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Lou-Nuer community in Kenya denies receiving bribes from Kiir’s office

Lou-Nuer community Chairman in Kenya Nyang Mar (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 9th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – The leadership of Lou Nuer community in Kenya has rubbished allegations that it received bribe of $10,000 from President Salva Kiir’s office.

“I am hereby issuing a statement to dismiss the vague accusation circulated to the entire Nuer Community in Nairobi Kenya, Kenya’s corners and other parts of Eastern African countries,” Lou-Nuer community Chairman Nyang Mar said in a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

“There was an allegation that I was remitted with finances amounted to USD 10, 000 during His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s recent visit to Kenya. And my accusers filed their claim to public forums and platforms like the alleged received money was very cash used to have facilitated Lou Nuer Community planned and conducted Farewell Party dedicated to Lou Nuer KCSE and KCPE candidates class of 2019,” the statement added.

Nyang pointed out that, if the office of the President were to extend a helping hand to Lou Nuer community in Nairobi, the amount would be more than the money alleged on social media platforms.

“If Mr. President were to give me money privately through Lou Nuer Community name in Kenya based in Nairobi; the less amount of money to receive from him would be more than the alleged USD 10, 000 said to have secretly remitted to me in person.”

He criticized his accusers and said that if so, he is ready to meet President Kiir Mayardit anytime when he comes to Nairobi. “From today onwards I am ready to meet him should I get a chance to when he comes to Nairobi, elsewhere or there in Juba, South Sudan capital city at any time from now.”

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