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South Sudan President Visited Orphanage and Promised War First To the Orphans.

President Salva Kiir being welcomed by orphans at an orphanage in the capital, Juba(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
President Salva Kiir being welcomed by orphans at an orphanage in the capital, Juba(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

December 28, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking during a presidential tour around Juba after the Christmas Eve, South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, promised orphans that his government will attend to their welfare but after the war.

In a controversial statement that was meant to show sympathy and to pledge support for the orphans, whose some of their parents were killed in the conflicts, president Salva Kiir pledged his conditional promise to the orphans but also emphasized the need to fight the war first and everything else later.

“All the problems that are facing you will be addressed because we are fighting, later on when all this is finished [in a mixed arabic Juba], we will turn to the development and we will see your welfare” Said the president, a man who has known more war than peace in his lifetime.

President Salva Kiir also promised the orphans that he will always visit them to see their problems but only if he finds an opportunity to do so.

“We will always come to visit you whenever there is an opportunity so that we can come we can see you” President Salva Kiir further pledged his commitment.

President Salva also visited the Juba Teaching hospital and prison, and made similar conditional statements.

To the inmates, Kiir said those who committed minor offenses and have shown good behavior shall be pardoned, saying that they were in prison so that they could be corrected; however, some might have overstayed or forgotten.

“Some are over 10 years in prison without even investigation. This has resulted in a big number of prisoners in prison.” said the director general of national prison service, Henry Kuac Aguar

To the medical doctors, whose salaries are never paid on time, the President prayed that they will be rewarded by God, and not his administration.

“So you continue, your rewards will be given to you by God, not us. Thanks you very much” President Kiir jokingly told medical authorities while giggling.

A bull and food items have been dropped off at each centre president Kiir visited as “tokens” to show the “good will” and caring heart of the president.

Speaking to media the Executive Director in the office of the president, James DeWal, said the president’s schedule is always tight but he managed to visit the “national sites” to see how mothers are treated and how children are being borned.

“these are the national sites, he went to hospital to see his kids who are under bedside, he went also to see maternity wards to see how our mothers are treated there and how our kids are being borned, and the facility” Said President Kiir’s Executive Director.

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