, shall have to be carried out countrywide as part of the country’s social transformation agenda and in doing this, qualified teachers shall be sieved out of the society and from our East African Community region. Teacher’s salary structure and working conditions shall be made attractive. Secondary and tertiary education to be based on qualitative educational transformation policy. Private schools including: universities, vocational, technical and Adult Education through accelerated learning programs shall be encouraged to complement public education, the aim of which is to accelerate literacy levels and a quick leap to progress in eradication of illiteracy.
  • Once in power, SSUF/A system shall vigorously fight against all forms of terrorism and violence manifestations, including political violence, military insurgency or We promise to disarm the civil population and erase the unknown gunman’s phenomenon. All these have to be done quickly as national priority.
  • As Republic of South Sudan is geo-politically located in a conflict prone Nile Valley region and having very long and shorter border lines, the country demands strong military Defence System. We promise quick security sector reforms with a view to have a balanced Army that is commensurate to the nation’s population by states. We believe in a strong, modernized, disciplined and well-equipped, conventional army loyal to the nation as the cornerstone for our national defence and security. At the heart of the compact with the people of South Sudan shall be our commitment to ensure there is a strong National Defence for the security of our: national resources, our territorial borders, our national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. We promise to have a national Defence which is part of the National Political resilience and maturity backed by an enlightened human resource and resilient economy rooted in modern technical capacity and a dynamically industrial base.
  • SSUF/A will work to create jobs in the rural areas of the country to pull redundant population from cities to countryside. 65% of our country’s population relies on livestock for their survival in the country. South Sudan by 2013 has over 31 million cows, goats and sheep making it the world- leading nation when the animal wealth is calculated per capita.
  1. SSUF/A plans to transform the pastoral societies by tending their huge livestock resource for economic productivity than keeping it only for pride, marriages and traditional South Sudan is the African leading nation on the continent in term of huge number of livestock.
  2. Violence and aggression have been central features of some of our pastoral communities. SSUF/A intends to transform this culture by incorporating these communities into the nation-state economy

(C) Environmental policy

the SSUF/A environmental policy must be a working document, able to be reviewed and amended as the system evolves and circumstances changes and shall fulfil the following objectives;

  1. To implement an environmental management system, to ensure that our environmental performance is regularly reviewed and publicised and to demonstrate our commitment to continual environmental improvement.
  2. To ensure that aims and objectives set out in SSUF/A manifesto and all relevant policy documents and service delivery plans seeks to promote the environmental wellbeing of South Sudanese now and in the future.
  • to work with oil contractors, other interested parties with activities that affect the environment, introducing environmental criteria into contracts and service level agreements and giving positive weights to those who can demonstrate their commitment to protecting and improving the environment.
  1. To work through environment department of the government, schools, factories, civil society, organisations and local community to raise awareness and seeks adoption of environmental good practices and the reduction of any adverse effect on the environment.
d) Foreign relations

Foreign policy of SSUF shall be guided by the policies and objectives that serve the interest of the people of South Sudan. In this case, the SSUF shall:

  1. A) Establish relations with all countries based mutual benefits and acquire membership in regional and  international organisations
  2. Respect, promote and foster all international conventions on human rights and other civil
  3. Devote to, and promote the noble objectives of international development and cooperation among the peoples of South Sudan, Africa and the world at
  4. Maintain principle of non-interference into the affairs of other countries and sustain good neighborliness policies within the
  5. Promote global cooperation, protection and conservation of the environment for the current and future
  6. Cooperate in combating international terrorism and build a competent professional foreign
  7. h) Observe international diplomatic norms and ethics.
VII.      SSUF/A Core principles
  • Commitment to democratic principles
  • Taking leadership as a service
  • Taking the nation above SSUF
  • Respect for the rule of law

(V) Respect for public office, property and public resources

  • Commitment to development
  • Commitment to key national policy questions
  • Democratic principles

As a social democratic African movement, we pledge upon taking power in the country to commit to the principles of authority and power coming from the people, for the people and by the people. We promise to allow national elections to be carried out in  the  country  after  only  an  interim  period  of  two years.

