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” SPLM/SPLA-IO Emerged Much More Stronger and Cleaner Than Ever Before” Dr. Machar

Opposition party leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, after gaining his strength in the Sudanese capital.(Photo: supplied)
Opposition party leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, after gaining his strength in the Sudanese capital.(Photo: supplied)

Sept 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Speaking to supporters and sympathizers in Sudanese’ capital, Khartoum, the South Sudan’s armed opposition party leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, congratulates his leadership for passing the toughest test of time following the incident of July 8th, 2016.

According to the Military Governor of Jonglei State, Alier Ateny, who spoke to Dr. Machar, the commander-in-chief of the armed opposition pledges that the SPLM/SPLA has stood the test of elimination and it is just a matter of time before the opposition bounces to its full capacity.

“I had a privilege of speaking to our Chairman Dr. Riek Machar today evening on the phone. And the following was his message to you.” Alier Ateny states.

“SPLM/SPLA -IO has emerged much more stronger and cleaner than ever before, both politically and militarily.” Dr. Machar said.

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Alier narrates that Machar is confident the opposition will reunite and reabsorb all its members including the disgruntled politicians, who are believed to have defected and collaborated with Salva Kiir’s faction.

“The July 8 ordeal was a test of time, and my congratulations goes to those who have stood true to the course of our struggle. Our brother’s and sisters who could not stand the test of time will still come back to their convictions and be welcomed back to their party” Machar said.

The former Vice President assures his supporters that he will soon address the people of South Sudan and friends through television.

The top leadership of the armed Opposition was ‘lured to government stronghold”, Juba, through a comprehensive peace agreement signed in August 2015, however, that peace backfired on July 8th at the heavily guarded presidential palace in what the opposition terms as an assassination attempt on Machar.

According to President Salva Kiir, Machar was armed with a pistol to assassinate and take over the country through a military, a claim the opposition denies.

As a result of July 8th incident, Machar’s outnumbered 37 bodyguards were killed at South Sudan’s palace in an incident that led to death of over 300 soldiers and civilians that day.

Machar, who narrowly survived bombardments and heavy assaults on his residence at Jebel Kujur in Juba, tactically withdrawn his troops on July 11th and travelled through Central Equatoria to DR Congo.

According to his bodyguards, Machar’s positions were constantly bombed from July 12th to August 17th, the day he entered DRC; however, only one bodyguard of the Chief of Staff succumbed to wounds of aerial bombardments. Two others were wounded by the gunships but survived and are now being treated in a neighboring country.

Machar was airlifted after nearly a week in Kinshasa, DRC, to Khartoum, Sudan, where he is currently finalizing his recovery.

The Opposition leader is fully stable and he is expected to tour IGAD countries to address pending issues on South Sudan peace agreement.

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