South Sudanese reacts to government’s Vivacell closure

Vivacell logo (File - Photo)
Vivacell logo (File – Photo)

Mar 23rd 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese on Wednesday reacted to a government closure of the Mobile Telecom network operator, the Vivacell.

The Nyamilepedia on Wednesday conducted a social media assessment tittle “discussion point” on its social media page and had since been following the reaction of the citizens.

Lado Samson, a Facebook user, said in a comment “The sooner this is done the better. Vivacell cheat on its customers with impunity! Vivacell keeps hiking call tariffs every now and then. Vivacell does not practice CSR-corporate social responsibility! Vivacell does not value its customers!”

Ruot Palatah, another Facebook user, argued that “the suspension of the Vivacell network has great effects on South Sudanese people because it is the cheapest network in the country and everyone admires to use it”.

Palatah added “According to my point of view or reaction the closure of this network service reveals the failure of Salva Kiir regime in terms of everything including having oversaw negative economic policies which led to delayment of salaries for government employees for multiple months.”

Another Facebook user, Yaggu Alex, who refered to the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) as the “criminal’s bank” wonder why the government is closing the Vivacell network instead of the KCB “My question is why on Vivacell when the Kenya (Commercial) Criminal Bank (KCB) cheats South Sudanese without any mercy. Why Vivacell!  We are used to that situation because no body cares about us, we, the South Sudanese. Go to KCB, and try to withdraw 100 USD from your account, you will be charged with 10 dollars, which is 2500 SSP, for the sevice, why the government chose to close the Vivacell and not the KCB?”

John Dongrin also said  “the government has the right to do so because any network operating in South Sudan, like Vivacell, not complying with the country’s regulations of NCA must go like The Gemtel”


Note: The language of the comments had been moderated to enable readers understand easily.

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