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South Sudan President Kiir wins medals for mediating Sudan peace agreement

Oct 3, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit has won an internationally facilitated peace prize for mediating the Sudanese peace agreement that was signed this afternoon in South Sudan capital, Juba.

President Salva Kii being presented with an international peace prize by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for mediating Sudan's peace agreement(Photo credit: file)
President Salva Kii being presented with an international peace prize by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for mediating Sudan’s peace agreement(Photo credit: file)

The least expected award was presented by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) at Dr. John Garang mausoleum today, October 3, 2020, where the Sudanese leaders signed the long awaited peace agreement at the watch of regional leaders, leaders from Arab countries and foreign diplomats that include representatives of the TROIKA.

While president Salva Kiir was presented with “Leadership Good Governance” award, the lead mediator, Hon. TutGatluak Manime, was presented with “Ambassador of Peace” award by the same institution.

These awards were presented to South Sudan’s leaders for their tireless effort in bringing the Sudanese parties together.

The Sudanese stakeholders that signed the peace agreement comprized of the government on one side and armed oppositions from Darfur, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Two recognized armed oppositions, the SPLM-North of General Al-hilu and the SLM of Abdel Wahid Nur did not sign the peace agreement.

Despite winning this international peace prize award for bringing peace to the neighboring Sudan, which has been more stable than South Sudan, President Salva Kiir faces sharp criticism within and outside the country for plurging the nation into a civil war that has cost over 400, 000 lives within the last seven years and displaced almost half of the population to the refugee camps and IDPs sites – a war that he failed to end so far.

At the time of this peace prize, South Sudan had no legitimate national parliament, no official army and no official police and security as president Kiir and his counterparts failed to make compromizes to implement a peace deal that they signed through thick and thin 2018.

In addition to the conflicts in the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan has ran out of foreign reserves and the country’s economy has been falling since commercial banks and the black market have taken over the central bank.

South Sudan is also hit by deadly floods that have displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians across the country since May and so far the government is yet to intervene.

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