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Secret Arming of Civilians in South Sudan’s Capital.

April 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– While Salva Kiir government cleared Dr. Machar’s return with his body guards for an arrival on Monday, members of Kiir’s Dinka ethnic group exposed what they believe was an overnight armament of civilians on Saturday and Sunday night in Juba.

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A resident of Juba, who identified himself as Dengdit, went public on social media this morning claiming that members of his Dinka ethnic group were armed on Saturday night and expected more armament on Sunday night as South Sudan’s opposition leader was to arrive in the capital on Monday afternoon.

“Dinka distributed Guns home to home among ourselves at night on Saturday and will repeat today Sunday night.” Dengdit said.

Coinciding with the ongoing evacuation of Dinka Padang from Juba to Malakal, Dengdit claims that he was asked to evacuate his wife and two children from Juba as soon as possible.

“I am a poor Dinka but I was told to evacuate my Wife and her 2 children as urgent as all Dinka wives and children leaving Juba.” He said.

“I do not support killing Equatorians, Nuer, Chollo and Murle again after December 15, 2013 killing of Nuer tribe.” Dengdit said.

Confirming the allegations, Awang John, a resident of Tongping suburb who identified himself as a member of National security said that no guns were distributed to civilians but to members of national security, who work in civilians clothes while carrying only pistols.

“Yes but this is a regular exercise. National security are not suppose to carry kalashnikovs during the day. They keep them in stores but if there is any major threat they get back their guns. This is what happens” Awan said on Sunday afternoon.

While many South Sudanese are hopeful that Machar’s return will restore peace and stability, others are fleeing the country either to the north or southward to Uganda and Kenya.

When Machar was expected to arrive last week, Citizens were cautioned to stay indoors and only watch Machar’s inauguration on their televisions, if they are lucky to have one.

Other organizations including UNMISS also restricted movements of their members in Juba especially around areas where SPLM/SPLA-IO leader was likely to visit on his return.

Since the beginning of the year 2016 over 50 thousands South Sudanese have fled the country over food insecurity but others have been intentionally evacuated from Juba by the new government of  Eastern (Upper) Nile to the ghost towns of Malakal, Renk and other areas  – occupied mostly by a Dinka sub-tribe.

The intent of such migrations to less peaceful areas is not yet known but critics believe that the Dinka Padang are dividing a newfound land and taking up positions in the contested town of Malakal before peace returns.

Other claims that the South Sudan army chief of general staff brought in 8 trucks full of new militia Juba within the last two weeks.

While TROIKA is withdrawing its funding of the peace process, it is yet to be seen if South Sudanese will make a breakthrough to peace within the remaining 22 months of the transitional period of the Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA-II)

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Editorial Team

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GatNor April 24, 2016 at 10:41 pm

Mal mi mat Jang ruac de ke pel kene dual thiele thuok.

So be it, let them armed their non-uniformed combatants it’s actually more guns for capture.

Padangs on the other hand faces off with Nuers and Chilluks on land grab dispute should they(the Apadangs) continue illegal annexation of land in Upper Nile that does not rightfully belongs to them.

All in all, Jaang’s war for control of South Sudan is not over. Their forced displacement of other tribe, attacks and hostility only been brought to a minimal but there the facts remains that the civil war is yet to reach its peak.

Beek April 24, 2016 at 11:53 pm

Why not since they started it,keep it until they have respect for everybody.

chuolpur April 25, 2016 at 3:15 am

The lord is pleased with good people , but condemns those who have devil plan .I have see those Dinkas in anywhere are very anxiety for the coming of Dr.Machar too much feeling of fears for what will be in the step of formation of transitional government of the national unity (TGONU) so,if they will impetuous the war still

Bol Gatjang April 25, 2016 at 4:46 am

I don’t know what the U.S and their allies think about Kiir since then. This guy,doesn’t deserve to be a president in South Sudan because of his disrespect to U.S and other international communities. He’s supposed to be given a lesson such as that of Sadam in Iraq otherwise, we have no such thing as South Sudan. However, if Americans are not interested in killing that dog (Kiir) who destroy both country and its people, let them expunged him and choose another person from their dearest Dinka tribe. Because I understand that U.S and their allies do not desires in seeing Nuer,Shulluk or Equotarials leading the country. South Sudan had wrecked by civil war since 1983 under late Dr.Jonh Garang who had been missed dearly by people of South Sudan until now. we have lost thousands strong ,brave men, olds, youngs men with both diseases,war,trauma out and inadequate food. So therefore, South Sudan like a garbage bin under Kiir, Iam not even personally interested to live there with so much horror, fears and paranoid experience for now. I need someone to clean up Dinka shits from Kiir in particular and his tribal militias who have appear being ready to butchers or slaughters Nuer again in Juba.

chol y April 25, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Bol Gatjang just go fuck yourself dude

James mathiang April 25, 2016 at 10:01 pm

Who is USA in south sudan my friend?

Daniel muoro April 26, 2016 at 10:37 am

I don’t think any South Sudanese with sound mind is ready to fight one another because of power struggle between Riek and Kiir. What I know is that most South Sudanese are not aware that we have border problems with Sudan, DRC, Uganda, Kenya and even Ethiopia. If you are a soldier like myself, be prepared to defend your country territory from any foreign aggression.


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