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South Sudan’s Nuer Youths Union in Federal Republic of Ethiopia Recjected Kiir’s 28 States.

For Immediate Release,

Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)
Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

October 04, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The Nuer Youth Union has unanimously rejected and condemned in the strongest terms possible the creation of 28 States that was decreed/ ordered yesterday by Salva Kiir on the state owned SSTV. The creation of States need feasibility studies, parliament approval, citizens will or sensitization and should be in line with upcoming permanent constitution. It should not just be a one man or single-handed decision but must base on mutual agreement from all the warring parties and unanimously approved by the citizens.

The NYU, understand the ill intention behind the creation of such states without proper study; It is simply mean to claim undeserved credit and kill the hopes and aspirations for the well designated federalism that was proposed by the arm opposition. Majority of the decreed states were divided based on tribal line and some were created to marginalize the small tribes in expenses of the larger one especially in Western Bhar El Ghazal where Raja was merged with Aweil West and North Counties. The decreed also created new boundaries without feasibility study and the consent of the citizen; Example, the annexation of Pigi County to the Upper Nile State-Malakal. Those and many more errors will create more problems and possibly wars if not stopped! We called it a historical mistake that should be condemned both locally and internationally.
We are hereby calling on our beloved South Sudanese and the international community to reject and condemn Kiir ill intention to renege on the signed CPA-2.

We are hereby reaffirming our supports for the proposed 21 states based on the former British Colonial districts because they were studied and had clear boundaries. We also recognized the fact that it should be done through public consultation and first adopted by the permanent constitution during the Transitional Government of National Unity. We applauded the leadership of SPLM in Opposition by adopting the Federalism based on 21 states during the Nasir Consultative Conference in April 2014 unlike unplanned unilateral creation that was made by Kiir yesterday undermining his government organs; Parliament, Judiciary, and Council of Minister and more importantly the citizens and the provision of the CPA-2 that only recognized 10 states.

Lastly, we applauded the African Union Peace and Security Council for announcing to release the African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan (AUCISS). We are hereby calling for its immediate release to the public such that perpetrators are known by South Sudanese and swiftly held into account. We also support the creation of an independent Hybrid Courts outside South Sudan to trial those who committed crimes.

May God bless South Sudan!
Cde.Koat Gatkuoth Thoat Diew, President of Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia
Email address, koat_gatkuoth@yahoo.com.

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Tolio October 3, 2015 at 7:14 pm

Thanks to President Kiir for creation of more federal states. It is what the people have been asking for.

21 states that Riek Machar created deserve rejection. They are based on British colonial districts. Colonialism was wrong and so are 21 states.

Whoever wants colonialism should dive back in the colonial era and live it to his or joy.

British people don’t rely on South Sudanese for their domestic urban plannings.

If you don’t like President Mayardit’S 18 additional states,go to Britain and ask to be colonized. See if the British will give you what you wish for.

Riek Machar is not the person who coins the word federalism. The word is English in vocabulary. No body should give him credit for federalism being his original idea.

AGUMUT October 3, 2015 at 11:52 pm

We accept 28 States and it will be there in future.

AGUMUT October 3, 2015 at 11:56 pm

We will win if there is any referendum.We want vote for 28 States.

Dr. Henry October 4, 2015 at 2:03 am

Credibility is the only way to a sound and genuine leadership and fair government, if you acted without credible motive and spirit, then you are for sure misleading and misconducting your leadership skills. As a matter of fact, crucial decisions should not be taken compassionately so as not to ruin the whole project be it top leadership or national building or whatever. Wise leaders always consulate even though they know what to do because in consultation, you might get super ideas and the hidden sides of the project especially the technical dimension. Consulate so as no to ruin yourself and your people as well.

GatNor October 4, 2015 at 10:53 am

First of all creating homogeneous states is dangerous should South Sudan plunged itself into state wars tribes fighting tribes as Jaang have already declared. I am sorry for those tribe that looks for outside help to fight for them because they will regret in more ways than one.


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