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SPLM/IO repulse Government attack in Lainya and Wondoruba Counties While Women Raped

Bilpam and Gojam Battalions celebrating their victories in Upper Nile / Nyamilepedia
Bilpam and Gojam Battalions celebrating their victories in Upper Nile(Photo: supplied)

September 11, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – According to latest reports received by Nyamilepedia from Equatoria front, SPLA/IO forces operating in the area have repulsed attack by government soldiers on their bases near Lainya County and Wonduruba Payam.

Government soldiers then went on a rampage killing dozens of civilians including women and children in Lainya which is home to Government Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia, several women have also been raped by the government soldiers according to the report received by our reporters.

The attack which is the latest in series of violations of a permanent cease-fire by Salva Kiir’s government forces since a peace agreement was signed at the end of August to stop the war ravaging the worlds youngest nation.

“Today … government soldiers… attacked our bases in Mangkaro, Mengel and Katigiri in Central Equatoria. This is an indication that some insider within Kiir’s government does not respect his order to observe the ceasefire after signing the deal on August 26”.  said rebel commander Major Gen. John Kenyi

Fighting between government and armed opposition broke out in Equatoria since Wednesday evening when government forces attacked rebel controlled areas, it’s not clear why the government forces attacked when President Salva Kiir had already declared a cease-fire and the National Assembly also ratified the agreement.

Locals in the area say government forces made up of mostly Dinka from Bahr El Ghazal due to their language, attacked Wondruba Payam at around 8:00am in the morning, in an attempt to hunt for rebel sympathisers, but ended up killing innocent civilians in the area.

A rebel spokesperson in the area said the SPLA/IO fighting only in self-defence managed to repulse the attackers mostly from Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal States who, raped and killed civilian women, children and the elderly predominantly of Pojulu tribe.

Several properties were also destroyed and the area was properly looted by the government soldiers according to the reports received by the reporter.

After being defeated in on Thursday and Friday morning, the government soldiers returned at around 7:00 PM local time on Friday and attacked the local population in what some locals described as heinous crimes committed by the Dinka soldiers in the area.

“They raped even the elderly women, they took all our belongings, by house was burned, now I don’t know where by family will go” said one local elder who said his name was Lasu

“Where is the peace which our president declared last week, where is that” Lasu Added

It’s believed to be an attempt by Kiir’s regime forces to try and recapture areas under South Sudan’s Armed opposition SPLM-IO in the area before the permanent ceasefire joint body is formed.

Rebel commanders warned they would be forced to retaliate in full force and occupy more areas if government forces continue to violate the peace agreement and cease-fire with impunity.

Members of the armed opposition in the area say it’s a desperate attempt by Kiir’s regime to regain territories controlled by rebels in two counties of central equatorial, they insist the government forces were repelled and badly beaten back on Wednesday and Thurday, so the government force returned to the area and descended on the local population in believe they were supporting the rebels.

On Thurday’s fighting rebel forces killed at least 11 government soldiers and injured dozens more, they also destroyed 5 Land Cruisers used by the troops whom they described as Mathiang Anyor, 1 Land Cruiser was captured in good condition according to the rebel commander John Kenyi.

“These pro-governments were repulsed with heavy losses in their attempt to take our territories, they thought of defeating us, but this was wrong calculation from the government,”  General John Kenyi

The SPLM/IO is calling on IGAD and the international community to hold to account those trying to violate the peace agreement by violating the permanent cease-fire. They also called on President Kiir to put his house in order and control his soldiers especially his Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong who is believed to be against the peace agreement.


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mamer mareng September 11, 2015 at 7:24 pm

There is no peace , the peace can’t be signed in Juba , you nuer just said peace signed, no peace.

GatNor September 11, 2015 at 8:01 pm

Juba government has not ceased verbal and military attacks on the resistance forces since Dec/15th/2913 of Juba. South Sudan’s aggressions towards everyone in the country and the world body have treacherously peeked, yet the world community is dragging its feet on the necessary counter actions.

Goweng Torbaar September 12, 2015 at 12:37 am

No top military and government officials want peace because they it is the beginning to end their regime

Eastern September 12, 2015 at 12:38 am

This is just bad! Why was this not happening before peace was signed? Why have the rebels kept a low profile before peace was signed? Why is government attacking rebels in Lainya now if they are not being directed by somebody from ‘above’?

If these skirmishes continue, the best option is to sanction top leaders from the waring sides so that the reality of suffering South Sudanese bites in!

