NAS urges SSOA to repects its right to expressing views on South Sudan peace process

NAS Chairman Gen. Thomas Cirilo (File photo)

September 9th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – The National Salvation Front Front led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka has urged the leadership of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) to respect the right of the group to expressing its views on teh ongoing IGAD-led peace process.

This came after the interim leader of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) Changson Lew Change wrote to teh NAS and the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) led by Dr. Hakim Dario asking them to ‘clearly state’ whether or not they wish to continue in teh peace process as part of the alliance.

In a confidential letter made public on Sunday, the National Salvation Front (NAS) leader Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka said the remaining members of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance have to respect teh right of his group in expressing its views on the ongoing peace process in accordant to the Alliance charter.

“While the Leadership of NAS acknowledges, recognizes and respects the right of FDP/SSAF, NDM, SSNMC, SSPM, SSLM and SSUM to move on as a block within SSOA, it is incumbent upon the interim Chair to acknowledge, recognize and respect the right of NAS to hold and express alternative views on areas where there is no common position” within SSOA, pursuant to article 5(2) of the Charter,” Gen. Cirilo said in the letter addressed to the interim Chair of the SSOA.

The statement however reiterated the commitment of NAS to the ongoing IGAD led peace process and to defending the alliance charter.

“NAS is committed to the unity and integrity of SSOA. NAS leadership will continue to uphold and defend the common position of SSOA agreed to in article 3 of Charter,” Cirilo further said.

South Sudan government and opposition groups including Machar’s SPLM-IO early last month signed a preliminary peace agreement in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and NAS was as well as the SPLM former detainees led by the former SPLM Secretar-General Pagan Amum were reluctant to sign the agreement although they initialy refused to.

As the final South Sudan peace agreement is expected to be signed in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, NAS led by Cirilo and Hakim Dario’s PDM rejected the final peace document and have denouced the alliance for signing an agreement on trheiur behalf without a written consent from them.

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