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Rapper Hot Dog Loads The Dinka Tribal Council of Elders

President Kiir flanked by members of the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (File photo)
President Kiir flanked by members of the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (File photo)

May 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A South Sudanese rapper-turned-politician, Mijok Lang, popularly known by his stage name as Rapper Hot-Dog, strikes again against the Dinka lobbying group popularly known as Jieng Council of Elders.

According to the self-styled artist, the Jieng Council of Elder(JCE) is a “destructive project” that does represent national interest or that of the Dinka tribe.

“This so called Dinka “Jieng council of elders” is just a destructive projects…they are the one destroying this country yapping about Dinka vs Nuer” Said the rapper.

The artist, who is also a Dinka by ethnicity, calls on the tribal group to stop tainting the name of his community for their own self interest.

“people should stop using the name of Dinka for their own communities benefits not every Dinka is in the government” Mijok said.

“Where are the rest of Dinka in ya organization? How come they never condemn Dinka being called MTN and the killing of innocent Dinka along Equatorian road?” The artist wonders.

Mr. Mijok, who has been advocating for diversity and peaceful coexistence between tribes through his music, wonders of how the old men who advocate for tribalism can even tour the world more than himself and other South Sudanese musicians.

The rapper believes that the Jieng Council advocates are preaching hatred more than peace between the Dinka and the Nuer.

“even I heard they are touring Australia like musicians what message are you preaching among Dinkas?” Oh Dinka vs Nuer blah blah”Mijak Lang writes on his social media

Mijok suggests that a better organization of Council of Elders should be formed to represent the national interest and such group should be led by a war veteran.

“A better organization like 64 tribes of South Sudan council of elders should be form..then leads by all 64 tribes of South Sudan or by our own veterans like Abel Alier, Joseph Lagu and many more. I’m the voices of the voicesless” Hot-dog said.

The controversial Jieng Council of Elders include a former Chief Justice, Ambros Riiny Thiik, Hon. Joshua Dau Diu, Hon Bona Malual and Aldo Ajou Deng, the father of South Sudanese NBA Star, Luol Deng, who is also on mission raising funds from South Sudanese communities in the United States.

Hon. Joshua Dau Diu, on his tour in Australia, convinced the Dinka Community that himself and other members of his group are former veteran themselves and therefore they have the nation at heart, however, the elder went on to express his dissatisfaction against the Nuer tribe and politicians who oppose their policies.

The advocate group, who are blamed for creation of controversial 28 states, came out boldly last week to caution UNMISS and partners to stay out of South Sudan politics.

“It may serve her well to stay out of South Sudanese politics and administrative matters and allow the South Sudanese to chart their course on these matters without prejudice. The council therefore advises the two institutions to adhere strictly to their  mandates by avoiding unwarranted meddling in the affairs of a sovereign state.” the group warns UNMISS Chief for her remarks against 28 states.

Read more: Jieng Elders Warns UNMISS and Partners To Stay Out of South Sudan’s Politics of 28 States .

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