South Sudan Is Either Moving Towards Permanent Peace Or Worst War

By Simon Both Chiok Guek,

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir at a news conference in Juba. Kiir's $1 billion investment in military to crash rebellion failed Kiir bought 1000 tractors hoping to restore the collapsing economy but experts say it is just too late(Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir at a news conference in Juba. Kiir’s $1 billion investment in military to crash rebellion failed Kiir bought 1000 tractors hoping to restore the collapsing economy but experts say it is just too late(Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

April 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Love peace that holds no trust! This message goes to the entire South Sudanese worldwide, but to those who are going to Juba, please go to Juba with conscious in regards to safety but don’t forget what happened in years 2013, 2014 when the dog’s life in nations capital was more valuable than a Nuer life and the foreigners had been recognized more than Nuer people in South Sudan. These kinds of treatments were ushered by none other than President Salva Kiir who still maintains his position of 2013. After August 2015 signed peace agreement in Ethiopia Addis Ababa, the people of South Sudan were happy to reunite and commit themselves to follow compromise peace agreement. While the masses of South Sudanese celebrate the long awaited peace and peace dividends, the other side of the political camp under the watchful eyes of President Kiir and his tribal outfit of Jieng Council of Elders somehow lay low to welcome peace to the war torn country though their lips say something different from their actions.

Kiir and JCE are working very hard in Juba for the worse conspiracy against SPLM/A IO especially to target Dr. Riek Machar which may cause the death of Dr. Machar in the hands of individuals of Gogrial Mafia. Dr. Machar Teny himself found good evident video of president Kiir addressing graduation ceremony of thousands graduating troops in January 2016 in a secret location in South Sudan, telling them that “If you want to lead this nation for many years to come, kill Riek Machar”, that was the hatred speech released by president Kiir himself. That’s why there are some individuals within JCE who still referred the South Sudan Conflict as a “senseless war” when they indeed caused it.

Yes indeed it is senseless for them because they have committed barbaric crimes against humanity; sexual abuse, burning people alive in Leer County of Unity State and in April 2014 armed Dinka Bor youth and government forces killed over 70 people in an attack on Nuer in Bor UN PoCs site. Later, the same thing repeated itself in Upper Nile State Malakal UNMISS Camp mass killing of innocent civilians of Shilluk and Nuer communities and burned down all the IDPs shelters on 18-19th Feb 2016 an attack carried out by Juba forces under the overall command of Gen Goveror Chol Thon Balok of the so-called Eastern Nile State

Such massacres in UN protection camps resurrect the horror and memory of Nuer Genocide in Juba on 15th -19th Dec 2013 which left 21,000 people dead including children, women and elderly. Kiir and his Dinka elders think they can prevail over all Sudanese by iron-fist ruling, and setting Dinka empires must be pursued through removing roadblocks and the road blocks in their view were the Nuer, that’s how they zeroed in the Nuer massacre in Juba to be the way forward.

The most populations of South Sudanese people in war affected regions of Greater Upper Nile and Greater Equatoria are subjected to suffering, some are dying of hunger and diseases. It’s the ultimate right of freedom fighters to protect all civilians and their properties from enemy in Juba and its tribal forces with their mercenaries. The freedom fighters have been fighting the regime in self-defense since the war broke out 2013 up to day.

Salva Kiir treats the Republic of South Sudan as his personal property, keeping it under his nose must be done through intimidation in his viewpoint. It’s so unfortunate that South Sudanese representatives (Juba Members of Parliament) accept and condone Kiir’s wrongdoings and his wrong policies, they would have reversed some of Kiir’s republican decrees based on the power vested on them by their constituencies.

President Salva Kiir is the perfect fit to be put on trial for the crimes committed for authorizing the extra-judicial killings of the Nuer, Impunity must be fought at all angles. We cannot let crimes slip away just because we yearn for peace. Those are accountable or responsible for war crimes must be put on trial before South Sudan General Elections of 2018 so that security is maintained. Doing so will assure the voters that the criminals have been handled in a manner that will not cause any pain to our people, and South Sudan as a nation will prosper and progress under peaceful transition under new leadership.

For those who believe more on the world power kindly try to follow this: In Feb 2014 there were some countries members from the international community who hinted to solve the South Sudan’s conflict through peace talks now they appeared to be there for their selfish gains, we are vulnerable and anybody is coming in to take the advantage. In order to find the truth on the dishonesty some of the peace brokers, go back to the beginning of the war in South Sudan and you will find that the United State of America invested a lot in this ongoing war, Obama’s administration had given the Uganda troops authority to go and fight alongside Kiir’s government against Nuer ethnic group.

The same administration of the United States swayed the freedom fighters of Nuer White Army, who made their way from Bor toward Juba, not to capture Juba town, saying that the international community acknowledged that the Nuer innocent civilians have been killed in juba by the regime of Salva Kiir, and advised the white army to respect the word not to capture juba. No need to capture Juba, as per America’s view, since world superpower has fully understood and learned what has happened, and that Salva Kiir has no chance to avoid to be taken to The Hague (ICC).for the crimes his leadership committed against humanity. If the United Stated did nothing to relieve pain of the Nuer or curved the killing of the Nuer ethnicity by Salva Kiir and JCE in 2013 outbreak of the conflict, by the same token, the Unite State will also do nothing for any crimes committed against any none Dinka groups as crisis still on.

In a separate scenario, China and Russia are members United Nations Security Council (UNSC), yet, they both directly support Kiir’s regime by supplying him with all military equipment including dangerous weapons, chemicals and armored vehicles. This also shows that the world’s superpowers are moving from the right side to the wrong side; leaving side of truth to support lies and dictatorship. China and Russia invest in South Sudanese conflict that’s why the Russia Representatives at the UNSC blocked sanctions targeting individuals of Kiir’s administration. The Chinese and the Russians care less about sanctions, and no pressure to implementation of peace and the suffering of the South Sudanese people.

Salva Kiir and JCE increased South Sudan 10 states to 28 sttes to block the implementation of peace agreement signed in August 2015 between the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition under Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and the Government of South Sudan under Salva Kiir Mayardit. Salva Kiir didn’t stop there by blocking peace implementation using 28 states but continued to violate the agreement through military attacks in Upper Nile and Western Equatoria states, denying cantonment areas to the SPLM/A-IO.

I humbly call up all freedom fighters in every corner of our country not to sleep and let December 15, 2013 come back again. Yes, we pledge to support peace but this time let’s act intelligently and stop ignorance that had involved in deaths of our lovely ones last three years. Wake up! Wake up! Southerners We still offer chances to the South Sudanese future youth to come and join SPLM/A leadership led by Visionary Commander-in-chief and chairman of SPLM in Opposition and First Vice President of Republic of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Viva South Sudanese!

Viva Freedom Fighters!

Viva Dr. Machar Teny!

God bless South Sudan!

We are the eye of the nation!!.

The author can be reached through guekdhol@gmail.com

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chol y April 6, 2016 at 1:39 am

Stop lying about so called Nuer massacre in Juba. Riek Machar is a war criminal since 1991.

Akot Mathiang April 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm

Dear Simon Both,
Peace be with you!
All the efforts are geared towards the reception of First Vice President and formation of Transitional government of National Unity to alleviate the suffering of our people.
Don’t sing for us in abroad the bitterness of the past,brothers fight but seek reconciliation to heal the wound,after all RSS is our home altogether.


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