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REVEALED: National security chiefs divided over Kiir leadership succession plan

Juba, South Sudan,

July 11, 2021 – The National Security Service is reportedly divided over the leadership succession plan by President Salva Kiir Mayardit according to a leaked internal memo sent to Nyamilepedia.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit putting new ranks on Gen. Santino Deng Wol the new Chief of Defence Forces(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
President Salva Kiir Mayardit putting new ranks on Gen. Santino Deng Wol the new Chief of Defence Forces(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

The document forwarded by a source who sought anonymity says four days to the country’s 10th independence anniversary, Kiir held an indaba at his private residence near the famous J-1.

The source with a clear understanding of the meeting said senior members of the national security organ were in attendance and that Kiir briefed them about his deteriorating health condition that might complicate his presidential duties.

“Kiir called for a family meeting on 5th July 2021 at 11.30 pm at his private residence near J1. In attendance were Gen. Lual Maroldit of Tiger Battalion, Akot Lual, Thiik Thiik (Juba Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure), Ayendit, Thiik, and Kuek (an elder),” part of the report says. “He told them that he is very weak health-wise and he might not be able to carry out his duties as a leader anymore.”

The source said Kiir made his succession intention known during the meeting and made Nhial Deng Nhial, the former Minister of Presidential Affairs as one of the two contenders; the other being Akol Koor Kur, the Director for the National Internal Security Bureau.

“He told them that he has the intention to hand over power to Nhial or Akol,” the document says adding that Nhial emerges as the favorite of more than a third of those that attended the meeting.

“It’s on that pronouncement that the majority of the attendees okayed Nhial as the most preferable since he has no attached to military matters in the country and more appealing to the international community since Akol Koor has tainted the image of the country through his cruelness in the security sector,” the source says.

However, Kiir who fired Nhial from his ministerial post less than three months ago opposed the idea of handing over power to him but preferred Ako Koor to the dismay of many attendees.

“It’s at this juncture [that] Kiir de-emphasized Nhial compared to Akol Koor,” it says adding that Kiir threatened the forfeit the presidency to a rival region if the group would not accept Akol Koor.

“When he realized the attendees were not comfortable with Akol Koor, he threatened them that he will return the leadership to Bor, especially Twic East so that Majak Agoot take over,” the document reveals.

The report says the unwelcoming proposal to install Majak sparked an uproar, prompting Lual Maroldit to urgently call Santino Deng Wol, the General Chief of Staff, to come to the meeting for further deliberations and a retreat happened.

“Kiir, Lual, and Santino retreated privately for a short discussion on the matter. An argument ensued between Kiir and Lual and it’s at this juncture Lual told Kiir that if you bring Akol Koor as your replacement, I and Santino will kill him before sunset,” the source said. The pair, Lual, and Santino left the meeting prematurely and unhappily.

The source claims that the “Top Secret” document that was released earlier this month was done intentionally by Akol Koor after he was informed privately about the meeting in Kiir’s private residence.

“He released it as a way of threatening people and the country on the looming succession politics,” it says.


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Gol Bol July 12, 2021 at 3:39 pm

“The National Security Service”

Jairo Lual Maroldit, has nothing to with the ‘NSS’. He is a ‘South Sudanese army’ boy. So what what you low lives trying to say?

Taking other people’s names and use them as their blackmails and bargaining cards, is an all age old secret societies, cabals, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, *Mossads, CIA, MI6, of the so-called Israeli, Vatican, even used South Sudanese names and other people names around the world for murder, hit & run and blackmails.


Have you ever heard of the so-called *Irish potatoes South Sudanese fools? The damned so-called *British leaving the European Union (Brexit) was negotiated over our country and over our people.

WW3 is going to start here in South Sudan and there will never ever ever be any evil on white people on this planet earth. whoever try to bring their evil long noses into our country and over our people ever ever again would killed. Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.

Gol Bol July 12, 2021 at 11:22 pm

“REVEALED: National security chiefs divided over Kiir leadership succession plan”

The reason why ‘Mounyjiengs/Jaangs/Dinkas/Jenges’ always are well ahead of you, is because ‘they plan and weigh things before they take action against their enemies. And when the Muonyjiengs/Jaangs/Jenges/Dinkas take ‘a hit on their enemies, women cry big times’. Our cloned so-called Arabs know the game and some Abeshas (so-called Ethiopian) and their gulf Arabs states’ financiers.

But these days, the battle of superiority of who is who in Africa is being fought over our country and over our people

This was precisely allowed by our bunch of lowly informed elders, foreign puppets/stooges, traitors, thieves and secret societies or cabals who have sold themselves and their souls to foreign interest groups and they thought, they can also sell South Sudan and the South Sudanese people with them.

Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Aduok Nyabe, Pagan Amum, Uyai Deng Ajak, Majak Agoot, Thomas Cirillo, Mr. Salva Kiir and Ms. Rebecca Nyandeng; have sold our country and our people to the dogs, and they are going to be answerable to South Sudanese people.

There is going to be a military coup and some evils are going to be hanged with their foreign masters. Reasons? Pure HATRED and RACISM.