  • Leadership as a service

SSUF members in any leadership position, now and after taking power as a position where to serve people and not as an entitlement where to waste people’s time, practice indecision and mediocrity.

  • Putting the nation above SSUF

All members of SSUF must, at all times, put the interest of South Sudan before the interest of SSUF. Where there is conflict of interest, the interest of South Sudan must prevail. Putting personal interest before that of the nation shall be the worst crime to be committed by SSUF member in any national leadership at any time.

  • Respect for the justice system and the Rule  of  Law Creating a just society which upholds social justice and human dignity and built upon law and order, is an important prerequisite for good governance, economic development and prosperity. Strong justice system with strict application of the rule of law are essential in stimulating local investment, attracting foreign investors and creating economic environment where every person has equal opportunity to practice

Respect for the rule of law and order is also essential in ensuring human dignity and respect for human rights. A strong functional justice system and effective law and order policies are important foundations, where individual liberties and freedoms are protected and promoted.



Our country’s economy is currently on the deathbed. Our local currency (pound) has virtually tumbled and the inflation rate is approximated to have hit as high as 835.7% according to the trading economics (Oct, 2016) report. Prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed and the pound has completely lost its value. Those in charge of our economy have watched helplessly as things spiraled from bad to worse. Our over reliance on oil has not helped matters. 98% of our economy is dependent on oil revenues. This is a serious failure on the part of our current leadership. We must halt inflation rate and stabilise the economy despite our large tracts of fertile farmland, and the government has never engaged in Agriculture. It has been on oil revenue and foreign aid.

We as SSUF/A strongly advocate for the use of the petrodollars to diversify the economy. We will establish government Agriculture schemes on modern technology to ensure we are not only food secure as a nation but also produce enough for export and generate revenues

SSUF shall reform the economy in the following ways;

a) Infrastructure
  1. Agriculture
  2. Trade
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Financial Services

SSUF shall focus on construction of elaborate; Road network, Railways, Airport, Waterways and Telecommunication must be a priority in all states.


SSUF shall promote a commercially-oriented and modern

agricultural sector. To achieve these, SSUF/A shall;

  • Transform key Agriculture Institutions
  • Increase productivity of livestock and crops
  • Introduce land use policies
  • Develop and Initiate more irrigation areas
  • Improve market access for the farm produce through better supply chain management

SSUF considers to improve on both wholesale and retail trade. To achieve this, we need to

  • Offer training and credit
  • Improve efficiency by reducing the number of players between the producer and consumer.
  • Improve market access for small scale operators to graduate to Formal sector.
  • Encouraging more investment in retail
  • Develop training programs to improve retail

There are a lot of unutilized natural resources in our country that can generate jobs, foreign income and promote development, if appropriately put in use. SSUF shall:

  • Build more local industries
  • Exploit opportunities in value addition to local agriculture produce.
  • Restructure key local industries

SSUF shall create a vibrant and global competitive financial sector promoting high-level savings and financing South Sudan investment. To get there, SSUF shall:

  • Undertake legal and institutional reforms
  • Reform the banking sector to consolidate small banks to large and stronger
  • Introduce credit referencing in South Sudan
  • Streamline informal finance and saving and credit Co-operative organizations as well as micro-finance
  • Deepen financial markets by raising institutional capital through, pension funds, expanding bond and equity markets and tapping international sources of
II.      Gender, Youth and Vulnerable groups

SSUF/A believes that social equity and equitable access to public services should be inseparable with the nation’s development plan.

The Gender, Youth and vulnerable group sector is one of the key sectors that are expected to promote socio-economic empowerment. We shall aim at promoting diverse cultures so as to realise peaceful coexistence among south Sudanese. SSUF/A shall generate and operate policies, programs and projects aimed at promoting youth, sports, culture and special programs. This includes: Gender mainstreaming, women empowerment, consolidated social protection, scale up of the national development fund for people with disabilities (PWDS). SSUF/A commits to achieving equity in access control and participation in resource distribution for enhanced livelihoods of women, youth and people with special needs.

