Seven-days Rape Victim cries for Justice in Lafon County, Imatong state


Members of Lafon County sheltering under trees after the war reached the town center in Lafon(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Members of Lafon County sheltering under trees after the war reached the town center in Lafon(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Oct 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —–– Lafon women complain of high rate of rape within its Town for  three month now by government soldiers without any invention from local authorities, UN and other right watch groups.

One of the victims told Nyamilepedia press that she was arrested by the soldiers from her home in Aug after SPLA-IO captured or  ‘temporarily took control’ of Lafon County Town then later withdraw.

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According to her, Hon. Ukal Kawang, the County Commissioner, ordered local police in Lafon Town residential area to arrest and investigate her for associating with the rebels, however, she later on handed over to army for torture.

“Soldiers tied my hands and legs, took me to the bushes near County airstrip, kicking me all over of my body for three- hours and I was crying for whole night,” she said.

She added that the soldiers raped her and kept exchanging her amongst themselves for many nights.

The soldiers wanted to know the hide out of the rebels and where they hide the money they took from a local bank.

“The soldiers question to me was to tell and to mention whereabouts of money looted by SPLA-IO which allegedly was said to have been given to me by SPLA-IO.” She explains.

She accused Hon. Ukal for her arrests and blaming him for terrible nights she endued in the hands of predominantly Dinka soldiers, who raped her for one week.

She was released to the police where she demanded to know who implicated her and falsely reported her to police and soldiers.

Hon. Ukal was called in by police to answer allegations put against him by the complainant.

According to her, Ukal responded that he did not order her arrest and rapes.

In his defense, Hon. Ukal said he was demanding for her to be questioned on “money that was looted by their brothers in SPLA-IO”, however, these allegations were pieced together in the court after a significant damage in form of rape and torture was done to her.

The victim has been referred to Independent Medical centre in Torit for further counselling and medication.

According to a second eyewitness, James Uwar, the soldiers said the Lafon County commissioner ordered them to thoroughly investigate “this lady”.

In relation to this incident, Pasquali Ungnag Uluta, Lafon County Paramount chief’s statement, seen by Nyamilepedia Press, denies allegation made by the complainant.

Ungang, the Chief, said that there is “nothing special about that lady being raped”.

“They are so many women who were raped by soldiers in South Sudan leave alone one in Lafon County” Said the Paramount Chief, who is being accused of collaborating with the government.

Marcello James, a Lafon County youth member, says this is very irresponsible statement by County’s Paramount Chief:

“where is justice in his jurisdiction as been head of the chiefs.” Marcello questions?

“County Health Center, Local government offices and Wildlife Civil Society (WCS) compound have been looted by the same soldiers, who supposed to protect civilians and their property,” James added.

Hon. Ukal Kawang, Lafon County Commissioner, could not be reached at the time of this report for comments.

** In this story, Nyamilepedia press could not publish the victims’ names for their safety and protection from the alleged offenders.

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