Who would want *the cloned so-called cloned Arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called Ethiopians), some of their Bantuses, the UN NEW WORLD ORDER government nonsense, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or the so-called GOVERNMENT WITHOUT BORDERS in their villages?

For all I care, many South Sudanese don’t know this dirty and cheap intrigue. And the low lives, clamoring for the so-called UN NEW WORLD ORDER government nonsense, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or their so-called GOVERNMENT WITHOUT BORDERS Would be the first to ‘throw tantrums later that their country is being taken over by the foreigners’.

But for all I care, not a single Muonyjiengs/Jaangs/Jenges/Dinkas would be ‘occupied by *the cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called Ethiopians), some of their Bantuses in Central Kenya of ‘Laikipia, Nanyuki, Rwanda, South Africa, Northern Nigeria, Darfur, their Dutch, white English people, Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and some of their creeps in between who have attached themselves to our country and over are going to be bombed to near ‘EXTINCTION or OBLIVION, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM’

Mr. Akol Köör Kuc, Keep any eye on the low lives, let the lowly informed idiots join our army and the police. The lowly informed low lives, just want to ‘be dancing and wrestling’ and always try to fight their aimless tribal war fares. When they don’t know our arch enemies are ‘scheming’ their ‘next move over our country and our people’.

Mr. Akol Koordiit, South Sudanese refugees were taken to ‘Brazil from Kakuma to go and run in Olympics games in 2016, and they were taken there by the UN.

Not a single of them did very well in the Olympics. But nonetheless, they were just refugees and has nothing to show to anyone.

Some South Sudanese, were yet again taken from Kakuma refugee camp, to go and run for Tokyo Olympics.

Mr. Akol Köör Kuc.We want a war, Olympic was ‘a Greek invention’. Greeki are not our equals, never has and will never ever will. One of their ‘best boy Mr. Alexander came to our lower Egypt a long time ago, they even captured our Nile Delta or Estuary of the Nile.

The Greek and Macedonians were ‘hacked/speared/arrowed and machated back to Lesbos and today’ evil jews (so-called Israel)’.

Alexanderia in our Egypt, was named after by of our ‘Ancestors, because, in a big war, killed many of our people, but a Greek boy was thought to have gone and conquered some countries in Asia and European countries. But not in our Nilotic plains/valleys Mister Mr. Akol Köör Kuc.

Don’t worry brother. If you go to Iqzandria (in Arabic), the Coptic people live in abject poverty, In El Cairo, the Coptics and the most poorest, they children after schools. They just go and change their school uniforms and go and look in the garbage bins for recycling items to sale for their school fees and foot for their families.

Young babies are not supposed to be working for payment unless, they are helping their mothers in Kitchen sometimes or farm works or some other activities that cannot restrict young babies or young people growths.

They are young people, young people and women on this planet don’t give a damn about anything, babies and young people are not ‘racists’, RACISM is an ANGLO-AMERICAN. Invention. Libya,Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, were once colonized by the ‘Romans’ and today, Israel.

The Romans used to bring their long noses to our Egypt Upper, but they were always shown their right places.

Even the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth, he is son of God. His country of Judae was ‘occupied by the Romans and Greeki, The Jewish were bullied very badly the Romans in their own country. Many people here in the region were ‘sick of Romans nonsense’.

There were some ‘rumors in the Jewish community that a Messiah, would be born, by Ms. Marry [Maria], Angel [a] Gabriel is alleged to have told Maria [Mary]. that she would bore a child, and that child is my ‘son a son of God, to let the people people ‘Jews out of yoke of slavery and servitude’. When Jesus Christ of ‘Nazareth were born’, Ms. Mary just came to our Egypt.The Roman governor of Judae was ‘inquiring everywhere in today’s Bethlehem and Nazareth’. Some Jewish just told ‘the Roman governor and his bullshits that, they had heard of a Jews king.

When Mr. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, became an adult he went back to his country, today’s israel, He went and teach in villages in ‘Sumeria and Judae’ to Galilean basin, where he met Mr, peter, Simon Peter as well and other disciples. Mr. Jesus Christ disciples were from villages and very knowledgeable. He performed miracles.

For those Christians how the Jews were bullied by the Romans, ‘He told the Jesus and his disciple, when he was about the taxes the Jews paid than the Romans themselves’.

He asked for ‘a silver coin and told the Jews, give “Mr. Caesar Augusto, what belongs to Caesar Augusto and gives God what belong to God”.

Mr. Jesus of Nazareth was ‘was speaking as an authority’ He was a God boy. The Romans were not the ones who really hanged Jesus Christ of Nazareth——-it was ‘the Jews, Hypocrites and Pharisees’, but the Romans took advantage of the Jews.

The Romans just set up Mr. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, his disciples and his community and got away with it.

I don’t know why our ancestors, of Egypt where Mr. Jesus Christ Nazareth came and grow up didn’t kick out the Romans of today’s so-called Israel?. Probably different times and different circumstances.

Roman empire, was eventually destroyed. They are still hanging around in the US, Italy and their devil infested island of England or France. But the low lives are wasting their times. These days, Jesuits (most dangerous secret society (cabals), Anglican, Presbatreibean, Islam, Hinduism, Shamanism, Vodooism and all are always project by some rubbish who are not ‘par with the owners’.


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