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Breaking News: SPLA-IO Captures Headquarters of Mundri East County

A fighting force of SPLA in Opposition during an assembly in Central Equatoria state, South Sudan(Photo: file)
A fighting force of SPLA in Opposition during an assembly in Central Equatoria state, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Oct 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest reports from Western Equatoria’s Mundri East County confirm that the armed opposition seized the headquarters of Mundri East County, Kediba, from SPLA Juba forces at 12pm on Sunday.

According to Capt Girma Apaya, the officials spokesman in the office of the Commander of SPLM/A- IO forces in Mundri, Western Equatoria State, the rebels “liberated” the areas yesterday and scattered a government force in the area following a heavy battle in Kediba, the headquarters of Mundri East County.

“Yesterday at 12:15 PM,  Kediba the Headquarters of Mundri East  County in Western Equatoria was  liberated by people’s resistance force the SPLA IO. ” Said Captain Apaya Girma.

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“The forces of regime including the county employees were scattered and ran in disarray.  Our forces remained in full control of the town till this hour.” Apaya told Nyamilepedia less one hour ago.

The SPLA IO force commander in Mundri said “his forces have responded to continued raping which were done by the regime militias  in both  Mundri counties.”

“We have full names of those raped by the government forces in Mundri from July to date. Those names are available and the governor and the SPLA IG cammander  in Mundri must answer to it in the court of law.” The IO in charge threatens after declaring his victory in Kediba.

“We are determined to protect the citizens of South Sudan and we will not entertain such act to continue.” He continued.

Capt. Apaya assures that their forces will fight to protect the people of Greater Mundri and their property from Salva Kiir’s regime.

“We will fight for the freedom and liberation of the people of Greater Mundri”  said Capt. Apaya.

The leadership of SPLA IO division in Greater Mundri advice the local population to distant themselves from the regime militias for their safety.

“We advice all citizens of Greater Mundri to keep they distance from where the army were so that they are not caught up in cross fire”. Apaya continued.

News of Defection In Greater Mundri

Responding to reports aired on SSBC, Captain Apaya dispute the alleged defection of 30 soldiers from their side saying that his colleague Kerry Piriwa defected alone long time ago but on hiding mobilizing to get himself a few people who could accompany him to Juba.

“We would also which to clarify the statement made on SSBC that about 30 SPLA IO soldiers defected to government.  What we are aware of was that Mr.  Kerry Piriwa who joined the regime from Jambo had gone from our camp long time ago.  He had been in hiding for his deeds and joint with  him are government forces from Jambo who have never being our fighters.” Capt. Apaya said.

“They were just added up to be transferred to Juba as propaganda to excite the public. Their joining the government does not affect the operations of SPLA IO in Greater Mundri and will not stop SPLA IO from defending the people of South Sudan.” He continued.

“We therefore,  would wish to clarify to our people that,  those are criminals and are never people who are on your defense.” he adds.

According to Apaya, the commander in charge of Division 9 of SPLA-IO forces in Western Equatoria, Lt. Gen. Wesley Welebe, calls on the youth to join him to dislodge Salva Kiir government.

“The SPLM/SPLA (IO)  Division 9 Commander Lt. General Wesley Welebe Samson is calling upon all peace loving citizens of South Sudan to join SPLM/SPLA so that together, we can get rid of the corrupt   and dictatorial regime in Juba, restore peace, democracy and development back to our country.” Read part of Capt. Apaya’s report.

” also extended a message of congratulations to the SPLA IO gallant forces who participated in the capture of Kediba County Headquarters.” he continued.

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Joshua October 9, 2016 at 11:26 pm

Very good move from IO fighters


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