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SPLM/A-IO In Juba Must Stay Cautious And Alert

By Chuar Juet Jock,

SPLM/SPLA-IO forces in Juba in parade (Photo/supplied).
SPLM/SPLA-IO forces in Juba in parade (Photo/supplied).

April 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- I wish the silence of the political wolves and anti-peace elements in Juba and elsewhere is due to their final conviction that this country and nation at the moment need nothing else but peace and reconciliation and that nothing will overhaul the dire economic and political situation but a realization of an inclusive peace that touches every corner of this suffering nation.

However, let us not be carried far from the reality by this assumption and mere wishes, that the political wolves, anti-peace and the war- based interest groups in Juba and the region are finally for peace . War is profitable business to some as well as is the peace and accordingly, these wolves and peace woes need not mere assumptions and rosy wishes but a realistic approach and effective plans in place that will swiftly and efficiently deter and responds at any attempts to derail the peace efforts after the SPLM/A-IO has completed its return to Juba and that will reach its culmination by the return of its Chairman and C-in-C and the designated First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

Well, not everyone in Juba, the region, and international arena wants to see South Sudan at peace, developing and prospering and it is of importance for us to assume that the anti-peace elements disguised in many masks and shapes may have a plan B that is worse than we may expect. I have seen some die-hard, regime supporters traveling to Juba recently, people who have an awful hatred to the person of Dr. Machar and only God knows what is in their heads. Well, let us speculate a bit on the possible moves of these political wolves and anti-peace, war-based interest groups in Juba, regionally and internationally.

First of all, I wish the SPLM/A-IO takes its leadership security and safety very seriously and this is no area for jokes and excuses. It has to be 24/7 and no off guards’ lapses and holes throughout the IGAD plus duration and beyond. Efficient intelligence gathering that’s ahead of time and timely, probabilities of risks and danger and real preventive measures, screening, identification of holes and windows of risk and vulnerability, suspected groups, people and objects, well, these would be few of the many security measures that the SPLM/A-IO must have to survive and succeed in Juba. The underground anti-peace groups are at work and they shouldn’t out-smart SPLM/A-IO security and intelligence organs otherwise their malicious objective to sabotage and derail the peace process and take the country back to war is high likely.

After the arrival of Dr. Machar in Juba and the official kick off of the peace agreement , the anti-peace groups within the administrative, executive and legislature bodies may resort to delay tactics, negligence and hindering of policies, provisions and decisions that are meant for reforms and restructuring of the ailing institutions, implementation of power sharing and resources redistribution as per peace accord and by such behaviors and actions, the anti-peace elements wishes to create new conflicts, difficulties and resistance to the roadmap of the peace process and to take the country back to war.

In another possibility, the anti-peace groups may resort in conspiracies theories, negative propaganda and sabotages here and there and particularly where there may be direct engagement between the forces of the SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG. Any single bullet fired by a drunk soldier could be manipulated and made to burn the whole peace process in a split second if no realistic measures are in place. Juba and maybe the whole country are still in trauma of Dec, 15, 2013 and it is likely that the panic and fears due to such irresponsible actions could widen to a larger confrontation. Our anti-peace groups are well learned in the ways and techniques of manipulating such incidents and hence the parties to peace need to make sure they have responsible soldiers and representatives at sensitive positions and locations.

The UNMISS must still be cautious and alert better than before and at any given time and space, it must have an efficient and effective plan on how to intervene and rescue the vulnerable citizens should the situation explodes. This time, it must be a comprehensive plan that must prevent possible ethnic based mass killings and possible genocide anywhere within the country and beyond. South Sudan need a true work for it to get back to its normalcy and health and in which the race with time and against anti-peace groups should be a priority

In conclusion, the SPLM/A-IO as a champion of reforms and alternative better governance, good leadership must not be caught dirty-handed in any policies regarding financial corruption, nepotism in employment, tribalism…etc. This also may be exploited to the max by anti-peace groups and by its political opponents to trash the image of SPLM-IO and its programs of reforms and better leadership. Throughout the period of peace implementation, the public opinion will be inclined towards the leadership of SPLM-IO, how it performs in terms of service delivery, how it enacts the policies of reforms and how it approaches the issues of relevant to reconstruction and development at both local, state and national level. However, the trend now is that the country seems to be divided into three forces that hire and accommodate tribally and which may be the norm and the tradition of TGoNU as each force believe, its share and representation belongs to its tribe and its politically affiliate from other tribes. Such a trend is a gate for others to take arms in order to secure their tribe’s representation and share in power; I wish the TGoNU doesn’t operate as a government with three tribal heads rather than a government of South Sudan, by and for South Sudanese people. Let us hope all runs well and that peace lasts.

Chuar Juet Jock is a South Sudanese entrepreneur, columnist and PhD candidate based in Omaha, Nebraska – United States. He has authored his new book “In a Nutshell: Opinions and Articles during South Sudanese Civil War (2013 -2016)”; a  powerful truth that has been injected into the body of South Sudan’s history, it unearthed the truth of the current since war started on December 15, 2013 up to February 2016. The book is available at Amazon.com and other online bookstores. The author can be reached through chuar.juet@gmail.com.

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Bol Gatjang April 7, 2016 at 7:43 am

It’s still recommendable for SPLM/A IO to be vigilant because among military soldiers security is always first priority. It’s matter whether they are in Juba or elsewhere in the country, those soldiers need to be extra cautious in order to avoid vicious attack or surprise attack from rival.But our prays, thoughts and hearts are with them in Juba, South Sudan.

Bol Gatjang April 7, 2016 at 7:45 am

I mean it doesn’t matter whether they are in Juba or elsewhere in South Sudan.


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