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Mother of 3 siblings murdered in Juba arrested at the airport

Oct 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The mother of the three siblings, who were murdered at the Rock City in Juba in August this year, was caught and arrested today at the airport while trying to leave the country illegally.

According to the police authority, she was caught using a fake passport that bears different names leaving confusion on why she would leave the country on Monday when the case was going to be heard on the same day, Monday 12, 2020.

The mother of the three siblings, Lydia Edward 9, Blessing Edward 7 and Nura Edward 4, who were murdered in a cruel incident that left the country outraged, was headed to Egypt under a different name, Gailda Kwenda Gideon.

She was arrested and prevented from leaving the country by the police authority who cited the need of her presence.

Speaking to the media today, the Police spokesperson, Gen. Daniel Justin, confirmed the reports citing that the case was being heard today in the High Court.

“We got some information that the mother of the murdered children was planning to travel to Cairo. So when we went to the airport, we found her there trying to leave the country,” Daniel Justin said.

“We are still investigating her because there was a court sitting today in the case of the murdered children. We want to know the motive behind her attempt to travel,” Justin added.

This happened despite that a fifth year medical student at the Juba University, Babu Emmanuel Lokiri appeared before the high court on Friday and was expected to return to court today.

Speaking to the media, the Defense lawyer of the accused, Simon Akenyg insisted that his client is innocent.

“All we know is that our client is innocent so far. We will question the investigator in something called cross-examination which always reveals new things that are not known.” Simon Akenyg said.

The Defense Lawyer dismissed allegations that there are video evidence as pointed out on Friday by the police.

“We will not take time because we have concise points to present before the court. All that has been said such as videos are just stories that are not true,” Akenyg continued.

The accused, Babu Emmanuel Lokiri, has denied the charges today in the high court.

Babu was charged under Chapter XVI, article 206, of the South Sudan Penal Code which defines murder as follow:

206. Murder:


Whoever causes the death of another person—
(a) with the intention of causing death; or
(b) knowing that death would be the probable and not only a likely consequence of the act or of any bodily injury which the act was intended to cause, commits the offence of murder, and upon conviction be sentenced to death or imprisonment for life, and may also be liable to a fine; provided that, if the nearest relatives of the deceased opt for customary blood compensation, the Court may award it in lieu of death sentence with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years

The accused’s mother has also been charged under Act 9 article 140 for “screening or harbouring offender”, which is also an indictable offense for which she could serve upto 5 years in prison for – if found guilty.

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