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South Sudan Politicians Call On Parliament To Impeach President Kiir and Reverse Deals That Betray Sovereignty

Nov 08, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Angered by the speech of president Salva Kiir in Kharoum last week South Sudanese politicians, civil rights groups and intellectuals in Diaspora have condemned and called for resignation of Mr. Kiir for making a statement that leaves the young country’s autonomy in jeopardy.

A caption on Kenyan newspaper urged President Uhuru to intervene to save South Sudan independence from being reversed

Speaking during a corporation agreement meeting chaired by the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan al Bashir, Kiir regrets South Sudan’s independence claiming that it was not a choice of everyone but had to be implemented since majority voted for it.

“In response to the good will that you have shown, we have no better choices [left], the fact that INU South Sudan broke away from Sudan was not really the most choice of every body but INU the majority what they decide in a democratic situation people have to go with it”  Said President Kiir.

Mixing broken English with Arabic-Juba, President Kiir went on to assure the Sudanese leaders that his administration will listen and abide by their demands saying that his country has no better choices left at this point.

Such statements have provoked sharp criticisms from many South Sudanese including supporters of his government.

Responding from Nairobi, Kenya, Daniel Yor, the Chairman of South Sudan Peace Coalition calls on the Parliament to pressurize Mr. Kiir to resign.

“The South Sudan peace coalition in Nairobi -Kenya is hurt and bitter for the President’s regrettable speech that South Sudan broke away from Sudan was not a choice of all people but we respect their democratic right.” Yor said in a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

“South Sudan peace coalition in Kenya would like the  lawmakers to amount  pressure on  Mr. President to resign” Yor continued.

The leader of South Sudan Peace Coalition said Kiir statement has shocked every citizen of South Sudan who voted and remained patriotic to his country.

“The statement made by Mr. President shocked  people of South Sudan in general since they voted overwhelmingly in all constituencies for self-determination as  the oldest demand since 1947 until 2011 when southerners succeeded.” Said Daniel Yor.

The Peace leader said the agreements that Mr. Kiir signed with Khartoum are sold-out in favor of Khartoum by a man who is not loyal and patriotic to sovereignty of his country.

He said such deals are unwanted and cannot be trusted any more by the citizens of South Sudan.

“All unwanted deals he  signed  with Khartoum government  since 2012, like the creation of buffer zone  in South Sudan territories of Panthou, Hofra Al Nahas, Kaka, and Mile-14 miles did not satisfy the people’s interest. Many protested demanding president to  terminate the agreements which compromised the country’s  sovereignty but he insisted.” Yor continued

“The desperate statement by Mr President shown that he is incapable and have no capacity to run the affairs of the country and therefore people of South Sudan have right to demand Mr. President to  resign  in goodwill and masses will elect a sound minded person who will defense the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of South Sudan” Yor said on behave of Peace Coalition in Kenya.

According to Mr. Yor, President Kiir should resign to allow South Sudanese to elect more patriotic leaders who will defend South Sudan constitution and sovereignty.

“As matter of  facts  president Kiir Mayardit should resign and leave power to  people of South Sudan to decide who can take them to the next level, it’s a meek  request because president seem not enable to run the government business.” Yor continued.

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