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Sudanese Youths in Khartoum Said Juba 15th-Dec- 2013. Mass Killing Sow a Spirit of Patriotism Among the Nuer Nation

By: Khor Nyang Mabor.

Khartoum Dec 15
Mourners in black praying in Khartoum Church on 16th-Dec-2015


Dec 24, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudanese youths in the republic of Sudan release a statement saying the bloodshed of the 15th-Dec-2013. Committed by Salva Kiir’s government has given Nuer a spirit of togetherness that wouldn’t have been in place if not the genocide that was committed by Salva Kiir’s supporters against the Nuer and others minority groups in South Sudan.

The press release came a week later after the world marked the commemoration of the 2nd– anniversary of the Juba massacre committed by Salva Kiir in which was later refer as a tribal government.

“As per the copy of the press release that was extended to Nyamile Website by youths on Sunday, Kobil Pachok Malual who head the organizing committee send a condolence message to all the relatives of the 15th– Dec- 2015 Juba atrocity that left more than 20,000 of an armed civilians dead. In his statement,” I would like to take this opportunity to send my condolence to all parents and relatives of the victims 15th– Dec- 2015 genocide minus forgetting all those who were forced to take armination for the sake of defending the land of inhabitants. Kobil continued narrating his memories, allow me to join my voice with those comrades who spoke on the day of commemoration, it was very unfortunate for a government of any country to brutally killed her citizens in a broad day light as it happened in Salva Kiir’s government.

In the third paragraph of the copy, Mr. Kobil “said that, it is really enough course for all of Nuer community as well as South Sudanese to commemorate the day when our brothers and sisters were brutally killed in cold blood by our elected president Salva Kiir Mayardit and his tribal Malitias known as Mathiang Anyor. After the firing of first bullet between Machar’s supporters and pro- government on 15th, Kiir change his true colors from being a national figure of all, a symbol of Unity and instead turned against one tribe(Nuer) executing them basing on their ethnic and could not spare any sex, age or status of physical fitness. Salva Kiir on 16th –Dec-2013, appeared on the national Television SSTV ordering a curfew which is house to house search and was successfully done by the presidential guards and national security. The curfew lead into a Mass killing. The killing took place from 16th– 21st –Dec-2013.

Report indicated that, people were hunted in their houses, burned alive, crushed by military tanks, tortured to death while others were forced to eat their dead relatives. Nuer residential areas were sounded by the national security ranging from 16th to 21 on the same month of Dec. The residential areas were Mangateen, Miya 107, Gudella, Munikii II, Kor William, Jebal Kunyjur, Gabaat and other places.

Civil war erupted in young nation (South Sudan) in the late Dec -2013, analyze believe that ,the crisis begun as a Political wrangle between President Kiir and his former deputy Dr. Riek machar and that differences turned into violence on 15th-Dec-2013. Kobil criticized President Kiir and his elites,

”We in the SPLM/A-IO, I would like to advise my fellow compatriots in the movement and others South Sudanese across the country who had been subjected into this situation by the tribal President Salva Kiir and his elites in Juba that, “ the blood of your innocent brothers and relatives will turn into a blessing throughout the country. We were forced into that painful period, let us unite with our true compatriots such as Gen: Alfred Ladu Gore, Dr. Dhiew Mathok, Capt. Mabior Garang. Gen. Olony,Tito Peter and many others, he went ahead and said that, since the time Salva Kiir came into power, his rules in South Sudan has been implementing his tribal hidden agenda by subjecting this young nation into senseless war with many rebellions. He has been fueling the killing of Murle and Lou Nuer, Chollo and Dinka in Pigi county and a lots of tribal killing in Greater Bhar el Gazal as it happens in Lake state as well as in Greater Equatoria. He lastly calls on South Sudanese to join hands and fight for a common goal that will bring unity among the 64 tribes.

From the last page, Tap Both who lead the team added a statement of unity, he calls on the entire Nuer community to always keep the dark day as a day of national symbol, a day that brought us together, a day that marked our differences, a day that would remind us to abandon any policy that divide us and instead focus for the soul our martyr.

Both remarked his speech by saying,” it is time to forgive those who wrong us in this mess, not everyone was intending to kill these innocent citizens but due to poor leadership and governance, our country found herself in such a genocide.

The author is a professional Journalist and Nyamilepedia correspondent in Khartoum. He can be reached via khorjames14@gmail.com or by+249-962947833.

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