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PDM Welcomes The 7th October Movement for South Sudan NADAFA from SPLM

For Immediate release June 7th, 2020,

Chairman of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) Hakim Dario (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

June 6, 2020(SSNN)The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), welcomes with high expectations, the inaugural declaration of the 7th October Movement on 5th June 2020 as came in its Manifesto “Our Cause” dated 12th April 2020, which made a public commitment of the Movement to end SPLM rule, tyranny, impunity and unabated systemic corruption in our country. 

PDM further acknowledges the 7th October Movement declaration in support of a Constituent Assembly process for a people-driven constitution making process, which puts the people first as came in South Sudan NADAFA blueprint.

The 7th October Movement’s youthful leadership represents the country’s high expectations and hopes of breaking clean from the failed, ailing and corrupt SPLM leadership that has led South Sudan to a senseless civil war, and which robbed the country and its people of their civil and political rights, ruled with impunity to commit gross human rights abuses and war crimes for which they must to be tried and held accountable.

 PDM and South Sudan NADAFA welcome the long overdue awakening of youth in our country, which the 7th October and the Red Card Movements represented. The country now looks forward to a great leap of faith and resolve from our youth, to unleash a joined up struggle of the untainted for a complete South Sudan NADAFA from SPLM tyranny and corruption once and for all. The power-sharing SPLM elites and the flawed R-ARCSS are too deformed to admit reform.

As the great Albert Einstein opined: “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

It is SPLM level of thinking that today, systemic corruption reared its ugly head in our country to become a by word of mouth which put South Sudan as being next to the most corrupt in the world index of corrupt countries. 

PDM calls upon the youth to join heavy lifting for a complete South Sudan NADAFA from SPLM tyranny and unabated corruption, and putting our Human & Peoples Rights first in the exercise of political power over affairs of their existence and governance in a new social covenant which repairs our country’s social fabric for peaceful co-existence with each other.

Dr. Hakim Dario is the Chairperson of PDM. He can be reached through email at press@pdm-rss.org,


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