GatNor September 12, 2015 at 4:11 am

You are right to say that the orders to attack comes from the above unless the ground commanders are just simply undisciplined. Either way the commander’s boss should bear the brunt of sanctionary disciplines so it trickles down to the foot soldiers untill the agreement is implemented and fruitful. Sanctions can always be withdrawn after the intrime as a precondition. one of he best cndition that should be imposed should be… those individuals hindering and frustrating the road to peace with continues attacks MUST BE ALLOWED TO TAKE PART in the formation of the intrime government and or the coming election. Make that a must abide by law specifically for those armed warlords in Juba giving orders to their men on the ground.

GatNor September 12, 2015 at 4:14 am


Nikalongo sanduksanduk September 12, 2015 at 2:37 am

What a big lie! Take your wars far and away from Equatoria.

Loruba Gama September 12, 2015 at 4:56 am

Am still wondering which territories are under rebels in Central Equatoria?? This is pure lay by disgruntle John Kenyi whith nickname Kenyi Loburo, Kenyi is not holding any territory in Central Equatoria, I know he is from my own tribe-former Police of Omar. Kenyi is only ambushing business vehicles along the Juba-Yei road, stealling civilians belonging for his own survival, the reality of what happened in Mankaro and Katigiri but Not wonduruba is that few of Kenyi’s Thugs tried to attack small SPLA outpost with the aim of seizing weapons but beaten back with heavy losses and as I speak now from Lainya, Kenyi’s Thugs are on the run towards Western Equatoria State after the deployment of more SPLA forces from Juba and others from Yei who are now in hot pursut of Kenyi with the aim of arresting him, nothing like Landcrusier been taken, pure lay.

So for those who are giving wrong information, take from here on the reality on the ground, Kenyi has few thugs less than 1,000 men mostly from our own pojulus from Lainya and few Lokoyas and Mundaris, their aim is stealing but not to liberate any area in Central Equatoria.

GatNor September 12, 2015 at 10:05 am

Hold on a minute Nicky, I want you to listen very carefully you little jubalicious who*re. You are free to push out whoever you want out of your space, territory or region by whichever mean you deem fit. Just have some justifications for your action once your called to account.

Now some arrogant Jaang stated that if men marrying men was an acceptable, legal(not to mention that they don’t believe in the legal sense) practice in South Sudan and particularly in Equatoria that all Equatorian men would have been married to Jaang men. pay attention to the part of the sentence “would have been married to” meaning forced against their will necessary.

You might argue that it’s not true but either way there is a reason why some would make such claims specially if your men are put in the category of those who should be wearing panties, dresses a long with a bra. (No disrespect to the ladies across the board) What are you going to do if and when the Nuers leave you Equatorians at the mercy of those very merciless brut Jaang with intentions of expansion at any cost.Mind you that day will come and it’s coming very soon my man-she friend so don’t burn those bridges by pathetically generalizing your problems. You have a Jaang occupational problem not all the Jenge. It seems your weaknes against Jaang is gonna invite every homo around the world into Equatoria hoping to get married to a n Equatorian man. That would be a disastrous pandemic turning your little Juba into Sodom and Gomorah over night. I advice you to recalibrate your perception concerning these national matterso because they are not only about Equatoria. Many of the prisoners of war captured and recently were identified to be of Equatorian background fighting in a territory occupied by Nuers. Just so you know the complexity of the situation, they were treated humane and as any South Sudanese citizens would have been.

Chan Rech October 1, 2015 at 4:27 am

Let Riek and his Murderers come to Juba, we shall assassinate them one by one because if they very well know that things will be settle peacefully, why would he resort to violence to take over Power from Democratically elected Government. I know right from onset of Riek’s failed coup that Riek will never win militarily because the hand of the Government is long, see now will Riek pay back the lives of the innocent men and women he killed in cold blood? Will Riek pay for the lives of the white army who perished in their thousand on the way between Bor and Juba?? wait we shall deal with him squarely to follow those he killed including some of his disgruntle generals.

Goweng Torbaar September 12, 2015 at 6:52 am

No need to sanction both warren parties this time since it is known who violated this peace and who continue violating it. That voice of sanctioning both side end on 17th August.

Luke Luate September 12, 2015 at 11:48 am

You Nuers stop your war in Upper Nile, We Equatorians are not stupid to accept your intention of making Equatoria towns be destroyed like your towns. Shame on you

Eastern September 13, 2015 at 12:00 am

Luate, stop living in denial. John Kenyi Loruba is not a nuer neither is Martin Kenyi. These are Equatorians who have brought the war right in the centre of Equatoria. You sound a typical Pojulu; one who can argue to deny that a black piece of charcoal is white in colour!

We have to embrace the recently signed peace as South Sudanese mindful of the fact that there are those who will stand to lose emensely once peace and order returns to the country.

Pin heads like you need to be reminded that the raging armed conflict is not just dinka and nuer affair. You need to look at the big picture.

AGUMUT September 12, 2015 at 2:24 pm

We don’t want back again Machar because he is mad.


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