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Police officer gunned down after attempt to kill his boss, Gen. Azuma Mangar

June 22, 2021 — A member of South Sudan National Police Service was gunned down this morning at the police headquarters in Buluk after his bullet missed his senior, the Police Director of the Emergency Call Centre, Major General. Azuma Mangar Chep.

Maj. Gen. Azuma Mangar Chep, the Police Director of the Emergency Call Centre who survived assassination attempt on his life, June 22, 2021(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Maj. Gen. Azuma Mangar Chep, the Police Director of the Emergency Call Centre who survived assassination attempt on his life, June 22, 2021(Photo credit: courtesy image)

Speaking to a local radio station this morning, the police spokesman Major General Daniel Justin confirmed the incident but denied allegations that there might have been connection or misunderstanding prior to the incident.

“Yes, it was actually at 7:30 am when one of the warrant officers attacked the Director of the Emergency Call Centre “777” at his office in the police headquarters here in Juba. But he missed him and the director managed to escape and the other forces who were around shot at the attacker and killed him,” Major General Daniel Justin said.

“The initial investigation shows that there was no quarrel between the director and the officer. According to the director, the officer used to greet him in his office every morning and sometimes asks for some money for tea. So, we don’t know what happened,” he continued. 

According to the police officers, who witnessed the incident, the junior officer was ordered  to surrender his gun after his shot missed his target, however, he refused prompting his colleagues to kill him on spot.

The deceased police officer, whose name is yet to be revealed was reportedly in his mid 50s.

Responding to the reports, family members of Gen. Azuma Mangar thanked God for sparing the life of their relative. 

“This morning, Maj. Gen. Azuma Mangar Chep head of ICT SSPS pictured on the left with the incumbent IGP survived an assassination attempt in Buluk. The culprit was gunned down on spot. The motives behind this heinous act are yet to be established. On behave of Azuma family, we thank God for sparing our father’s life.” Said Mangar Lawlez YB Azuma

“We thank God for protecting Major General Azuma Mangar Chep in failed assassination attempt on him earlier today at Buluk.” Said a family member Akot Makur Chuot

“The government should speed up investigation to determine whether the alleged attacker was acting on his own or instigated. I thank the bodyguard who shot dead the attacker on spot. ” Akot  continued

This is the second time in one month a junior officer has tried to kill his boss in what seems to be spreading frustration.

Earlier this month, Lt. Gen. Dor Manjur survived intense shooting between himself and his bodyguard at the army headquarters at Bilpham.

South Sudan armed forces decry lack of salary increment and delayed process involved to receive it.

According to members of the army forces, the junior officers are paid SSP 1,500 and senior officers paid around SSP 7000 which is less than $15 USD per month.

“I don’t know if it requires a lot of thinking to figure out why the guards are not happy with their bosses these days. There is a lot of trauma in our messed up military space”  Said Kuolnuer.

South Sudan capital frequently experience gun violence from “unknown gunmen” especially at night, however, the new trend is more worrisome.

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