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Group photo of Nuer Community chiefs, leaders and members in A.R of Egypt.
Group photo of Nuer Community chiefs, leaders and members in A.R of Egypt

Oct 29, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) — After an adequate verification, the Nuer community Association in Arab Republic of Egypt found that only ten (10) people defected to Taban Deng Gai camp in Egypt. Therefore, the 30 names revealed in the media weren’t accurate and below is the final list of their names;

Photo of the defectors holding Taban picture after their press conference at one of the Egyptian press venue.
Photo of the defectors holding Taban picture after their press conference at one of the Egyptian press venue.

1) Nuor Makuei Nyang
2) Elizabeth Nyatot Chuol
3) Elizabeth Nyakong Simon
4) Marino John Tabang
5) Deng Machar Tot
6) David Gatkek Thor
7) Kume Mut Keat
8) Ruai Non Gieng
9) Malek Tuel
10) Koang Muon


In accordance to the local Nuer community constitution, these people are subjected to isolation in any local, national or international activity that brings together the Nuer or the South Sudanese community. These people are found guilty of betrayal.

They betrayed a mother who was forced to eat her husband’s roasted flesh, and a small boy from Unity State whose testosterone’s were removed to impede the growth of Nuer and South Sudanese. These people betrayed a daughter from Equatoria region who was raped with wooden or metal tool. They betrayed elders and families who were gathered in hundreds and burned alive.

The Nuer Community in A.R Egypt is here to inform the World that if these individuals forgot the coordinated genocide masterminded by Salva Kiir Mayardit and his folks, the Jieng Councils of Elders (JCE); we, the Nuer Community executive board and our members which consisted of more than One Thousand people are still committed to bring the perpetrators who planned to eliminated the Naath (Nuer) to justice.

It is extremely unfortunate to watch people who lost their direct family members in the war of December 15th go back to the monster who planned their elimination. We were surprised to see these people possessing the potential energy to praise the murderer of their family and friends just because of little money they received in return of their souls.

Nuor Makuei Nyang, the leader of the ten defectors is a man described as “Self-seeker”; Nuor Makuei Nyang Joint the camp of Salva Kiir because of position and money. Nuor Nyang adores luxurious life-style that’s why you’ll always see him in fine-fabrics that do not represent his insignificant profession or academic height. Former Community Chief (Sultan) Nuor Makuei Nyang who in the past years worked to build Peace and Unity is now widely blamed to be dividing the community into clans.

Nuor Makuei Nyang took advantage of few young students who did not find opportunity in scholarship provided by the Egyptians government and used it for his political advantage.  South Sudanese Students, particularly the Nuer Students who were admitted to Egyptian Universities always faces financial scarcity and this is where Nuor Nyang promised them to pay their educational fees with the bribe they will received from Salva kiir’s regime in Juba.

In conclusion, the Nuer Community in Arab Republic of Egypt would like to reiterate it firm stand behind the people’s movement, the SPLM/A-IO led by the charismatic leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny, PhD. and the Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/A-IO. We commend Dr. Riek Machar Teny for his firm stand to achieve democracy in South Sudan.

Long live South Sudan
Long live Nuer Community.

Signed by:
Zechariah Gahgah Wal – Chairman of Nuer Community
Ochan Jock Reat – Chairman of Nuer Community council

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