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SPLM-IO Denied Any Link of Attack Against The Chollo King in Collo Kingdom of Upper Nile State

The current king of the Shilluk, a former banker, presides at his rainy-season court in Malakal.(Photo: supplied).
The current king of the Shilluk, a former banker, presides at his rainy-season court in Malakal.(Photo: supplied).

Jan 17, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan armed opposition led by former Vice President and First Vice President designate of the Republic of South Sudan in would be Transitional Government of the National Unity (TGoNU) Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon on Friday denied the claims of a story carried out by Al-Watan Arabic newspaper on Wednesday alleging that SPLM-IO forces stationed around Malakal attacked the Headquarters of Mak, the Chollo king in Collo kingdom, Col. Nyarji Jermlili Roman, the Deputy Spokesperson in the office of SPLM/SPLA leader has told Nyamilepedia.

Col. Nyarji Jermlili Roman has accused Al-Watan Arabic newspaper for reporting something that didn’t happen and that holds no truth.

“What has been Circulating and published at Al-Watan Arabic newspaper in South Sudanese on Friday, January 15, 2016 that our troops, under the Commander-in-Chief of SPLA/SPLM Chairman Dr. Riek Machar that we had attacked the headquarters of the Cholo kingdom in Malakal is not true and we are surprised to hear such a statement,” charges Jermlili.

“The town of Malakal still until now under full control of the forces of Governmentof South Sudan and if the assumption is that our forces attacked the Mak of Cholo or king’s GHQs in Malakal, that means our forces have retaken Malakal and in firm control of our forces. Our forces are not in control of Malakal nor have they attacked it. Until this moment, Malakal is under firm control of the forces of the Government of South Sudan. We didn’t stage any attack anywhere in Upper Nile State. The king’s GHQs in the kingdom is not in any way in Malakal town, everyone knows this fact.”

Jermlili alleges that South Sudan Al-Watan Arabic newspaper has deviated from its journalistic values, instead submitted itself into Salva Kiir’s propaganda machine by falsifying and leveling unfounded allegations against the SPLM-IO. He directed his blames to the editor saying Al-Watan Arabic newspaper editor’s cheap negative agenda against the Movement won’t find ears, only cheap pens seek to expand the discord among citizens of one country. The lies were cooked at the time JMEC chief Festus Mogae visited Maakal town.

“The above fabrication of lies by Al-Watan Arabic newspaper came after the visit of the Chairman of the JMEC and the former President of Botswana Festus Mogae to the town of Malakal days ago in which the true citizens of Malakal came out in huge numbers protesting against the creation of 28 states,” he complains.

“South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition is here to make it clear to the media outlets and to citizens of the South Sudan that the leadership of the SPLM-IO and the army commanders of the Movement are committed to implement the Arrangement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan signed in 17th August 2015. Our forces respect and maintain cessation of hostilities (CoH) as required by IGAD and the international community. The SPLM-IO asks Al watan newspaper and all South Sudan newspapers to adhere to their work ethics and the values of journalism so they don’t throw political punches in the situations they don’t concern them.”


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