III. Religion and state

Secularism is benignly constitutionalised by the ruling party in South Sudan. SSUF/A believes certain problems still need to be addressed to ensure peaceful, fair and functioning secularity in the country, so as to avoid future religiously induced conflicts. Secularism will be incorporated into our national educational curriculum so that learners are introduced to secular ideals as they grow. Mixing politics with religion is a bad idea that a viable and democratic state like South Sudan cannot entertain. SSUF/A aspires to ensure that religious groups don’t interfere in the state affairs, and state doesn’t interfere with religious affairs. Since we are a nation of various denominations and religions, South Sudan has secular communities — meaning its political structures should reflect the reality of changing times where state and religion are separated.

SSUF/A believes in a secular system which: protects both believers and non-believers, that is concerned with democratic best practices and fairness, champions universal human rights above religious demands, Upholds equality laws that protect women, minorities from religious discrimination.

SSUF/A will ensure non-believers have the same rights as those who identify with religious beliefs in relation to equal access to public services.

 Culture and Religion

Culture and cultural identity is an important issue to SSUF/A. It was one of the reasons why South Sudanese took up arms against Khartoum for its own identity.

Cherishes our South Sudanese diversity

  • Commits to teach the culture of peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, appreciation and respect to each customs, traditions, and beliefs and avoid tendencies suggestive of tribal encourages Peaceful and legitimate inter- intra community marriages for easy and quick social integration.
  • Promises to preserve and promote South Sudanese African cultural values which are useful and for the good of our links between the past, present and the  shall build national cultural museums, national archives, cultural galleries, cultural centers and preserves, promote musical and art, encourage cinematic, and film industry, promotes and protects heritage sites, promotion of folklore, dances and useful cultural games adheres to the freedom of all beliefs provided that there is no religious intolerance and extremism.

                                     PUBLIC SERVICE

Our public service, labor and human resource Development Ministry is currently stranded by failed policies from above. There are no promotions, pensions or increment of pays to employees since 2006 when the government of South Sudan started to establish Southern Sudan Public Service up to the present day. Every employee is in a Consolidated Pay. No assessment of performance for government officials and workers. No confidential reports on officials or workers and no new appointments. There are no jobs creation and the entire national workforce is at the standstill now. The workforce including the army and the rest of the regular forces are left to languish in constant consolidated salary payment which does not catch-up with the market hyper-inflation.

This situation in the public service system explains why thousands of our young university graduates and secondary school leavers could not find jobs and  unemployment  rate  continue  to  raise up daily; this has greatly affected

the  young  generation  which  finds  no  place  either  in  the  public or private sector and it is one of the national challenges to be addressed by SSUF led government once it has taken over the reign of power in the country.

SSUF acknowledges the magnitude of our youths and human resource development challenges in the country. We are committed to confront this problem with the agency by adopting and implementing a forward-looking reform policy agenda, taking into account the facts that Civil Service is the prime mover of the state machinery and should as such be founded on efficiency and justice.

SSUF shall ensure that pension laws are enacted by Parliament to facilitate the retirement of our government employees who have reached pensionable age in both the armed forces, the organized forces and civil service. This is to open up for upward promotions by creating vacant positions for those coming below. This can enable the promotions to be done in the army, police and other organized forces so as to allow our ranks and file to go to the next ranks and make our university graduates and secondary school leavers to be observed into the public sector system.

SSUF  commits  to  adopt  measures which will make systematic reduction in

the youth unemployment, revitalize the public service with competence, merit and qualifications  as the overriding criteria for selection of employees within the civil service. We promise to increase women and youths chances for employment and to avail trading opportunities in advance technical and management skills. With the right leadership provided, right priorities and right policies, a dramatic transformation and improvement in the quality of our nation’s workforce can be achieved in two to three years’ time. Skills Development Funds accessible to all in the public sector shall be injected into the national budget to address Capacity Building needs with special attention to the unique position of women and youths as an important consideration in our skills development agenda. SSUF also commits to pursue educational policies that seek to achieve a combination of quantity, quality, and equity and knowledge intensity in human capital development. Appropriate laws, rules and measures shall be put to ensure people are appointed on the bases of merit with no favor as is the case today.


