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South Sudan civil society consortium in Uganda elects new leaders

Photo: Members of South Sudan civil society organizations in Uganda

December 29th 2019 (Kampala)- The Network of South Sudan Civil Society Organizations in Uganda (NoSSCOU) has elected new leaders at its sixth Annual General Assembly Meeting on December 27th 2019 in capital Kampala urging President Kiir and opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar to form the long-awaited unity government in February without further delays.

The outgoing Coordinator of NoSSCOU, Ter Manyang Gatwech who is also National Coordinator of Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) say leadership is not about position or title it’s all about the action and example you shown to the young ones in order to follow the footstep I have made already in the network since I came to office on January 3 2018. I respect you and the constitution and therefore, civil society leaders should be exemplary to the political leaders who do not respect the will of the people in the county.

The newly elected Coordinator Kuool Arou Kuol of NoSSCOU and Executive Director of Shabab Peace and Environment Action Group (“SPEAK”) say “I’m here to lift NoSSCOU at the peak where Mr. Ter Manyang has stopped during his leadership. “I will respect you and I will protect your rights and I will work for the interest of Network of South Sudan Civil Society Organizations in Uganda as its leader”.  Kuol urged Kiir-Machar to implement peace agreement and form unity government without further delays. Ordinary citizens has suffered a lot, it’s time to hear them and give them a hope for the future.  Mr. Arou who met Dr. Machar in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 1st December with the rest of NoSSCOU members about the peace implementation.

Abanya Ajwok Mary Valentino, a representative of Makerere University South Sudanese Students’ Association and incoming Deputy Coordinator of NoSSCOU, say “we are here to work and we are here to promote the gender equality. Organization without women is nowhere to move”.

Alikanya Aligo Samson, who is executive director of Concerned South Sudanese and chairman of electoral committee in yesterday elections, say “if the election were like this in Africa Continent and however, I think we shall move forward with a real democracy”. Said Mr. Ter Manyang you are a real leader that given a chance and mentoring the young ones. This is what we want in South Sudan. I’m proud of you!

Professor Melha Rout Biel, who is an observer, say “I congratulate you the incoming leadership and outgoing leadership for peaceful transition. I really thank you young people. Young people have the future and one person can change the world. You should work together as team. In our country, South Sudan, we are not the first people to fight each other. Conflicts are normal in societies. You see what happened in Rwanda in 1994 Genocide. Let’s learn from the past history and let’s forgive each other now! Team work is important in any organization to succeed. We are now in peace implementation and let’s speak in language of peace.”

The newly elected leaders of NoSCOU 2020

  1. Kuool Arou Kuol- Coordinator (Director of Shabab Peace and Environment Action Group (“SPEAK” )
  2. Abanya Ajwok Mary Valentino- Deputy Coordinator (Makerere University South Sudanese Students’ Association)
  3. John Jal Dak- Secretary-General (Youth Social Advocacy Team)
  4. Monica Kiir Michael-Secretary for Finance (South Sudan Women Building Association in Uganda in Kiranyondong)
  5. James Wek Bol- Secretary for Information & Publicity(The Organization for Children’s Harmony)
  6. Flora Kiko Emmanuel- Secretary General (Diversity Centre )
  7. Stephan Wanduo Bimo – Secretary for Finance (I can South Sudan)

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