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New opposition group emerges in South Sudan to build a “peaceful” country

File: Logo of the United People’s Democratic Party – UPDP

December 31st 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A new opposition organization has emerged in South Sudan calling for end to corruption, war and ethnization of the world’s youngest country according to a document extended to Nyamilepedia on Tuesday.

Former member of South Sudan parliament Wol Deng Atak told the Nyamilepedia in an exclusive interview that he has been elected as the leader of the United People’s Democratic Party (UDP) which the document extended to Nyamilepedia said is meant to get rid of corruption and take the country to democracy.

“In the interest of peace, aggregating the aspirations, wishes and the values of the people of South Sudan, we come together under United People’s Democratic Party (UPDP) to declare our allegiance on this day, December 31st 2019,” the declaration of principles extended to Nyamilepedia partly read. Below is the full document.


Declaration of Principles

In the interest of peace, aggregating the aspirations, wishes and the values of the people of South Sudan, we come together under United People’s Democratic Party (UPDP) to declare our allegiance on this day, December 31st 2019, to remain committed to:

  1. Building a Peaceful and united country with the view of protecting social fabric based on harmonious relationships, democratic and political pluralism. Under UPDP, we are and will remain adverse to the politics of violence. No acquisition of seat of power shall be acquired through other means except via democratic means and by the people’s will under UPDP. Unless in extraordinary circumstances so compelling that or for the purpose of defending the interest of South Sudan’s territorial integrity, violence will not constitute a means for acquiring or maintaining a seat of power under UPDP. The Party will at all possible means resists the temptation to respond with violence.
  2. Fight against Corruption both in the public and private sectors and abide by the doctrine of open governance or system for the benefit of the citizens.
  3. Making Freedoms of our people and human rights charter the guide in all the Party’s endeavours. These freedoms among others include the freedom of expression, association, choice, right to life, movement, among other fundamental pillars of human rights enshrined in the principle of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. Uphold and respect democratic institutions and participatory democracy as well aggregating the views, wishes and aspirations of the people of South Sudan for the purpose of cementing social cohesion in the country.
  5. Uphold and respect the supremacy of the rule of law.
  6. Cherishes and celebrates the nation’s diversities, upholds justice and equality for everyone irrespective of ethnicity or religion or gender or social status.
  7. Cherishes and respects the South Sudanese cultural heritage, beliefs and values.
  8. Protection and cares for orphans, widows, and wounded heroes who fought the North-South war,
  9. Youth support to be economically self-reliance.
  10. Appraise South Sudan foreign relations and cause reconnections based on historical friendship the people of South Sudan enjoyed during their struggles for freedom as well as priming mutual respect, interests and contribute to world peace. ​
  11. Restore and keeps relations with International allies built on mutual respect, interests and contribute to our historical struggle for independence.
  12. ​Building internal democracy such that all electable positions are contested on a fair and equal platform in a peaceful and democratic exercise and extend the same practice to way aspirants seek to compete for wider public seats when in government.
  13. ​Ensuring healthy competition in its internal democracy and conduct are free, fair, peaceful and transparent.
  14. ​Making clear its intolerance to hate speech, violence against innocent citizens, discrimination, incitement, etc. and taking its right to withdraw any ticket or membership from a member found guilty of offending the above principle. See Constitution for the details.
  15. ​Fighting against the ethnic inclination to favouritism, nepotism, derogation directed against ethnicity and hate speech.
  16. ​Building inclusivity in approach to its recruitment exercise and welcoming every South Sudanese who has attained the age of 18 and above and of good conduct to join its ranks.
  17. ​Restore democratic values and tenets of democracy as well institutes a democratic South Sudan.
  18. ​Work under a just, open system and upholds universal principles to human rights as a basis for promoting democracy, development and defence for our values. And committed to working for the united people.
  19. ​Committed to accountability for the actions committed by individuals or groups against the people of South Sudan either through the act of war or abuse of office or power.
  20. ​Advocates for a neutral platform on which the victims would not feel threatened but feel safe and satisfied that fairness and justice have prevailed which can only happen in a neutral environment where justice is done.
  21. ​Committed to seeking peaceful democratic competition for public office
  22. And when necessary use any appropriate means to institute a democratic government for South Sudanese and by South Sudanese.

Wol Deng Atak,

Leader of UPDP and Founding Member

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