SSUF will support unilateralism on issues to do with national security, believing in the ability and sovereign rights of the Republic of South Sudan  to act without approval from any external power in matters of our national defense and international relations policies will be however influenced by

those countries and political systems which stood with South Sudanese  during our dark days of liberation. Our foreign relations will be influenced by mutual and reciprocal approach although much shall be based on realism, especially when facing faceless forces of international or regional nature and individual leaders of those nations which might want to exploit or aggress South Sudan for their own interests. SSUF will always support non-aggression and will seek to maintain good relations with all its neighbors and beyond.

SSUF promises to support regional integrations as a member of the East Africa Community, IGAD and African Union, taking Pan-African agenda provided that such integration is not at the expense of South Sudan. As we seek to support the regional integration and continental agenda, we will observe South Sudan national interest as overriding. Our support for integration must appear to accelerate economic and political emancipation of our African people. We will support such regional and international policies that bring investment and create boundless opportunities for our  young people of the continent.

The  SSUF-led  government  will  be  committed  to  making  partnership with

those African governments that respect the dignity and civil rights of their citizens. We will focus on reshaping our engagement on global politics and economics towards building partnerships that translate into tangible benefits for South Sudan ordinary citizens. We promise to pursue an outward looking strategy that identifies and takes advantage of emerging free market economy, technical and diplomatic opportunities.

Finally, SSUF promises to invest in building meritocratic, based diplomatic service that is highly trained and motivated to take on new challenges extending to economic and commercial diplomacy, technology prospecting and building proper overseas diplomacy and befriending more UN Security Council members and their friends. In this, SSUF will be open and to ensure South Sudan plays a positive economic and political role on the international platform.

Our diaspora and citizens in the region shall have a complete diaspora commission to cater for their needs and connect them with their families and government in the country.

VII. Health sector

The National Health Policy as per South Sudan United Front/Army’s vision although framed to start from the scratch shall consider the existing

international health policies as templates on which it shall be built. The Republic of South Sudan had never developed any viable health policy and has been depending on foreign curative medical services despite exponential upshot of maternal and child mortality and the rapidly growing burden on account of communicable/infectious diseases with significant increase in non-communicable disease burden.

In search for curative medical services in the neighboring countries, there emerged a catastrophic expenditure due to health care costs abroad, which is presently a major contributor to poverty with declining economic growth enabling enhanced morbidity and mortality. Therefore, a new health policy responsive to these contextual burdens is required.

The primary aim of the South Sudan United Front/Army National Health Policy is to inform, clarify, strengthen and prioritize the role of the Government in shaping health systems in all its dimensions, investments in health, organization of healthcare services, prevention of diseases and promotion of good health through cross-sectorial actions, access to technologies, developing human resources, encouraging medical pluralism, building knowledge base, developing better financial protection strategies, decentralise the national health care programs, develop a robust health care system, improve the quality of health service delivery, promoting partnership with the private sector, constructing hospitals and other health care facilities, employing more and qualified health care personnel and strengthening regulation and health assurance.

  • Build more learning Institutions from Preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary, and University
  • Modernize teacher training.
  • Strengthen partnership with private sector
  • Develop modules for Adult education
  • Teach 21st century skills in

There is need for a clean, secure and sustainable environment through

  • Promoting environmental conservation
  • Improving pollution and waste management
  • Commissioning public-private partnership to improve efficiency in water and sanitation
  • Enhancing disaster preparedness in all disaster prone
  • Improving the capacity to adapt to global climate

SSUF shall:

  • Better development of and access to affordable
  • Enhance access to adequate finance for developers and
  • Initiate nationwide urban planning and development campaign in major cities and
  • Land issue to be addressed by the National Constitutional

There is need for National governance reforms based on Constitutional initiatives,

Rule of law (Judicial, Legal reform initiatives and Security and Policing reforms),

Transparency and accountability (Develop a national programme on attitudinal change to inculcate a culture of compliance with the efficiency norms). Building a non-partisan professional research Centre to enrich Parliamentary law-making.

