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Nearly 200 People Killed in South Sudan in One Week

Women burying the deads in Malakal, South Sudan(Photo: file)

    Women burying the deads in Malakal, South Sudan(Photo: file)

June 9, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- At least 100 people, mostly civilians, have been killed this week in South Sudan as its security continues to deteriorate.

While a major tribal feud between president Salva Kiir’s dinka sub-tribes in his home state of Warrap has left 48 people dead and more than 30 others wounded, a politically motivated fighting in Jikany-Nuer areas has left at least 21 dead and a dozen others injured.

In related incidents, two ambushes along the most volatile Juba-Nimule road, within the last two days, has left at least 15 people dead and more than 20 others wounded.

In a different incident, a fatal raid of goats in former Jonglei State has left two civilians killed and a few others wounded within the last 24 hours.

Although three of these incidents happened in government controlled areas and more civilians died than in rebels’ held areas, none of these incidents had significant response from the government troops and whether the security and confidence of the residents will be restored in these areas remains inclusive.

While raids and killing of civilians in Jonglei and Warrap states by rivalry tribes are well documented, ambushes on Juba-Nimule road, Bor-Juba road and Juba-Yei road are far more frequent and fatal than any where else in the country.

Juba-Nimule road is the only paved highway in the country, which was built before the current civil war by the USAID, however, Juba is unable to stabilize security on this highway and any other main route in the country.

In addition to deteriorating security, South Sudan is facing famine and outbreak of diseases like Cholera, which has claimed over 2000 lives according to reports from NGOs in Phou State, within the last two months.

In the last one week at least 15 children died in a controversial vaccination campaign program that was meant to “save lives”, mostly in Equatoria region.

In other reports fighting continues in Northern Upper Nile between the SPLA factions under president Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar Tent.

More than 200 people die in South Sudan each week from poor health and practices, fighting and famine but Juba is downplaying these figures with fear that its crumbling administration could be illegitimized by the people and the International Community.

Despite pressure from the International community and the region, Juba is not ready to reconcile the nation through a robust and inclusive political process.

According to reports from Juba, president Salva Kiir may not attend IGAD’s 31st Extraordinary summit on South Sudan next week in Addis Ababa.

The region is considering options to resolve the conflict and restore peace and security in the war-torn youngest African nation.

South Sudan is the largest producer of refugees in the region, which is becoming a big concern for the region, the continent and international community but South Sudan does not seems to have a solution for its man-made crisis.

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