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South Sudan: “Unknown Gunmen” Robbed Christian Mission in the Capital

May 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan’s infamous “unknown gunmen” robbed Christian Mission for Development, a non-profit organization, last night in the capital, Juba.

According to Bishop Thomas Tut Gany, the Executive Director of Christian Mission for Development, the unknown gunmen broke into CMD office at 2 am May 26, 2016.

“The perpetrators cut the wire fence and made their way into the compound over the fence. They broke the widow using heavy tools and entered into Director office as shown in the pictures attached.” Bishop Tut said.

The unknown gunmen collected two laptops in the Director’s office and added another laptop from logistics office.

A broken window of CMD building in Juba..
A broken window of CMD building in Juba….

While trying to escape the scene, a security guard on duty heard their footsteps and tried to pursue them, however, the poorly prepared gangs did not only drop the laptops but also one of their cellphones and their tools.

“their way out our security man heard of there foots steps and run after them. On the run they left the first two laptops collected from Director office and their personal phone and the tools they used to break the widow.” Said Bishop Tut.

Although it is yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the thugs got away with one laptop and no body was injured.

“Thanks God our security man is safe.” Tut said.

Thomas Tut, a bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan(ECSS) of Ayod area dioceses,  calls on the Transitional Government of National Security to restore peace and tighten security situation in the capital and other areas.

Since war broke out in December 2013, South Sudan capital, like many parts of the country, has not been safe.

While many “unknown gunmen” and “drunk soldiers” roam on the streets of Juba, robbing and killing indiscriminately, the government has done so little to ensure safely of civil population.

Civilians, government officials, journalists, medical doctors, aid workers and a nun have been killed in controversial incidents within the last two years. No proper accountability or justice has been done so far.

Two weeks ago, three unknown gunmen, who were later identified as members of SPLA opened fire at an Ambulance in Yei, carrying Holy Spirit Missionary Sister Veronika Terezia Rackova, the director of St. Bakhita Medical Center in Yei.  Sister Veronika, who was helping a pregnant [South Sudanese] woman,  was shot in the stomach and died later on May 20 at a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

About CMD

Christian Mission for Development (CMD) is a South Sudanese non-profit, non-governmental, multi-sectorial relief and development agency working in partnership with UN agencies to provide holistic services to war affected and poverty-stricken communities in Greater Upper Nile. CMD was established in 2005 and has been one of the leading National NGOs delivering humanitarian assistance to hundred of thousands every year in the thematic areas of: WASH, Education – (Education in Emergency), Food Security / livelihoods, protection/GBV and health. Website: www.cmdsouthsudan.org

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