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Monyomiji youths verbally attack civil society activist for condemning violence against NGOs

Juba, South Sudan, June 07, 2021 – Monyomiji, a group of youths renowned for aggressive advocacy for workers’ rights in Torit Town of Eastern Equatoria State has slammed civil society activist Michael Wani in a strong statement released Monday.

Monyomiji youths verbally attack civil society activist for condemning violence against NGOs
Wani Michael, Executive Director – Okay Africa Foundation (photo credit: Radio Tamazuj)

The youths called out Wani for ‘defending’ organizations it says were involved in recruitment malpractices throughout South Sudan.

“The Kuku-owned Okey Africa Foundation is claiming that addressing anomalies and malpractices in the NGOs sector is tantamount to “chasing all NGOs from [our] communities”, and that leaving the infringements in the NGO sector unaddressed “will provide services to our community”,” the statement says.

“While this may be the case in Wani Michael’s backyard of Kajo-Keji (KK), it can no longer be the case in at least Torit, Ikwoto, and LOPA/Lafon Counties where Wani Michael’s Kinsmen and their cousins across Hari Togol (River Nile) are now desperately trying to protect and defend themselves from being identified as, and held responsible for being some of the chief architects of the NGO sector recruitment malpractices throughout South Sudan, EES notwithstanding,” the youths added.

The spat emanated after the South Sudan Red Cross in Torit shut their offices when Monyomiji youths allegedly stormed its compound to unleash violence after the company failed to heed its demand on fair recruitment process and equal employees’ remuneration.

Monyomiji youths dismissed the statement and demanded an apology from the Red Cross for categorizing them as a ‘violent group’.

A few days later, Wani Michael hit out at the youths saying it was unnecessary for them to attack NGOs as it was rather the government’s mandate to employ the youths.

“Am really ashamed as a youth to hear that we’ve turned against each other because of NGOs jobs instead of asking our government the hardest questions; where are the jobs? Where’s the youth fund to empower us to economically sustain ourselves?” he tweeted earlier.

It did not take long until his remarks backfired as evidently seen from the reactions of the youths.

In response, Wani said he will not be silenced for “speaking the truth”.

“The Monyomiji has attacked me for condemning any form of violence on humanitarian workers. For telling them the TRUTH that it is not the responsibility of NGOs to provide the youth with jobs, it is indeed their Govt responsibility. I can’t be intimidated or threatened!” he thundered.


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Dante June 7, 2021 at 8:18 am

Monyomiji youths verbally attack civil society activist for condemning violence against NGOs

Dante June 7, 2021 at 8:31 am

Dear Michael,
It’s very unfortunate that this tribal viral infection has gotten in the minds of youths all over the country. NGO jobs are very competitive, they are not tribal, it’s about papers, it’s how you market yourself to a potential buyer. There could be some lapses in recruitment processes, yes but we should not tribalize jobs. Torit is for all South Sudanese not matter which state they come from. We have Lotukos working in other states, so if youths are behaving like this, what do they think will happen to their brothers and sisters working elsewhere? Tribalism is tearing this country apart…Correctly said the best employment opportunities are investment-driven provided there is a conducive environment. Our youths should be asking the government of ESS for youth empowerment funds. Up to now, we are busy importing eggs, tomatoes, onions, and yet there are a lot of opportunities in Agriculture to solve issues associated with poverty. I think it’s a mindset problem affecting our youths. If Ugandans, who are not educated can come and establish a place for chapati and at the end of the year takes back home hundreds of thousands of SSP. When shall our youths wake up other than attacking Humanitarian Organisations? Don’t bother yourself with some of these cartel or gang-like youth groups. Even, if you have problems, violence cannot solve issues. Civilized people use diplomacy…


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