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Kenya orders for the closure of Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee camps

March 24, 20214(Nyamilepedia) — The Kenyan government on Monday ordered for the closure of two refugee camps in two weeks’ time.

Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)
Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)

The two refugee camps, Dadaab and Kakuma, in northern Kenya together host more than 410,000 people, a small proportion of whom are from South Sudan.

The two camps have been home to the refugees for more almost 30 years.

Fred Matiang’i, the interior minister said that the closure of the camps has become necessary due to national security threats posed by some of the refugees whom they say are linked to the Somalia militant group al-Shabab.

“We must strike a balance between Kenya’s international obligations and her domestic duty. We do have a domestic responsibility to protect Kenyans,” Matiang’i said.

The interior minister, Fred Matiang’i, gave the UNHCR 14 days to draw up a plan for the closure of both Dadaab and Kakuma.

In response, the refugee agency said that it is aware of the calls by the Kenyan government to close the two camps.

“UNHCR has been informed by the Kenyan authorities of their intention to close Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps within a short timeframe,” the agency said in a statement.

The agency raised concerns of the protection of the refugees in the camp.

“UNHCR is concerned about the impact this decision would have on the protection of refugees in Kenya, including in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue our dialogue with the Kenyan authorities on this issue,”

The agency urged the Government of Kenya to ensure that any decisions allow for suitable and sustainable solutions to be found and that those who continue to need protection are able to receive it.

The statement further said that UNHCR stands ready to support the Government of Kenya in continuing and further strengthening the work that is ongoing to find solutions that are orderly, sustainable and respect refugee rights.

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1 comment

Ghol Bol March 25, 2021 at 1:26 am

Kenya can close those refugee camps. Especially Dadab. However, the issue of Kakuma loom pretty BIG with our Alep triangle. But Kenyans think they are some kind of a heavyweight to be taken seriously in East Africa.

South Sudan can just walk over the creeps in a matter of a week and dance in Nairobi and get away away with it. But low low lives, that they can always be used by Europeans, Americans and NGOs as their ‘springboard to destabilized other countries’.

In 1950th, Mzee Daniel T. Arap Moi played game with ‘Shifta somalian of Mandera, Garissa and Dadab communities. Mr. Daniel Torotich Arap Moi was used by the the US, the European and their so-called evil juus (so-called israel) attack dog.

When I was studying in Nakuru High school, my geography teacher used to once said, “Eastleigh, 10 kilometer from downtown Nairobi, to Nairobi as Manhattan is New York”

Not that Eastleigh is equal to Nairobi, but the streets in Easteligh are marked from ‘ 1st street to 20st street, when I visited Easliegh sometimes ago.

I later went and later Civil Engineering in Canada and I went to and visited Manhattan, New York and a number of times. My Geography told taught the facts. But one Manhattan street can fit 10 Eastlegh streets.

What I want emphasized here is. The Suburb of Easleigh is in habited by many Somalis than other Kenyans.

Some of them were pretty much bullied by Kenyan police a few years ago after ‘West lands market and Labington hotel suicide bombs’.

Many Kenyans with brains know the Somalis used not to bomb Kenyans, but when the Kenyan let balls carried them away and went to Somalia and went and engaged cheap business of charcoals.

They killed innocents Kenyans in Garissa. Islam is not ‘a religion’ has and will never will. And many Somalis with brains know this..

But their country has been used by criminals with own ulterior motives.

Those same criminals who were using Somalia, are now here in South Sudan. And they think, they can use our ‘toy around with our country like Somalia, Democratic republic of Congo (D.R.C) or Central Africa republic (C.A.R) et al. The criminals are playing with fire, The so-called AFRICA UNITY and REGIONAL INTEGRATION isn’t going to fly.

We just want ‘a whistle to be blown and we are to show our enemies who covet our country and our people to death their right place. Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.

I will be damned if the evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, some of their Bantuses, evil white criminals, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalese and some of their rubbish are going to be around in Kenya, South Africa and here in South Sudan.


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