Institutional Reforms in these areas;


-Security, Peace building and Conflict Management.

-Public service




The judiciary must uphold and adhere to the rule of law as applicable to a modern, market-based economy in a human rights-respecting state. SSUF strives for:

  • An Increased access and quality of services available to the public and reducing barriers to
  • A Streamlined the functional capacity of legal and judicial institutions to enhance inter-agency
  • Inculcating a culture of compliance with the law, cultivating civility and decent human behavior within and outside South
  • Aligning the national policy and legal framework with the needs of a market-based economy, national human rights and gender equity
  • Vetting the judges afresh if judicial corruption is to be.

Security to all persons and property throughout the republic. We need to

  • Promote Public-private cooperation and civilian/community involvement to improve security and
  • Deepen policy, legal and Institutional reforms to improve enforcement of law and
  • Promote national and inter-community dialogue in order to build harmony among ethnic, racial and other interest groups to sustainable peace within the
  • Inculcate culture of sanctity of human life that does not resort to the use of violence as an instrument of resolving personal and community disputes.
  • Disarm Militia groups, offering them amnesty and integrating them to uniformed forces where possible.

SSUF/A will make legislations that encourage genuine competitive and issue-based politics. Strategies involve:

  • Establish an independent parliamentary service commission.
  • Introducing laws and regulations covering political parties
  • Strengthening parliamentary legislative oversight capacity through establishment of strong parliamentary committees.
  • Enhancing legal and regulatory framework covering electoral processes
  • Encourage civic education and action programs.
  • Encourage open engagement between government and civil

SSUF/A will implement a parliamentary system of government in the country once it ascends to power. This system is widely popular in most of the world, as it guarantees accountability and transparency in leadership. Need for executive appointments to observe regional, ethnic and gender balance.


An all-inclusive highly qualified public service

  • Equitable distribution of government
  • Encouraging result-based management in the public
  • Proper training of public servants
  • Provision of adequate remuneration and


South Sudan is endowed with sufficient wildlife, including rare animal species. Unfortunately, much of our wildlife migrated to Ethiopia (Gambella Great Forest region of Mankuach) Kenya, Uganda, Congo and central Africa Republic. Part of our wildlife can be found in the Boma areas, in the Garamba and Ruaha Great animal

The  SSUF/A –led government will put plans to make this animal wealth

return to our National Parks and forests where national animal conservation laws against poaching are to be put to preserve and protect them  for posterity.

and tourist income. Tourists will be made to respect South Sudan wildlife conservation laws as a country.


Provision of Health Care Facilities, schools roads, clean drinking water and veterinary services for pastoral communities, are important for SSUF rural community development agenda. The idea of a federal system of governance at all levels of government with economic powers to enable the citizens to create and develop. Local government must be at the heart of SSUF/A’s socio-economic transformation agenda. There shall be proper budget allocation to the local government level to be legislated by parliament for national wealth to reach the community by means of series and development. Strong parliamentary oversight at the national and state levels shall be needed to ensure implementation and utilization of those allocations. Credit opportunities for rural based business enterprises shall also be encouraged at national level.


South Sudan’s weak political and socio-economic institutions coupled with chronic instability have perpetuated incessant violent conflicts that degenerated to multiple development challenges in the recent history. SSUF/A looks at it as a critical peace and development agenda that demands responsibility and solutions: long and short term .Conflicts in today’s South Sudan have taken on new dimensions and complexities. They are unfolding not only between the kleptocratic dictatorial government of President Kiir and revolutionary movements but increasingly within tribes, sections and clans due to proliferation of firearms, lack of the rule of law and order, cattle rustling and water and pastures.

