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Senior General and Ex-minister joins armed opposition, SPLM-IO

Oct 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A senior South Sudanese general and former Minister in the now-defunct Eastern Lake State has abandoned the SPLM of President Kiir and joined the SPLM of Dr. Riek Machar, the SPLM-IO.


The forgotten senior veteran said the SPLM has lost direction and the veterans are being marginalized in preference of the NCP veterans of President Omar el Bashir.

Speaking during a declaration of allegiance in present of media houses and SPLM-IO allied politicians from Lake States in the capital Juba, Dr. Chol Marial, regrets that President Salva Kiir has failed the country and the people of South Sudan.

“It is with troubled heart that the circumstances have forced me to speak out against the ills and long enforced isolation. I know many of the neglected SPLA veterans of my calibre have succumbed to trauma and mental torment, others died and countless on streets begging or have run insane and the very few resolved to die a dignified death but today I have decided otherwise.”

Dr. Chol reiterated that he has served the SPLM/A with dedication, integrity and passion to advance its mission and visions; however, it has reached a point where he can no longer do so under the leadership of President Salva Kiir.

“I have served SPLM party with passion dedication and integrity to advance the course of its vision and missions although my efforts have gone futile and unrecognized. The decision to leave the party have been triggered by innumerable and complex issues including but not limited to loss of direction, vision and total failure,” Dr. Marial added.

Dr. Chol regrets that the country is being driven by drunk and unlicensed drivers leading to all the fatal accidents the country has had.

“Expectedly, the opportunists and their venal electoral system ferried in the blinded, drunk and unlicensed drivers who immediately lost control of the wheels and had the lorries all  capsized even on tarmac roads.”

“Because of breeding ill-formed, untrained and directionless drivers, we lost the country, economy and had almost every single route of revival completely exhausted.”

General Chol reiterates that President Salva Kiir ‘s leadership is driven by selfishness and that has led to rampant looting of the country’s economy and oil revenues, adding that all the possible chances of revival are exhausted.

“Driven by selfishness, lack of the vision for the country and the future of the innumerable generations following and after having all means exhausted, country’s vast oil and non-oil resources looted completely, the sunk drivers resorted to a new order.” He said.

Dr. Chol stressed that South Sudan has borrowed massively that the country is flooded with debts but with broken economy and poor foreign relations, South Sudan is left helpless.

“The order of foreign loans, running from country to country, bank to bank and all the world leading corporate bodies tried and today, the country’s economy has completely fallen even with billions of dollars borrowed from the international community. We are surrounded by debts allover, albeit that have done no help to remedy the country.” Dr. Chol said.

The senior general from Lake States does not regret his decision but only promises to speak out.

“I do not hold single thought for regrets over my departure and so soon, I will notify the World publicly about the grievances that eventually triggered this decision after over a decade of self-imposed silence and reservation,” Dr. Chol Marial said.

“On a similar note, I wholeheartedly declare my allegiance to SPLM-IO under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny,” he added.

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