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South Sudan Government Kills Citizens, SPLA-IO Wants to Kill The Government

Amb. Stephen Par Kuol, a member of SPLA/M-IO political bureau, speaking to African54's Vincent in Washington, DC(Photo: A54)
Amb. Stephen Par Kuol, a member of SPLA/M-IO political bureau, speaking to African54’s Vincent in Washington, DC(Photo: A54)

Oct 3, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Speaking to African54 in Washington, Amb. Stephen Par Kuol, a member of SPLM/A-IO delegation to New York, accuses Salva Kiir government of brutalizing the people.

Amb. Par warns that it’s now people sentiment to take up arms and kill the regime in Juba.

“Our people are tired of war and that was why we signed the peace agreement before Kiir even signed it and we went to Juba; that is to rescue our people from this brutal war, and our people are sick of this war” Amb. Stephen Par said.

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“But it is not the SPLM-IO declaring war now, it is the people of South Sudan” He continued.

Amb. Par reteiterates that SPLM-IO is not the one declaring war but the people of South Sudan who are being killed by the government.

“The leadership(SPLM-IO) is just managing an anger of the people who have been brutalized by this dictatorial regime in Juba” Said Stephen Par, a member of SPLA-IO Political Bureau.

Par, a former Minister of South Sudan’s Jonglei State, warns that the people are angry and the SPLA-IO is ready to kill the governmet.

“The government is killing people as we speak but you are telling us not to kill that government” He said.

“This government has attempted to kill Americans, raped Americans, the American government has not condemned that” Par continued.

International Community Not Condemning Enough

Amb. Par blames American government for failing to condemn atrocities committed by Kiir government against the American citizens in South Sudan and also against South Sudanese civilians and SPLM-IO leadership.

“You know it is funny that the United State and the international community have not condemn violations of the agreement by Salva Kiir well documented by the United Nations, panel of experts, JMEC and the international observers” Amb. Par recalls.

“Dr. Riek Machar was almost killed in Juba in his sincere effort to implement the peace agreement. That was not condemned” He continued.

The SPLM-IO official strongly believes that the South Sudanese are tired of war but war is the only remaining option for many.

“You see in Pibor, the former rebel movement who signed a peace agreement with the government has defected because the government has violated that agreement” he continued.

“Dr. Lam Akol, who led peaceful resistance inside as the legitimate opposition to the government, has also declared war. It is the sentiment of the people” Amb. Par explains.

Amb. Par said the Opposition has challenged the international to push Salva Kiir government to compromise and implement the peace agreement but that too has failed.

With other delegates, Amb. Stephen Par Kuol, were delegated to the United States by SPLM-IO leadership last week to speak out against allegations labelled on them by Kiir’s delegation in Washington.

The delegates are touring the United States while briefing US officials and South Sudanese American on South Sudan conflict.

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