  • .SSUF/A shall ensure the immediate establishment of an inclusive and democratically instituted National Peace and Reconciliation Commission tasked with a mission to hopefully aid South Sudanese in identifying more: innovative, creative means to promote peace, reconciliation, and conflict prevention in the country, states and grassroots. This commission shall conduct its activities in an effective and sustainable
  • SSUF shall ensure the commission establishes collaboration with relevant institutions and
  • SSUF shall tap on the wealth of experience and expertise in enriching our knowledge and comprehension on a wide spectrum of approaches, practices, mechanisms and instruments for local and national reconciliation, conflict prevention and peace
  • SSUF shall employ all strategic plans for conflict resolution. Chief among them would be the traditional method of conflict resolution and peace building pegged on a notion that says, peace is supported if need be; but not imported externally others want us to
  • SSUF shall invest in restorative justice since it holds promise for  conflict  affected  communities as a method for reconciliation. It has to  be followed by development
  • Ensures that: property and people lost to local conflicts are  compensated, ,acknowledging past reconciliation process, establishes truth and conflicts,  supports the establishment of the peace media in  post conflicts societies, coordination and coordination amongst other actors involved in the reconciliation process both internal and

As came in our objectives, SSUF shall join the world in the fight against terrorism. The SSUF-led government shall outlaw all forms of violence, including political violence, coups and treason against the state. We shall carry out a national disbarment program, clear off the infamous thing called unknown gunman and demilitarize the civil societies.

Plans to reform the entire sector shall put into account our intent to have a National Army capable of restoring and preserving internal stability, defending the democratic system to be established as well as safeguarding our sovereignty, the country’s constitutional and its territorial integrity. National defence and national security are critical to SSUF as the two are crucial elements for our socio-economic development agenda. SSUF/A’s defence and security policy for the country shall have a strongly organized organic army configured to ensure the defence and territorial integrity 0f our international borders as well as to be able to contribute to peacekeeping within the mandate of the African union (AU) and the United Nation (UN). We therefore believe in a strong, modernized and disciplined army which is well equipped to be the cornerstone for our national defence and security. SSUF do not envisage a South Sudan which will be a military weakling on the Nile valley region. In our view, we will invest in the enhancing of our nation’s cyber security capability, in strengthening our defence communication and intelligence capabilities to detect or avoid threats as well as countering terrorism and extremism effective technological intelligence.

At the heart of SSUF’s compact with the people of South Sudan shall be his commitment to ensure there is a strong national defence and the security of our nation’s borders. We promise to eradicate all forms of firearms from the civil population, Combat all forms of armed insurgency and militia phenomenon in the country.

SSUF also pledged to undertake a program for full transition of our military from what it is today to a fully modernized organic force having a national character but subordinate to the civil authority. This must go along with a full political transition from current dictatorship to political democracy.

SSUF intends to build national security and national defence as part of the nation’s political resilience, political maturity which it is going to build in South Sudan and to be backed by an enlightened human resource, resilient economy rooted in modern technological capacity and diversified and industrialized economy.


It’s the SSUF’S policy priority to immediately embark on the establishment of a clean drinking water program in all our states’ capitals, towns and in the national Capital City. Water yards and more boreholes and wells shall have to be provided to all our Counties, Payams and to our community and business centre as well as to large village and Boma settlement areas. This shall be done alongside sanitation arrangements for healthy waste disposal in all the urban and rural towns. The population in villages must be taught to establish pit latrines in the homes.

Power, which is the backbone for modern urbanization, industrialization, manufacturing, technological and business growth is a priority for SSUF, economic and service plans for South Sudan. We promise to change Juba City from its today use of generators as the source of power to constant public electricity and water systems. Hydro-electric energy points, like the Fulla Rapids shall be put to work for augment fuel use.


Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei , 

Chairman & Commander in chief,

South Sudan United Front/Army-SSUF/A

27 October, 2020

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