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Sudan Revolutionary Front welcomes the signing of the Sudan peace agreement in Juba, South Sudan

By Dr. Elhadi Idriss Yahya,
Distinguished audience,
Members of Sudanese peace delegations post for a picture with mediators and foreign dignitaries in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Members of Sudanese peace delegations post for a picture with mediators and foreign dignitaries in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Sept 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Greetings of glory, strength, revolution, and peace, On behalf of my comrades, leaders of the organizations of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, allow me to first extend my sincere thanks to the State of South Sudan, to His Excellency President Salva Kiir, and his proud people for the critical role that South Sudan served as Mediator to these peace talks.

I also extend my special thanks to the countries and organizations that supported the Mediation and the peace process, including, foremost, the country of Chad, which has hosted our displaced people and refugees, and its president, Idriss Déby, as well as the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt.  I also give my thanks to the IGAD countries, the African Union, the League of Arab States, the European Union, the Troika countries of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway, and the United Nations.

To PILPG and UNAMID, I further extend all my greetings and appreciation for their advisory and technical support.  And I would be remiss not to convey greetings and appreciation to the efforts of Uganda and Eritrea—the two countries that stood with us during the struggle and difficult times.

On this historic day, I salute our brave and wounded soldiers, martyrs, and all Sudanese people, from Nimule to Halfa, and from El Geneina to Port Sudan, and I salute all the marginalized rural residents of Sudan who have suffered in gracious silence for so long.  On this occasion of the Peace Agreement I greet all the farmers, workers, and professionals, all Sudanese women and our glorified students, and  all our young people who have borne the brunt of the war.  Congratulations to all. Congratulations to you for this remarkable and historic national achievement.  The products of your struggles and sacrifices have been delivered, and here today they are culminating in a just, comprehensive, final, and sustainable peace for all of Sudan.

Countless factors have led to the success of the peace talks, foremost of which was the holding of negotiations in Juba. The state of South Sudan has a special place in the hearts of the Sudanese people, and the Mediation, aware of the nature of the crisis and under the auspices of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, played the greatest role in helping us reach what we have achieved today. Furthermore, the commitment of the government delegation headed by Lieutenant General Hemedti and his distinguished companions from the Sovereignty Council, the Council of Ministers, and the rest of our brothers and sisters on the government negotiating team greatly contributed to the success of the negotiations.  Their eagerness to achieve peace is in direct contrast to the former regime’s intransigence and commitment to conflict.

Today, we present to the glorious Sudanese people a distinguished peace agreement that addresses the roots of the crises and the conflicts in Sudan by providing effective solutions and just standards for power and wealth-sharing, civil and military institutional reform, and the system of governance.  The agreement also provides a systematic and practical prescription to address the negative consequences of the conflicts in Sudan, by paying due regard to issues of displacement, land, hawakir, transitional justice, and nomads.  By achieving such an agreement, that addresses the root causes and the consequences of the conflicts in Sudan, Sudan has finally achieved the possibility of durable peace and can move forward in undertaking a comprehensive and genuine political transition for the benefit of all Sudanese.

Nonetheless, what we have achieved today, through arduous and long negotiations, will be fruitless if there are no guarantees for implementation. There is no doubt that the success of the agreement requires a national commitment to meet the benefits of peace, as well as international commitment, support, and sponsorship, particularly through necessary financial contributions. The holding of a donor conference is thus critically important to provide what is needed to rebuild what the war has destroyed and to ensure that peace and stability can prevail.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front has long sought to embody a new spirit for Sudan by uniting on a political mission that aims to support a comprehensive and inclusive transitional period and successful democratic transformation, and to create political consensus in Sudan.  In this regard, the Revolutionary Front has also signed a historic agreement with the Forces of Freedom and Change, and collectively, we will work to unify the forces of revolution and change and to form a historic bloc in support of democratic transition and achieving peace and security—working for the well-being of all the Sudanese people and achieving the revolution’s slogans of freedom, peace and justice.

By signing the comprehensive peace agreement today, we will have turned the page on war forever, and I seize this historic moment to call upon all the other opposition movements to join peace now and not tomorrow, and to forever renounce fighting. The Sudan of the revolution can accommodate everyone, and this agreement lays a solid foundation for a forthcoming renaissance and is open for other to join and reinforce it.  This agreement sets Sudan on the path for freedom, peace, and justice.

We dedicate this agreement to all of you and to our righteous martyrs, for they are nobler than us all, and to the displaced, refugees, and all those who were uprooted by the former regime.

Freedom, Peace, Justice.  Peace is the Choice of the People.

Freedom, Peace, Justice. Development is the Choice of the People.

Freedom, Peace, Justice. Civil Governance is the Choice of the People.

Dr. Elhadi Idriss Yahya is the Chairperson of the Sudan Revolutionary Front.

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