South Sudanese students in Israel says they “are discriminated”

Ashkelon Academic College, in Israel (File photo)
August 26th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese student in the state of Israel who are there for a government-sponsored educational scholarship said on Sunday that they are concern by Israeli sentiment against them.
Residents of Eshkol Region municipality expressed fear of being raped by the South Sudanese students who have been studying agriculture in the Jewish state as part of government funded scholarship.

Local Israeli residents fear South Sudanese Agriculture students, demand their urgent relocation to another residential area.

“There is a very serious problem and we need to deal with it urgently. Otherwise, remember very well what I’m saying, the day is not far away that there will be rape, murder and break ins in the community,” one resident was quoted by the local media.

In a statement seen by the Nyamilepedia on Sunday, South Sudan’s agriculture students that have been studying at Ashkelon Academic College as part of a government-sponsored scholarship program, felt harassed and discriminated against, after the residents of Eshkol Regional Council expressed fear of being raped, their house broke into, or murdered.
Head of the Regional Council, Gad Yarkoni and other community leaders, also requested the Government to immediately relocate South Sudan expatriates from their adjacency to another place.
The South Sudan embassy in Tel Aviv could not be reached by the Nyamilepedia. 

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