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Jonglei State Deputy Governor Antipas Nyok, a renowned tribal personality

By Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),  

May 31, 2021 – Jonglei State Deputy Governor Antipas Nyok is a well-known tribal character and fierce political antagonist. And, with the prevailing political trajectory in South Sudan, he became somewhat even more reckless in displaying his cultural ethnocentrism.

Jonglei State Deputy Governor Antipath Nyok, a renowned tribal personality
Jonglei State Governor Antipas Nyok (decorated) gets bestowed by a cleric

He is always acting in an expression of an aggressive bias and the power behind the man’s political recklessness is an ethnic rivalry mindset. Therefore, one shouldn’t be astonished when hearing of Nyok’s political recklessness in Jonglei State whether now or in the future.

Jonglei State’s Deputy Governor’s political backdrop is revealing him among the Dinka-bor ‘political personalities that, the recent attempt he made to abuse power without regard to its legal severity, have with accuracies replicated the genuineness of the people ‘ judgment on the subject of Antipas Nyok.

As strike a chord, and, without first making certain the proper assent of his superior (Jonglei State Governor), this man was arrogantly obliged by his evil mindset to unjustly act in defiance of the sitting Governor. The deputy has unlawfully challenged to invalidate some governmentally institutionalized norms, and, without firstly consulting with his Governor.

Nyok planned and executed an unconstitutionally defined dismissal of the Jonglei State capital Bor’s Mayor Dr. Agot Deng from his position. Imagine, a state governor who appointed the Mayor was surprised and got to learn of it through hearsays and social media platforms.

On what basis can a deputy governor, who only acts in limited spheres of delegated power, if bestowed upon him by the Governor when necessary? To execute some of the concurrence powers, it shouldn’t be an option that, Nyok can abruptly decide to act in such a position as easily as he wants. Thanks to the Governor Hon. Denay Jock Chagor, who was so proactive to reverse Nyok’s dismissal circular and unconditionally reinstate the Mayor.

In a similar characteristic, Nyok’s insubordination to the State Governor is heart-breaking. Nyok is in a ploy of being an SPLM-IG Interim Chairperson for Jonglei State and has pushed him in a pool of frequently debatable faults which include, among many others, the carrying on of unauthorized public communications on behalf of the Jonglei State government.

Without first seeking authorization to do so by his governor, he likes talking in his own way on the public medium of mass communication and passing on conflicting information to the people about what is supposedly meant for the State Governor.

Moreover, Nyok, without conformity to the R-ARCSS ‘articles of the responsibilities sharing mechanism, took power into his hand and coercively used intimidation on targeted state government officials. This is mounted to the violations of political rights. That means, without a due process of legal application, people with dissenting voices were arrested, tortured, and forced to submission through Nyok’s unlawful directives.

Likewise, Nyok is not different from any of his fellow Dinka-bor political leaders. They are always driven by a desire for tribal pride whenever one is entrusted with the job of protecting Dinka-bor’s specific interests in any political reinstatement.

For history always repeat itself. In the year 2005, when the then government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) was established, Nyok has been installed the first Minister of Health for the Jonglei State under Philip Thon Leak’s governorship.

Here, you begin analyzing his political journey starting with what happened in the year 2007 whilst the same Nyok was a sitting Health Minister. One of the horrible incidents implicated some tribal groups and Murle in particular. They were tortured and admitted to a hospital.

And, whilst those innocent civilians were undergoing serious medical treatments, seven of them were gruesomely butchered while still on their sickbeds by a mob of Dinka-bor youth. With both Nyok and Philip Thon watching, patients were killed in the hospital for unsubstantiated reason that, a group of Murle youths have raided and killed people on the Dinka-bor’ villages of the state capital Bor, plus many other issues in which, Nyok was thought of being a catalyst.

When Nyok was appointed a deputy governor of Jonglei State by SKM, many of well – informed citizens in Jonglei were extremely mystified and dumbfounded His appointment came with a popular reference to prominent personalities of the Dinka tribesmen who have their important reasons strung in their minds:

Firstly, Nyok is a well-known fierce tribal agitator in SKM’s genocidal regime. He served at several levels in SKM’s entrenched tribal political party system called, SPLM-IG.

Secondly, as a renowned tribal personality, Nyok can do everything for the Jieng in extermination and disempowerment of other ethnic communities such as the Nuer, Anywak, and Murle of Jonglei State. This has provided evidence as Nyok was affiliated with the war crimes and crimes against humanity in the UN Report during the Bor/PoC massacre.

Thirdly, Nyok is a blind loyalist of the dead vision of Jieng on South Sudan’s geopolitical territory. They trusted and believed in him that he has all the ingredients to keep alive the SPLM-IG status quo and its falsehoods in Jonglei State.

Fourthly, as a big fish among the SPLM-IG political demagogue who stands unshakable in support of SKM’s shaky political reigning, Jieng assumed that, once Nyok is appointed a deputy governor of Jonglei State, he would be used more effectively as a tool for manipulating and agitating a young Nuer Governor; Mr. Denay Chagor.

And, when we deal with someone in Jonglei who is ethnically saturated with the mentality of subjecting other State ‘ethnic communities to unfair political and socioeconomic marginalization at the expense of the Dinka-bor ‘sectional interests, there isn’t the easiest answer to conclude. For instance, that Nyok will either restraint or keep on at variance with the None-Dinka ‘State government officials (especially, the Governor) on many reform policies.

The author is a concerned citizen who can be reached through email at johnsonmak61@gmail.com

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