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South Sudan: SPLM Leaders Welcome Regional Intervention As “An African Solution To An African Problem”

SPLM-FPD, formerly the SPLM political detainees taking a photo after meeting Museveni in Kampala(Photo: supplied)
SPLM-FPD, formerly the SPLM political detainees taking a photo after meeting Museveni in Kampala(Photo: supplied)

August 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan’s Former Political Detainees, a group of senior politicians who were sacked and detained by Kiir’s leadership at the onset of the conflict in December 2013, warmly welcome the regional intervention force to secure major towns and national installations in the country.

In a statement issued by Kosti Manibe in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the regional intervention is the only solution to salvage the peace agreement in South Sudan.

Hon. Manibe listed multiple reasons of why South Sudanese must accept a regional intervention saying the force would pacify peace spoilers and provide an enabling environment for implementation of ARCISS by all parties.

“We believe that any further delay in effecting this regional initiative/intervention runs the risk of being undermined by new dynamics in this fast enabling situation on the ground that could render it irrelevant.” Manibe said.

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According to Manibe, the regional intervention would also serve as “much hallowed slogan of African solutions to African problems”.

The FDs warn that any failure to accept an AU-endorsed regional force would render the “African solutions” campaign meaningless and a mere rhetoric.

The FDs explained that the intervention would protect the capital city and other major towns like Wau, Nasir, Malakal, Bentiu, Yei and Bor towns that have been constantly hit by the civil war.

The senior politicians, which returned from exile earlier this year, believe that a regional force would provide unhindered access to humanitarian actors across the country as needed.

Manibe reiterates that a regional force would help resuscitate the crumbling economy and secure livelihoods for all the citizens.

“It will ensure freedom of movement of people, goods and services” part of the statement reads.

The politicians, however, warn that an intervention could help but it would not be sufficient enough to sustain the peace agreement if cases of resistance by spoilers are not put into consideration.

“While welcoming regional intervention for the purpose of protection, to restore ARCISS and facilitate its implementation; it is our firm belief that this intervention by, and in itself, is not sufficient condition, if military aspects, in case of resistance by spoilers are not taken into consideration”

“A political programme or a roadmap for sustainable peace and stability should be the end-state and this should provide by an all-party rountable” Manibe states.

The FDs believe that the intervention or protection force will expedite cantonments of SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO forces in their camps and barracks outside the capital and other major towns.

The senior politicians, who also led the army during SPLM/SPLA struggle, reiterate that the intervention would allow for genuine screening, integration and reorganization of the forces into a “truly national army instead of the current patchwork of tribal militias”.

They call on the international community to remain firm and committed to restore peace in South Sudan despite sharp criticism from known peace spoilers in Juba.

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