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New Empowerment and Mechanisms In The Compromise Peace Agreement ~ CPA-II

By Dr. Henry Jembi

Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in the past(Photo: file)
Mr. Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in the past(Photo: file)

Sept 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — New empowerment forces and mechanisms that can give the Proposed Compromise Agreement real meaning, light and legitimacy:

  • 2.5 New Institutions (Page 32):
  • 2.5.1. Without prejudice to other provisions of this Agreement, the TGoNU shall establish the following new institutions immediately upon the commencement of the transitional period:
    • National Revenue Authority (within six months);
    • Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Authority (within six months);
    • Salaries and Remuneration Commission (within six months);
    • Environmental Management Authority (EMA) (within six months);
    • Research and Development Centers: Natural Disasters, Strategic studies and Scientific Research (within two years).

What the CPA brought had not yet been implemented 100% by the government of South Sudan due to lack of experience and confidence in their leadership and administration. The institutions which were initiated by the CPA had been paralyzed from day one up-to-date because they based their work on favoritism, nepotism and tribalism. Responsibilities given and entrusted were based on sectarianism and kinsmen and relationships. As a result, a little work had been done and actual work had not been carried out due to the same problems.

Notwithstanding that CPA ended the war between north and south, but it had not met the interest and ambition of the whole Southern Sudanese who have been longing for change and transformation toward the best social, economic and political leadership. However, SPLM/A had miscalculated its strategic planning and building of the nation by ruling and administering the country negatively and focusing within the box.

CPA[II] on the other hand is adding new institutions which might have played a positive role towards narrowing the gate among the people of the same nation despite the unbelievable perspectives, understanding and relationship that they are connected to one another.

CPA[II] itself is an outstanding and an extraordinary agreement which should be understood and transformed into reality and actual implementation by all South Sudanese leaders, politicians, intellectuals and ordinary people as well. What would CPA[II] guarantee to the people of South Sudan in general apart from ending the discouraging war on them? I personally do not appreciate the negative stance and attitude of some Southerners who initially stood against CPA[II] and opposed it without comprehensive study and profound understanding of it.

As we can see, CPA is in complete agreement despite that it has done its part in laying the foundation and erected some poles towards the establishment of South Sudan nation since 2005 up to date. Many good things related and attributed to it can be mentioned without hesitation. Yet it has never covered the interests, dreams and aspirations of the people of South Sudan 600%. Frankly speaking, CPA brought the war to an end, but could not penetrate into the lives and thoughts of the innocent people of South Sudan. They are not convinced that the CPA had released and freed them totally from political darkness, political wickedness, political heartens and political poverty of the South Sudanese leaders.

Similarly, we are looking forwards to seeing CPA[II], this new agreement what would it do and bring to the people of South Sudan? Is it going to do likewise or it is going to be different in such a way that the focus is going to be on the national call, national equality, national policies, national structures and national building of the nation and the people collectively. CPA[II] has immersed as a result of severe war and the suffering of the people of South Sudan, and their absurd agonies which was caused by their own unwise leaders and politicians.

CPA[II] is going to accomplish CPA in a way or another as I can see without a doubt, unless those brought in their reservations would act negatively against it. A shame is a shame, a wickedness is a wickedness, an agreement is an agreement. No one can relief your shame except yourself, no one can overcome your wickedness apart from you and no one can disgrace an agreement it does not meet his interest and aspirations.

Honestly speaking, this agreement is in favor of some groups rather than others, therefore it may create a number of ups and downs if the implantation is not carried out fairly and if people are not persuaded and educated well about it. Especially, other parties that consider that they are not engaged and neglected deliberately by the IGAD and the two warring parties.

Mind you, if you could remember very well that the CPA was signed between the Sudan government and the Sudan army Liberation Movement (SPLM/A). However, the CPA[II] is signed between the SPLM/A-G and the SPLM/A-IO; you see how strange and bizarre the CPA[II] is, the same movement has signed an agreement among themselves. What would be the outcome in your opinion? Do you think that something new is going to come out of that accord? Let us see first and then we will judge the essence and the substance it, because judging without seeing the fruits would a grave sin and mistake together. Do not judge, and you will not be judged.

The author is a concern South Sudanese, he can be reached at jembijembi@hotmail.com

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AGUMUT September 12, 2015 at 6:51 am

Dr.Riek Machar bill alone will cost a lot of money,he is no good for South Sudan at all.Now he looks like Leurant Kabila.

odh September 12, 2015 at 7:48 am

your analyzes Is really perfect. in fact, south sudan CPA and it independent was push by some group not because they love them (south Sudanese citizen ) to have peace but to rob them in term of land and oil contract that they can get cheap from this weak ,primitive and idiot government.


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