Pre-transitional committee delegation in Cairo for financial mobilization

Chairman of the NPTC, Tutkew Gatluak, right, and SPLM-IO Ambassador to Egypt, Gatkouth Biel Nyang, left, in Cairo (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

March 12th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A high-level delegation of South Sudan’s National Pre-transitional Committee (NPTC) has arrived in the Ethiopian capital Cairo after they have been invited by the Egyptian government, a South Sudan opposition diplomat based in Cairo told the Nyamilepedia on Tuesday.

Ambassador Gatkuoth Biel Nyang, the Country Representative for the SPLM-IO in Cairo told the Nyamilepedia this morning that the delegation was invited by the Egyptian government who he said is eager to financially finance part of the committee activities.

“A delegation led by Hon. Tutkew Gatluak and Hon. Hendry Odwar is here. The delegation from the NPTC was invited by the Egyptian government over the issues such as the financing of the pre-transitional activities including the cantonment of forces,” Gatkuoth told the Nyamilepedia.

He disclosed that the team will make a public meeting on Thursday to brief the South Sudanese nationals who are living in teh Egyptian capital Cairo.

“They will make a public briefing on Thursday after they meet the Egyptian authorities,” he added.

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