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South Sudan rolls out free circumcision for male gender, officials and generals expected to queue up

Mar 31, 2021 — Jonglei State Minister of Health, Hon. Atong Kuol Manyang Juuc, in collaboration with the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and RTI International both led by Maj. Gen. Dr. Ajak Bullen Alier, has come to conclusion that it’s time for the uncircumcised male gender to face the blade – arguing that it reduces the risk of contracting HIV by over 60%.

A man undergoing circumcision in an unidentified clinic (Photo credit: supplied)
A man undergoing circumcision in an unidentified clinic (Photo credit: supplied)

According to the team, the project, which is being funded by US DoD, has established and equipped an Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and VMMC clinics at the Barracks and are ready to kick off one of the most avoided events in the country.

In her statement, Miss Atong said the circumcision will start in Malual Chaat of  Bor county, Jonglei State, and from there it will spread to every corner of the country.

“The VMMC will start within Malual Chaat and later on target the whole population.” Hon. Atong wrote in a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

The female minister cited that circumcision reduces chances of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases by over 60%.

“Although it will be new to most people in our communities who will need convincing, it is believed that, Medical male circumcision reduces the risk of female-to-male sexual transmission of HIV by approximately 60%” ( https://www.who.int/…/malecircumcision/fact_sheet/en/).” Atong quotes in her press statements.

“To cut the long story short, it was crystal clear that for this Mission to be accomplished, the SMOH, SSPDF and RTI International will all have important roles to play.” She added.

Public Reaction

Since Jonglei State broke the news two days ago, many young people on social media have thrown around a lot of memes on the topic that has not been widely discussed before in many South Sudanese settings.

The memes range from mocking individuals to mocking communities and states or just the male gender. Some were as follow:

“How men are evacuating Jonglei state to avoid unnecessary circumcision. Most of them claim, there is flood, hunger insecurity and the only thing our leaders focus on is our foreskin… What does our foreskin have to do with insecurity and hunger strike in Jonglei state? Take a look at Aweil, Gongrial, lake state and YIROL youths for example, they are all circumcised but the health status of our country had not improved since then… What safety are you insinuating madam Minister? …Apologize!!!” Said Deng Atem Riar.

A viral boat used on social media to depict a joke that men from Lakes State are crossing over to Jonglei state to join circumcision event(Photo credit: supplied)
A viral boat used on social media to depict a joke that men from Lakes State are crossing over to Jonglei state to join circumcision event(Photo credit: supplied)

“They claims, until our Governor/deputy and all the ministers are first circumcised, we shall never be circumcise… leaders first. Period… Alaaaah!”

“Now that it’s the female minister of health advocating for the welfare of male circumcision in Jonglei state, Lake’s victims should join instantly, we have heard a lot about the torturing inflicted on nyiirthi up there.

“Their Happiness matters” Said Raantheer Ayueldit

“Me with Majok Ng’or Lueth leaving Bor town earlier today… Circumcision is a big no for the two of us…on our way, we were join by Elijah Kuir Stardom Akom Akoi Akom and Dau Deng … Our foreskin have nothing to do with flood, hunger and insecurity in Jonglei state…” Deng added

“All the uncircumcised citizens of Jonglei State, Lakes State and Upper Nile State have boarded a boat this morning to Bahr-El-Ghazal region for free circumcision. ” Emmanuel Malual said

“This circumcision Campaign in Bor, JS should be extended so that Bol John Yach, Mabior Ayuen Joh & Garang John catch up with the event. Atong Kuol De Manyang is doing tremendously in South Sudan Northeastern State of Jonglei.”Malual Ajuut Buongrial writes.

“Where is Mariam Paul of Yirol to stretch this Health Program ya Jamana to some parts of Bahr El Ghazal.” Malual continued.

“The development in jonglei state is progressing well under the able leaders headed by governor hon: chigor and Atong Kuol who communicated it publicly free circumcision of adult in bor and children. The move taken by government was appreciated by local population specially women’s association for development in Bor said they’ll celebrate the new dawn of perfect health in hand.” Said Adhar Andrea

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Gol Bol May 31, 2021 at 1:58 pm

Let bitch first starts cutting out her clitoris, her mother clitoris and circumcises hung their certificate of circumcision on Bor liberation main liberation square and probably there may be some idiots who may follow suits.

How many uncircumcised South Sudanese have HIV and AIDs? Many Bantuses in Kenya, South Africa or DR Congo were almost wiped out by the HIV and AIDs in 1990s to early 2000s.

But here in South Sudan the rate of HIV and AIDs infection was negligible. So what are these trolls are up to? Just trolling i guess


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