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Leaders of Ethiopia and Sudan are not democratically elected to talk about peace: Deported Cabinet Affairs Minister says

Martin Elia a close ally of Salva Kiir, at a press conference in Juba, declares himself the official leader of all opposition political parties in South Sudan.
Martin Elia a close ally of Salva Kiir, at a press conference in Juba, declares himself the official leader of all opposition political parties in South Sudan.

August 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan’s Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomuro has blasted the governments of Ethiopia and Sudan saying they are not democratically elected governments in order to talk about peace in South Sudan.

Martin Elia the cabinet affairs minister of South Sudan Kiir’s regime was deported from Ethiopia after he tried to join negotiations without being officially invited by the IGAD.

The Kiir minister blamed Ethiopia and Sudan envoys for being behind his deportation from the peace talks venue.

Tensions have been rising as IGAD-PLUS and US government have given South Sudan warring parties until 17th August to sign a peace agreement and end the current war, observers warn the current tensions could explode into a regional war with dare consequences to the parties involved.

” (These) … two latter countries (Ethiopia and Sudan) are undemocratic and have their own rebels… so they are unfit to negotiate peace in South Sudan.”

The ministers and other political party officials showed up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia without official invitations claiming they were there to represent “other political parties”, but the selected representative of other opposition political parties who is Dr. Lam Akol has been prevented by government security forces from travelling to the peace talks venue in Ethiopia for no clear reasons.

Elia blamed his government but not him for preventing Lam Akol from travelling to the peace talks.

“… it was the government not political Parties which Prevented Dr. Lam Akol from traveling?” Elia told reporters.

After arriving in Ethiopia, the cabinet minister was approached by officials from IGAD who informed him that they would not be allowed into the peace venue as they were not an official part of the peace talks and not officially invited.

According to Martin Elia the IGAD administrators told him that Dr. Lam Akol was the one invited to represent the other political parties as his party was the largest opposition party in the parliament.

“unless Dr Lam Akol is allowed to travel with his delegation, the IGAD mediators reject your participation and have directed us to inform you accordingly.” IGAD Administrators told them, according to Martin Elia

The cabinet minister is believed to be fighting to be recognised by IGAD as leader of other political parties in South Sudan in order to be given a cabinet seat from the power sharing ration meant for other political parties as proposed by the IGAD-PLUS compromise peace proposal.

Martin Elia who’s party has been described as a “briefcase party” by many South Sudanese because of lacking supporters on the ground at national level and has no single PM in parliament.

The minister has also been accused to seeking financial gains from the current government instead of serving the people.

However Elia say’s he should be the one to represent all official opposition parties, instead of the main opposition party candidate Dr. Lam Akol who heads the largest opposition party currently inside South Sudan parliament.

The cabinet minister accused IGAD of bias and called for the current peace talks to be moved to Tanzania or South Africa, blaming Ethiopia and Sudan envoys for his deportation.

“the entire IGAD mediation team must be reconstituted. While General Lazarus Sumbeiywo (of Kenya) may be acceptable definitely, Seyoum Mesfin (of Ethiopia) and Mohammed Ahmed Mustaffa El Daby (of Sudan) must be replaced,” Martin Elia said.

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Karab August 10, 2015 at 6:45 am

That is funny. Look at how he tries to justify the reason why LAM Akol was prevented. He is just amouth piece of the gangsters. When south sudanese are waiting for peace to be signed, he is asking the peace avenue to be changed so that he will have longer time to get time from salva kiir. Who cares about the suffering of the south sudanese? Such people are the same with dogs. By the way i appreciate LAM Akol to be nuetral at this critical period of time. True people are tested at such times. From now on, it will be good for him to officially side with SPLM IO.

William Rial Liah August 10, 2015 at 12:14 pm

I thing IGAD plus compromised peace deals it seems the cabinet minister Dr Martin Elia Labouro working a gainst it .
He have right to press his opinion as concerns member.
My concern to his article is for touching political parties in which I am member of the panties, peace is for all South Sudanes if it come .
The points that Dr Martin used to ague was unreasonable, but he imposed himself to be good strike on SPLM House but yet ,he assume the position of being a chairman of political parties without being elected or chosen .
The political parties was led by president of State as chairman of the parties and the same time head of State ,but the chairman of the parties doesn’t a pointed the caretaker chair person to run the daily duty.
For that matter the political parties leaders re established and developed the parties local regulation after crisis, the internal regulation it’s clear and political parties members should bin bid it in the first place Dr lam Akol was a first elected chairman Dr martin was subordinate by than, hence when the IGAD called for South Sudanes stakeholders in the first time to conduct symposium in Addis A baba Ethiopia /4 /6/2014 this were Dr Martin Labouro imposed his executive power claimed the chairmanship of the political parties , and made.press release appeared in sstv that he is a chairman of political parties leadership forum (PPLF) without being elected nor chosen .
It prove.to me today that Dr Martin Loboruo is an agent of unknown heaven sent to distorted the golden chance of fruitfulness peace waiting by entry citizens.
He was success by than crack the SPLM Party even if he was allowed by tore SPLM into pieces and the whole Nation received the outdoor action that would not be forgetting in the mind of generation to generation.
He is crying for.being deported by IGAD Authority thinking that IGAD is under him,while he was not invited.
Therefore I do appreciate the IGAD action a gainst Un incumbent peace delegates .

Rajab August 10, 2015 at 10:55 pm

I can not understand the mind set of some of the so called political leaders. To participate in a Forum like the one
of IGAD you have to be officialy invited inorder to attend. How do you force yourself to attend a Forum by force
and then you claim to be a leader.This is uncivilized I feel sorrey for the minister.


Sammy November 13, 2015 at 12:50 am

This guy is an egoistic politician . He is from my original constituency but failed dismally to garner massive votes ! Shame ! Dr. Lam Akol is the RIGHT Man to sign on behalf of all Political parties in RSS !

UncleD August 11, 2015 at 3:35 am

An English saying says ” what goes around comes around”, those idiots in Juba always think everyone think like them and so everything has to be done as they see fit for them or like. Unfortunately, there are enough evidences right now which suggest that IGAD- Plus does means business this time around unlike before. The idiots in Juba have been underestimating the power and the influence of IGAD all these time but have began to panic when they sensed the unpleasant end to the war they deliberately created. I really feel sorry for them!


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