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Kiir’s Govt Army says Preparing to Evacuate Capital Juba as per Peace Agreement

South Sudanese Tank moves through the Capital
South Sudanese Tank moves through the Capital

September 26th, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – The Army in Juba has announced it is preparing to redeploy it’s forces outside the capital Juba in line with implementation of the IGAD peace agreement.

The Army Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong and the Presidential Guards commander Gen. Marial Chunuong told media in Juba that they had started to survey areas were the army would be redeployed 25 KM outside the capital.

The areas the army said were surveying would be 25KM on Juba Nimule road, Juba Torit road and Juba Bor roads.

Government forces said they were using advance electronic equipment and GPS devices to map and measure areas 25 KM outside the capital and would be awaiting approval of the central equatorial government to start redeployment, the army team was supported by Central Equatorial expert in land surveying and the Army Engineering Corps.

Gen. Paul Malong who’s President Kiir’s Army Chief while speaking to the National Television SSTV they were awaiting the central equatorial authorities to avail land for redeployment of the troops outside the capital.

“We have said we will move our forces out of the capital 25 Kilo, that’s why we are here and we are going to put it in the way we have said it, so we are coming to kick the ground for surveyors to move in every direction where we are going to station,

The IGAD peace agreement requires that all security forces be redeployed outside the capital Juba starting 30 days after signing of the agreement, it however exempts a joint command which would include the Presidential Guards, a Joint Police Force and Guards Forces to protect Barracks, Bases and Warehouses only in the capital Juba, the number of the those forces is to be set by the two warring parties during a security workshop in Ethiopia.

Speaking to SSTV Presidential Guards commander Gen. Marial Chunuong said the redeployment of forces outside the capital would start immediately in any direction of choice, as soon as the surveying process is completed to know where the 25KM required point is.

“As we finish from here (with the survey), we will choose any direction, with our team of engineers and the GPS, wherever they told us that this is the 25 KM from the centre we start from” said the Gen. Marial.

“When we finish the indication or selection of those places (the 25 KM), I think the implementation of the redeployment of forces outside Juba town will immediately start because we have nothing to wait” Added Gen. Marial Chunuong.

The areas and locations selected will need to be verified by IGAD Expert and also by the Armed Opposition and other stakeholders who are part of the IGAD peace agreement.

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AGUMUT September 26, 2015 at 4:48 am

Our army is now the strongest military,Bravo.

GatNor September 27, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Juba is moving out and the real protectors of the nation’s sovereignty, its constituition and its people are moving in. Whatever happened to the false claims made earlier that its an elected government and a legitamate president. All that lies died out quickly and short lived. This is the result of spoiled coup and conspiracy of 91 Bor blackmailing, revenge seeking cowards jaang. Look where and how far it has gotten them… The outskirt of Juba will not be the furthest you will be pushed, think again.


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